ICYMI: “CNN’s Sparsely-Attended Biden Town Hall Flops in the Cable News Ratings”

Read the full article for American Greatness by Debra Heine here.

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Why did you back Susan Wright in the last days of the campaign in Texas?

If both backed your ‘America First Agenda,’ why wade into it so late, not really knowing if you’d be successful?

Texas state Representative Jake Elzey had the backing of several prominent Republicans, campaigned vigorously, & was successful at fundraising.

You either need smarter/wiser Advisers, or need to heed the wise advise given by them-if they tried to get you to stay neutral-as you had been up to that time.


Rigged and STOLEN election by the Commie-Liberals.
Americans KNOW and will not watch this B.S. on television!

Mike Hunt

You see Diaper Don, the size of the town hall doesn’t matter, it’s the 81 MILLION VOTES that count! Seven million more than you. You lost sucker, now just go away!


The real truth is coming… No way 81 Million voted for Biden crime family. I guess putting papers over voting locations (is holding the truth) and stopping pole watches makes it fair.


They said it was by invitation only, and deliberately kept small. Then why are they sitting next to each other? If they’re afraid of COVID then shouldn’t there be at least one empty chair between each person, and an empty row between each occupied row?

Gotcha, liars! Your stooge couldn’t even pack an auditorium of paid spectators! King Loser talking to a tiny crowd of puppet losers.

Those are probably ALL of the actual Biden voters!

Hahahahahahahahaha!! Love it! Reality bites, huh lefties?!


LOL Good One!


I’m dubious of the viewership numbers. I believe they are highly inflated.

Tracy Fusco-David

Biden is a fucking train wreck!
We need you back President Trump!!!




How to destroy a country in six months or less. Flopping Biden administration.
OMG 3.5 more years of this? :(((


And the very sad fact is, that Biden wont make to 2024. And the horrifying thought that Kamala might actually be our president.. “God save the USA”


God, help the United States get through these Troubling times!

Mike Kissinger

Still just unarguably funny and sad at the same time that you gauge everything on the basis of TV ratings. Funny, because your forays onto OAN and Newsmax flop like fish outta water. Sad, because you appear to really believe in them.


HAHAHA Joe Biden Blows ass and the world knows it… get over it Lefty

Drink Clorox

Don’t worry. Trump will be re-instated to the White House as POTUS next month.



And Blow Biden will be considered the Greatest president America has ever had.


Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help