ICYMI – December 1 & 2

“Exclusive: Donald Trump Already Sold 100,000 Copies of Book, 50 Times More than Chris Christie Book”

“Sorry, but Hunter Biden’s profiteering matters—even if the rest of the press ignore it”

“Trump calls for National Guard to help stop ‘smash-and-grab’ looting: ‘It is all not even believable'”

“Trump Slams Biden for Ignoring Kosovo-Serbia Agreement”

“Media helped hide the real Joe Biden by censoring Hunter stories: Devine”

“When Will The New York Times and The Washington Post Return Their 2018 Pulitzers?”

“Joe Biden was involved in a deal with a Chinese giant—and was expecting a 10 percent cut”

“Trump Offers Backing to ‘Good and SMART America First Republican Patriots’ Willing to Primary These GOP Reps”

“Narrative of a perfect 2020 election eroding as Wisconsin becomes investigative ground zero”

“New Trump book does $1M in sales in first 24 hours”

“McLaughlin Poll: Likely Voters Say Biden ‘Incompetent,’ USA on Wrong Track, Economic Issues Top Concern”

“Vehement anti-Trump group donated $85k to Atlanta election judges, now auditors want some repaid”

“Chris Christie’s new book on how to save the Republican Party sells paltry 2,289 copies”

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Johnny Appleseed


The same ones not wearing a mask now are the same ones that don’t wear mask to the world.

Please notice people that love freedom.


Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences, and YOU WATCHING IT HAPPEN.


Great news – TRUMP HISTORY TOUR tickets for this Saturday now discounted to as low a $5
Of course there’s the usual add on fees & parking fees but that’s still way less than the original $100 minimum ticket price.
But if you’re “thrifty” (like me) you could try showing up and see if you can get in free (to fill the empty seats).

My Man Trump

Chris Christy who? LOL. Huge rino with an even bigger attitude and arrogance. Why is he on Fox? Mr. President, he is not even relevant enough or smart enough to talk about in the same paragraph with you.

The National Guard should have been called long ago. Talk about a stolen election. Newsome is nothing more than FJB’s bitch. All these large demon cities have been in trouble for a long time. Joey’s poll numbers come crashing down everyday but these mayors and governor’s watch their careers go up in smoke for the radical cause. Where does he find all these stupid people.?


Dear President Trump,
If you only read 1 thing today let it be this post. After your last rally in Ohio, I had a discussion with one of your speech writers at a pilot truck stop where she told me she wrote the part about the stolen election and asked if we were tired about hearing you talk about it. I proceeded to tell her that we all know it was stolen and what we really want to to fix them. I also told her that we know your record and enjoyed the four years of your presidency and thanks to biden we now know how good we had it and just how bad it can get in a few short months. In short Mr. President we want to know your plans for the future because we have definitely learned from our past. Also I believe if you simply ask us for help in draining the swamp in our own backyards (and thanks to CRT we know we have the power to do so). 1 person, 1 vote, 1 street, 1 neighborhood, 1 city, 1county, 1state, ONE COUNTRY UNITED. Thank you for your service.


Moving forward


Obama gave the internet keys to the UN…. so they can shut down anything they want. They are still holding that card close because many people either do not know Obama did this or they forgot. I would put links but its easy for you to do a search about “Obama gave internet to UN”…. dont be fools the dems have been slowly dismatling the US for many years along with the Bushes…..they Bushes were the ones that brought over Nazis and inbedded them into our society. G Bush Senior is the one that helps start the CIA and had control of all misinformation and controlled the false intel going to most presidents for the past few decades, then led into the clintons and any one else they can blackmail or pay off. Why are these people not in jail yet….why are the elite still in power? why are we not stopping them? If we are going to be free we need to iraticate the elite…they are setting up the next smike screen so that we do not go after them but worry about war and people dying. This is what they do…they easily move your attention by creating chaos and you forget quick abput what the elite are doing. People are waiting for someone to save us but its up to all of us to stop what we are doing and stop these people….period! They have made it very clear it us or them…they have no problem killing us under the many secret satanic projects but yet we let them keep doing these horable things.

My Man Trump

You are absolutely right but the problem is not just a handful of elites….it’s a very powerful, well organized, long standing cabal of people far more powerful than Soros, Gates Bloomberg, Bush etc. Those guys are members of the cabal who take orders from the upper crust. They have been planning this for generations upon generations. Therefore we need powerful, connected people to fight back. We need Q and Q+ and the patriots. And we need them soon. Very, very soon!

Johnny Appleseed

Here is a tidy little piece of information:

The pandemic only worked because the American believed it.

Let that sink in.



JERRY Pyeatt

We need another Q-anon website that can’t be shut down smeared out, and get these leftists commies going h have a cause for real concern to expose them even further. FJB LETS GO BRANDON…..


Great Job President Trump on your New Book!
Excellent reading just in time for Christmas!

