ICYMI: “Biden’s Hostage Crisis of Epic Proportions”

Read the full article by Katie Pavlich with Townhall here.

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Pissed Off Patriot

Joe Biden,his administration,RINOS (D)emocrats (I)n (A)ll (B)ut (L)abel,the “WOKE” U.S. military leaders,and all who are complicit,are treasonous traitors to the USA for what occurred in Afghanistan.They need to be arrested,charged,tried by military tribunal,convicted and hanged in the public square,with all members of congress present as witnesses to the hangings.

its me

It would only be hostages if Biden cared enough about them to try to get them back. He won’t. He’ll let whoever is stuck there, bc of his need to appease the Taliban and china, possibly even others, stay there and be used to strike fear into the hearts of the rest of the world. They will start beheadings and burning people in cages again. And Biden won’t lift a finger to help…JUST. LIKE. BENGHAZI. Its Benghazi 2.0 except its thousands of times worse. and NO, Americans did NOT vote this man and his awful awful regime into office. They stole it by force. They were the insurrection on 1/6, not the trump supporters.

Tim Tates

It looks like the women in Afghanistan are going to have to depend on Russia to rescue them! We all wish that the real 46th President was in charge!


The real 46th president is in charge

Tim Tates

Sorry, that Chinese Puppet Biden was selected not elected! More than enough evidence in this last election that it was rigged! I would have been shot for treason for giving our enemies billions of dollars of military equipment, handing over documents showing where our allies are, handing over Americans so they can become hostages, and using our military aircraft to bring untold numbers of terrorists to our Nation! This is exactly what Biden, his Administration, Democrat Party, and pussy hat Generals did! They all should be charged for treason! I fear for Taiwan because the fraudulent President received millions from Communist China plus he owes them for helping him win that rigged election! I want to see an investigation on Communist China Collusion in our last rigged elections!



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