ICYMI: “CORTES: Mass Migration Was Never Part Of America’s $2 Trillion Afghan Debacle”

Read the full article by Steve Cortes with the National Pulse here.

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So they hand Afghanistan to the Taliban (on behalf of China), and then we have to take on the brunt of the refugee crisis, which will no doubt flood in thousands of Taliban posing as refugees.

Mrs. Sunshine

Sadly Cortes is far too naïve…

Nothing happening in Afghanistan is an accident. The UniParty is evil and compromised by corporate oligarchy but they are not dumb or incompetent. Nothing this f**ked up is without design.

Klaus Schwab, Soros, Xi and corporate oligarchy is driving this through the UniParty pols and institutions they control, fund and own. It’s the road to serfdom and they have to get America demoralized and weak to make it happen.

The only reason what is happening in Australia isn’t happening in the US is 2A.


Like we had a choice or any government entity even cares what we think. Just do as you are told slave, they say!!

myree williams

Good Info, National Pulse is very informative.

Imma Doomas

The National Pulse is usually found with a fish wrapped in it or in the bottom of a bird cage


That’s where CNN would be, without their foreign donors.


How else can Obumya smuggle his terrorist brothers into the heartland of America? Perfect Trojan horse for the next phase of his and his partner Angry Mike’s “I hate America” plan.


Give it up douche

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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