ICYMI – “Biden Should Force China To Pay the World Restitution for Coronavirus Damage, Retired General Says”

Read the full article by Adam Kredo with the Washington Free Beacon here

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Hannah Lenfestey

Absolutely! And Fauci should be made to pay with crimes against humanity. Our Constitution does not allow what Fauci has done to go on punished. We still live under a democracy, at this time, he should be made to be accountable. Nurenberg would be child’s play compared to what is going on now with Covid/flu. It’s going to be strange when the CPR test is changed in December to distinguish Covid from the flu. I’ve never known a year in my life there wasn’t any flu at all until 2020 and beyond. Come December I bet the flu will return. By the time every Americans find that they’ve been duped they’ll be sorry. This is a very sad state we’re in. May not be quite on topic but I would like to be heard on this topic. Thank you very much, Mr. President, for allowing us to make comments. It means a great deal knowing or feeling that we have some relationship with you again. I know you don’t have time to read all of the comments but everyone hope you do. God bless


General Kellogg is 100% Correct!
If Criminal Joe and his Regime doesn’t the Commie Chinese will do it again!


sure, as long as that whole money would be distributed to all who has loss…which includes any one who spends money. but that would not happen equitably, unless a tax reduction to our people happened.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Demented Joe and his entourage of “woke” clowns are nothing more than toy puppets of the CCP. We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!




As long as Fake President Biden and his handlers are in office the U.S. will remain an America Last nation. Biden’s goal is to turn the U.S.A. communist. Everything he has done is toward that goal only. China owns him.

Hannah Lenfestey

Unfortunately you’re correct. But it needs to be removed, the whole demonic democratic rule needs to go.

Praise Supreme Leader

Says the man whose lunch got eaten by China & almost destroyed the country’s agriculture industry.


Liberal DUMB crack head that knows NOTHING!


President Donald J Trump Sir here this is what I have tweeted before in this when it started & I seen where he has invested interest but this was a attack you you Sir & All Humanity https://youtu.be/puqaaeLnEww




Yea that’s NOT happening .

My Man Trump

Awesome General who is absolutely right. But it falls on deaf ears to the Biden regime. It’s a conflict of interest to them. The Biden crime family has been in bed with China for years and now the elite want their share of the money action. This is all by design. BTW, Dementia Joe keeps whispering in the mic that everyone must pay their fair share. Did he pay his yet? Why did that story die? Interesting. And Mr. President Trump is right again…Amazon does not have a shortage of anything. China, the radicals, the Rinos, Fauci, The Media, Social media and other foreign bad actors colluded during the entire primary and election 0f 2020. They had to cheat, steal and release germ warfare in order to beat Trump. Biden’s unholy regime will never act on China. There are too many secrets to protect and very, very bad crimes to protect. God help us all.


“crime family”? Hyperbole much?? Folks like you are what is wrong with this Country!!!





Hannah Lenfestey

The public knows it but there’s nothing the public can do. DOJ Garland make sure he goes to the ground up, starts with parents at school board meetings, they’ll try to stop US citizens and We the People anyway they can, and the Biden crime family allows it to happen. There are too many conflicts of interest in government today. You’ve got Garland with his son-in-law and CTR, Bloody job with his brothers and his sons, and the list goes on. We need President Trump back in so that from China can be held accountable again and possibly regain our freedom and our up standing status. The Dems are removing statues that mean the world to most of us, we need help and we need it now.

My Man Trump

you are right. And all by design. They think we are stupid. That will be their downfall. This doesn’t end the way they have intended.


Your immigration problems would be easily resolved if you would use the same approach the Chinese Communist Party uses to get whatever they want from American traitors. You already have this system in place and I don’t understand why American people don’t use it.

The Chinese Communist Party uses greed to their advantage and you should too. You have a crime fighting system called Crime Stoppers which offers cash rewards for tips that bring criminals to justice. Crime Stoppers USA also offers you to start your own program and will help you implement it. Just go to this link:


All you have to do is to start a program rewarding $2,000.00 for each tip that brings to the capture of an illegal alien. In the same program promote the formation of local armed militias in all red border states to do bounty hunting with the same reward per capture. I’m sure there is plenty of American people who had enough of the anti-American Biden administration who would get involved, plenty of ‘Karen’ who would love to see some illegal immigrants removed, and plenty of disgruntled people who wouldn’t mind to tip on illegal aliens who make more money illegally than they do legally.

Just make sure your program is well publicized through social medias, and ask patriots to print the information on a 8 1/2 X 11 standard sheet of paper, and put one sheet in every mail box of their neighborhood. As long as the people know the Crime Stoppers program will never reveal their identity you will have results.

Gerald Warner

Every last person in WA DC and all states should be saying this. Time to remove ALL and put people who are real American warriors. I am the GG Grandson of one of the top leaders of this country Chief Gall Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux and it is time we get a Native cleaning the swamp….Let’s go President Trump I will fight along side of you


The swamp in on rader now operations swamp down swamp down


COVID 19 was only a test. Restitution for the past is one thing. Destroying China’s future biological weapon capabilities is another.

Margaret Pokatiloff

I agree with Ken. Everyone should just cancel their debts to China. China did this EVIL to the entire world. The United States must be the first, then others will follow. GOD
Bless America & Our President Donald J. Trump 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸


Biden is China, he is owned by China, as is Hunter. The Cabal- Obama/Clinton has everyone in their pocket per Epstein. we all know what is up. I trust Sir Vladimir Putin by far over the current administration, the ruling class of America, because everyone has been compromised. I closed my shop December 2019 and devoted all of my time and resources to advocate for the truth, to identify foreign actors, and for what i have nearly lost everything, i cant even get a fair trial, the corruption runs all the way to small town USA. I trust my father in heaven because I know that in heaven there will be no more corruption.




As usual, PRESIDENT Trump already announced the perfect solution on this: declare their debt against us and other countries to be cancelled out by the degree of their corona impact. I don’t know how our balance sheet would turn out, but it’s the only way we’re ever going to free our children from the death grip that China has on us by way of our country’s indebtedness to them.


Smart alert


President Trump was wanting to do this before the 2020 election was RIGGED!

Elizabeth Headley

The most promising possibility in this article, I believe, does lie in going after China (CCP) through the ICJ, with intent to garner worldwide backers that COULD do profound damage to their inclusion IN organizations, such as the World Trade Org..hopefully, with the result of dismantling the evil of Communis WORLDWIDE..anything more would just be icing on the cake!

Meegan Fixler

China should pay restitution to every one in the world, but i don’t think they will. Perhaps they will pay in some way by Divine intervention.


Absolutely without a doubt


Nesara Gesara 😉

Craig Barrett

Biden should be put in a nursing home and President Trump reinstated and the rightful winner of the 2020 election


Absolutely cheating matters!!

Don McKellar

I wouldn’t hold my breath for His Fraudulency to lift a pinky against China. Just today he tried to talk tough about Taiwan and then the White House issued a “clarification” contradicting him. Shadow president Rice had to walk that back after Biden lost his marbles for a few minutes (like he often does).



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