ICYMI: “Confused Joe Biden has to pull out notes to answer question on Russia”

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Meegan Fixler

He is pathetic. There is no way in hell that he won the 2020 election, when he couldn’t even fill the six circles at his so called rally! President Trump is our fearless leader!

Marijo Makufka

My husband’s family lives in Charlevoix, MI.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, there were flocks of Trump boats along Lake Michigan.

Little did the locals know that just 40-45 minutes away in Traverse City bidan was eating vanilla bean ice cream and mumbling through comments on Iran or Iraq or he doesn’t know where…

If we’d known, we would have been there to ask him reasonable–NOT “negative”–questions about our border, our economy, the Russian hacks, what he’s done with unemployment.

We’d ask about Hunters:
(a) 10% Big Man
(b) money from Russia Russia Russia and the Ukraine among other places (CCP!!!) (c) prostitute accidental payments
(d) illegal gun purchase and disposal
(e) and so on

We’d also ask about sniffing the wives of his body guards, about groping young, budding female flute players, about pinching the nearly nonexistent breasts of a girl barely beyond a toddler.

We’d ask about crimes with Kill-ary Kill-ton. We’d ask about pedophilia. We’d ask about his TIES TO THE cOVID bioweapon and on and on again.

Your patriotic Digital Soldiers are ready. We’ve seen and shared the beautiful short film by your light-filled Warrior Mr Dez about the true history of our beautiful Earth safely encapsulated in its DIVINE firmament.

We are ready to act prayerfully and peacefully in your name, our true Commander in Chief!

Please use me in your service. I’m not always strong, but I. God’s name I can do the work!

I love you soooooo much! Thanks and love to Melania, Barron, Tiffany, Ivanka, Eric, Don Jr, Lara, and Kimberly!!!

Meegan Fixler

I saw the short film as well, with Mr Dez, and was blown away!


The only thing he seems to be ‘certain’ about is the that he’s ‘not certain’ about who the hackers were.


This is both sad and sick

Shannon Spina

Such a spectacle. He needs to be locked up with the criminally insane.

YOUR Help is Needed

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