ICYMI: “China ready to deepen ‘friendly and cooperative’ Afghanistan relations”

“Read the full article by Yaron Steinbuch with the New York Post here. “

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Tim Tates

It’s weird that the Muslim terrorist wants to be friends with the Communist Chinese when they are using their Muslim brothers in China as slave laborers and maybe even harvesting and selling their organs ! Don’t tell me Satan doesn’t exist!

Cary Miller

Vaxx? Troubling!


Question of Prez Trump. Did you get the Pfizer vaccine early 2021? MSM claims you did but they lie so much I’m dubious, hence the question.


he got it BEFORE he was VOTED out!!!! so did Malaria!!!

Stalwart Republican

Doesn’t Ivanka have a bunch of business concerns in China?


You totally missed The point of emphasizing this article

Tim Tates

There is a difference if one has business concerns in China than one like our fraudulent Communist Chinese puppet Biden and his perverted son who received millions from China for basically doing nothing! All Americans doing business in China should get out immediately!


I am sure the Chinese will LOVE the Brand New Black Hawk Helicopters that the Taliban is going to sell them! GOD SAVE AMERICA!

Eddy Leger

i wonder if the taliban saw hunters laptop???????………..pres comprimized

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