ICYMI: “Democrats plan to slip immigration changes into $3.5T budget bill, pass without GOP votes”

You can read the full article for Just the News by Sophie Mann here

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So Mike & Mike, with Ivan in tow, do you get paid 1/2 when you comment on one another’s tripe?

Florida Robert

Democrats hate US and will do anything to weaken US. Just look at the facts. Even many of the commenters to this site can easily be identified as anti-US. Those commenters should Thank God they are in wimpy US where losers are allowed to destroy.


Typical Commie-Liberals! Vote Straight Republican OR do not vote at all!

Mike Hunt

Typical Fascist-MAGAts! Vote Straight Blue OR do not vote at all! (just stay in the basement & watch porn!)!

barbara white

Oh I am so surprised….NOT. We have to get them out. Is it time for a revolution yet? Im ready

Mike Hunt

Are you gonna whine us to death?

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