Stalwart Republican

January 6 investigation – attempted to illegally interfere in the peaceful transfer of power; incited a violent mob of insurrectionists; attempted to illegally change/find votes; civil suits filed by Capitol police (Back the Blue, right you orange fraud?)
New York investigation – tax fraud; payroll fraud
Georgia – election crimes
Lawsuit – Protesters who were assaulted by Trump goons
Lawsuit – Defamation against a woman he raped
Lawsuit – Defrauded family members out of rightful inheritance

Yep, this orange failure is certainly a piece of work. Can’t wait to see him in prison orange.

Mark Rakow

The indictment in Georgia is about to be sent to the Grand Jury. I anticipate Trump will be indicted in mid-to-late January.


Jeffrey Clark ===> GUILTY !


John Eastman ===> GUILTY !

Last edited 1 year ago by Dean
Johnny Appleseed

Ballwarts… you are still here??


A very good day in the comment section.

Ken K

Have your webmasters check CIA hackers on this website and Mike’s website. 250,000,000 websites blacklisted by Nazi Google.
One billion Christian socialist (Facebook Twitter YouTube etc) if you read the html it clearly shows their algorithm scripting to block gather transmit autosend anti Nazi post. Nazis and KKK are one of the same infiltrated into the DNC long ago and spread into the RNC.
Google Prescott Bush for PROOF.
Not one swamp rat coukd pass a polygraph on,,,
Election fraud
Covid lie
Gulf oil well attack
North Korea atom bomb off the coast of Japan causing fukashima spill
I can go on all day….


Do you have bulletproof outerwear? You might want to get some.


I doubt Ken K can even spell HTML

Ken K

All (REAL) truck drivers will 100% stop if Trump is not rightfully in office before 1/22/22.
All truckers reading this KNOW this.
We real truckers see ALL.
This is not a threat but a promise.
We shall stop full on stop….
We are done playing games.

Mark Rakow

Truckers automatically do whatever you say.

And Trump is President.

Two of these sentences are false.


Brandon is playing with FIRE going after the Truckers!


promises…promises….I would love to see truckers and everyone stand up to this administration….. but to be honest the left wants us to shut down so they can keep hirting our economy. Unfortunately the elite have set everything up to work in their favor. We need to irraticate the elite….they have no problem coming after us if they feel one of us are a threat. Let me make it more clear…we need to rid the world of the elite scum…that means we need to kill them before they kill us…but the way its going people are lining up to die due to being lied to.


Nice bullet point list. Keep them coming. Let the democrat/Leftist feed you their endless self-destructive list of the many problems they create for the American People of all backgrounds.

All Americans stand to be harmed by the Biden Cabal. Rich/Poor, Young/Old, Black/White, and even Legal and Illegal immigrants/aliens will be and are harmed by Biden.

Simply look around you; fine People of America, only a very small “click” will be rewarded by the causation/suffering of the majority (YOU!) by this minority (dity dems.). The Biden Cabal will turn their backs on YOU! (even if you think you’re in the “click”).

America is only as good for all of us, by all of us. Everyone matters, All efforts, jobs and kinds of people make America function. If the Democrats have their way, America would be a “Have” and “Have-Not” society. This will only work for a short period of time and only for the democrats (“Haves”). When the system crashes the “Haves” will hop on their boats and planes with their riches and leave America to die.

Selfish thinking kills everyone. Start thinking of the country and your fellow Americans. There is only one America and everyone seems to want to be part of it. Yet, few wish to serve their country. Taking, taking, taking for selfish me. me. me reasons must end and end now.

There is no “Go West young man” any more. The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but it’s not.

Take a stand for yourself, by standing up for America. Don’t run (move to another state), don’t hide (keep low or to yourself and ride it all out), Don’t shout and pout about it (be the one that makes a difference – big or small). You know what is right and what is good/Just.

Do the right thing.

Mark Rakow

Trump doesn’t get to call for the National Guard. Only someone with authority can do that. And, of course, Trump has none.


and America is back better with the most popular president with the most votes with the all time lowest poll ratings, booming lowest job growth, highest inflation ever and oh yeah we are back to giving everything to China. I guess the left likes to pay more for everyday life and not have freedoms. America is a laughing stock across the globe and no one respects our crack head president that sounds like he sniffs coke everyday, probably with his son Hunter “crackhead” Biden.

Last edited 1 year ago by John

Isn’t that the idea of de-population (or rather genocide?) of the “death vaccination?”so that only the elite are left, thereby in control of everything. Can you imagine them playing well together and ‘sharing’? NOT. I am listening to an everlasting ad to purchase stock for SSBT (Solid State Battery Technology). To hear this guy, it will put every business out of business. He’s talking about everything having to shut down because it won’t be needed. He seems to care only about making his next billion. Thank God he is much better looking than Soros!


Right On!

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!