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It was a great show. I saw it live!!

Sarah Luu

Hello Mr. President, At the beginning of this interview, you spoke of “Dr. OZ”. I may be mistaken, but I believe he got his start in show business by OPRAH WINFREY!! – YES, I SAID OPRAH!. He was her “shrink” or something and became a popular guest on her show years ago before she set him up with his own. I pray that I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Same with “Dr. Phil”. Check this out before you give him any help. Like I said, I hope I’m wrong. If so, someone or one’s correct my memory. Not to change the subject, but I CAN’T STOP SAYING! WE NEED YOU BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE NOW, NOW, NOW!!! The rigged election MUST be corrected now by whatever means possible. Not just the United States, but THE ENTIRE WORLD NEEDS YOU BACK WHERE YOU HAVE ALWAYS BELONGED! Thank You and your WONDERFUL Family, Sarah Luu

Dean Anoia

Putin is doing exactly what he should do protect his own ppl. Obama bio labs and AZOF battalion are the product of the US tax dollars. You may as well blame US citizens, politicians, and banks for anything that happens in Ukraine.
Under Trump we had peace, under Biden/ Obama/ Cabal regime we have endless wars. #Trump2020

Cary Miller

God Bless you and your family Mr. President, as well as all of the “God Fearing PATRIOTS” committed to MAGAA!
Let’s all shine a light on this EVIL DARKNESS,

And let the BODIES (Dark Cult Evil POSs)
Hit the Floor!


Thank You President Trump!
Save America AGAIN!

Cary Miller

You are all part of this team! Come together.



Great interview. All truths, something the American people use to hear. Now not so much. Can’t trust a lot of news media or press. Isarel will always be our friends. Bad actors in the White House destroying America. Are there evil foreigners running our Country? They really can’t be American, if so they are working for the man downstairs.

Sarah Luu

There is no “man” downstairs, only the evilest of all evil DEMONIC CREATURES!!!

Freedom Fighter

Do people ever question the one sided main stream media. Once upon a time they would show both side without major editing to where now you cant see the real story and many stories are pieced together to show one side….perferably one that benefits the elite….hmmmm very odd. During these times of Ukraine do you ever notice how the main stream edits video to suit a narative. What happened to.the brave jornolists that would the front line and report what is really happening. So Putin said he was going after Nazis and over the past many years Putin warned of him going in to save people if Azov kept killing civillians and yet the UN/NATO/WEST ignored him and supplied Nazis openly with weapons to kill civilians and now they are saying Russia is killing civilians. Where are the videos….why are many civilians on the ground saying they are being killed by Azov Nazis/Ukraine Military? The elite paid for media is the enemy of the state and all people around the world. Look up Patrick Lancaster ex USNavy vet that now is indy jorno that is on the ground showing what is really happening. The elite tear a part any country if they cannot easily get their banking system in to enslave citizens. Look what they did to Yugoslavia and many other countries that wanted to stay free away from their slave system. Covid was their bio weapon to give them a gold pass to do what ever they wanted and ot worked. They have people fighting against each other just like they did during NAZI Germany. People of the world need to unite and rid ourselves of these elite. They are killing us using our own society that they infiltrated to control us. We need to take it back and eliminate all the tyrrant elitites and their puppets. Not until then will we be free. The elite have pubplicly made it aware that they have taken over our governments and the many politicians we rely on to protect us and serve us. The masses need to take the fight to the elite and erradicate them before they do any more damage and harm to this planet and everything that lives here. They are aggressively taking action while we sit believing their lies and allow them to strip us of our rights and freedoms. Look how some elite on the planet have use our society to go after anyone they dont approve of such as other elites(russian rich people). If they can go after the richest people in the world and take away their wealth and property then think how easy it is for the tyrrant elite to go after you. The elites say they are there to bring the world together but that is lies….they want to bring what they are doing together so that they can have full and total control. We need snipers and special forces to start going after all these elite terrorist like klaus swhab, soros, illuminati, devos, clintons, Obamas, bushes, trudeau, biden, macron, boris johnson and the many other under the WEF and other elite control. This goes deep and this is why they nees full control so that you cant fight back. They know we have power in numbers and hence the reason they control your mind through you TV and internet/social media. NAZIs have been place all around the world and.they are silently taking everything from you under elite control. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!! Many of us military people that k ow the truth are being kick out, forced to stay quiet or killed. Many of the same people that put their lives on the line for freedom have been pushed into silence. If you keep glued to the TV then you are being heavily programmed and you dont even know it. Potetions and democracy will not get us out of this because the elite have taken these over. We need to eliminate all the elite….PERIOD!!!!!!!!

Susan Miller

This is a fantastic interview! President Trump is highly intelligent! We were so safe with him as our President!! I cannot believe what Biden has done to our Country!! I’m scared to death!! Biden might cause a 3rd World War for God sake!
Ukraine never would have been invaded if Trump was in office!!! Ever!!

Our borders are going to be flooded even worse with Biden getting rid of Title 14, …and the swamp wants it to happen all for the democrat vote!!! Our National Security is threatened!!!

Very upsetting!! We need President Trump back!!! I love him so much..


I think you sound tired or maybe it’s my imagination. We need you sir, take it easy. I know you are working very hard for us, thank you but we need you healthy.


Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Headley

Thumbs up for Dr Oz?? Let us know?! Thanks POTUS! (Speaking of mail-in ballots, whatever became of Alaska going FULL MAIL- IN BALLOTS ONLY?? WTHECK IS THAT? ILLEGAL, RIGHT?! These people are crazy!)


I feel that Dr. Oz would be the BEST Candidate for Pennsylvania.
Kind of like a Rand Paul from Kentucky!



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