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Americans miss you so much. We miss the leadership of a true Patriot. I fear the fate of this Nation with who is at the helm. We need strength returned now!


Excellent interview. President Trump and Dan Ball both did a fine job. I very much appreciated Ball’s obvious preparation on question probing; he helped us get a more in-depth understanding of where the president stood on various issues —and why.

As to President Trump reiterating certain things, I think part of that stems from his having to be his own press corps for all his years in office. The MSMedia lied about everything he said and did; he was driven, out of necessity, to report the REAL STORY of what he had been doing if he hoped to survive.

And I think another reason might be because, as time wore on in his term, even the Republicans began to lose confidence in news reporters and they began to want to get the news on Trump FROM Trump. That put the burden on President Trump to repeat himself often to the various audiences bc most times each audience was hearing it for the very first time. They may have heard the headlines throughout the day, but they needed the story’s background first. So he would try to go back and fill them in. Therefore, for people who may have heard him interviewed earlier on another station or channel, they will find a bit of a repeat of some information. 🙂


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Worth listening to what President Trump has to say. He is a Patriot and truly loves this country and the people of the USA. None of this would have happened if the elect$$ion was fair. The misinformed will be defeated with truth. Logical and reasonable citizens want to know the facts.

Raffaele Filosofi

Mr. president you should really meet those fallen soldiers people. They need and deserve something better than a ghost looking at his watch.. as if all the pain wasn’t enough.


Millions of Americans would concur to this suggestion.

Jean Corthell Goodman

AMEN to that!!!!


I absolutely agree, too!!!


I don’t recalling seeing any nursing homes in Bedminster ! Mr. TRUMP sounds like a rambling old man, repeating the same “good old days” stories over & again, and grateful for some company… SAD

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Why are you trolling on President Trump’s site? There is nothing more SAD, or terrible for that matter than this Biden administration. President Trump is absolutely the best President in modern history.

Jean Corthell Goodman



I agree, also!!

Raffaele Filosofi

Associating the words ‘rambling old man’ to president Trump says a lot about your connection with reality. And you are implicitly defending Joe Biden, someone who is physically and mentally melting by the day in front of the whole world. You people have really no sense of shame


“you people” ? Which bigot platform are you ranting from ? Disgraceful


trump does sound like a broken record. The same complaints everyday.

Cynthia Morgan

Cause with Biden, its the same weak man with crisis after crisis, stay off this site, go back to your communist websites, made for losers like you


Go back under your rock.

Florida Robert

Biden’s abandonment of US military service dogs has created an incredible visceral hate against anything Biden. Weird since even the killing of humans did not even cause this hate.

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