ICYMI: “Call Afghanistan what it is: The worst hostage crisis in American history”

“Read the full article by James Jay Carafano for the New York Post here.”

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its me

I just cannot believe how inept that man Biden is. You know who we have to thank for the Taliban taking over and getting all those weapons? Dominion. Border over flowing with unvetted, un-vaxed people from every prison in the world? thank Dominion. Gas prices sky rocketing? thanks Dominion. Food prices shooting up? thank you Dominion. They think they are so wise and know better than the American people who we need to govern America. They rigged the election along with their cohorts and put a complete imbecile in charge of planet earth.
And then they sue or threaten anyone who says that the election was tampered with. Its not like we are saying Ford’s brakes are faulty. These are the election machines. We are not allowed to scrutinize the election machines, therefore, we are not allowed to scrutinize our own elections. They may be stupid about who to put in charge, but they certainly check-mated America and forced us to do their will, didn’t they?
So this is what happens when evil takes the wheel.

Imma Doomas

Yes patriots, the Fauci jab is the first step to global control! It is the Jim Jones kool-aid is an injection! Stand up for your freedom & let Jesus take the wheel!


Especially Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Target RINOs that are against the ‘Forensic Audit’. Remind them that they can and will be “primary’d”. BTW, you do not need to be a registered voter in these states in order to make campaign contributions to pro-audit candidates. You may want to remind the RINOs of this.


It would take you three tries at elementary school to graduate to the level of a moron.


Perhaps, but Lee is head and shoulders above you.

Richard J Hidalgo

Typical Leftism, ignore the argument and attack with ad hominem.

American Patriot

What do you think of Covid Passports??? Answer the question Maria asked you. Don’t dodge the bullet. Are you the real deal or part of their Genocide club to enslave the world. People aren’t taking the clot shot because of Biden. It’s destroying lives and destroying our freedom.

Cary Miller

Prey Jesus Christ your chosen and your Mighty that we Christians do not falter. God Bless our POTUS, Our Christian Nation and all in your light!



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