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Marijo Makufka

Beautiful interview, Mr. President!!!

Barbara Baughman

Great interview President Trump!!!


Again, Karl Marx’s quote comes to mind: “Accuse them of what you’re doing, to create confusion.” THEY have almost empty arenas and stadiums, so they accuse you of that! They count on the majority of American people being hopelessly stupid and relying on THEIR media completely for all “information.” Anyone who relies on them is not at all qualified to vote.


I believe, I know, Donald J Trump is my president. NOT the Satan worshipping pedophile Joe Biden. This bad movie we are watching needs to end. But I know our true president, DJT and our great military are saving children every day. I pray all the truth will be shown now. MSM will be removed.The lies need to stop. America will not survive under this corrupt illegitimate puppet administration. We need our true president, DJT, who won by a landside, now, not 2024. WWG1WGA.

mike pepin

maybe it is like here is Canada people rally to those who promise competent leadership and a return of the good times of infinite of hope and optimism and boundless creative energy. A mojo we lack with these bought and paid for fools and Scoundrels today.


Great interview!! John Solomon is an excellent journalist…Now why can’t the corrupt MSM do interviews like that?!? And why can’t the world have a news station they can trust, just the facts, good or bad….is it because an informed public will destroy their corrupt agenda?!?

My Man Trump

Excellent interview, Sir. Keep bringing it all too light.

I live in a city that is deeply entrenched with Dems. I was at my PT class and a bunch of us were gathered around talking up DJT and spreading the word about Dems. I couldn’t believe it…..we were censored and told that it is off limits to discuss politics. They meant for Republicans to talk the truth. And I looked around the room and the elderly were giving us hateful looks. LOL. They think the dems are the ones from the fifties and nothing has changed. Do you know what has bigger consequences than elections….,Not keeping yourself informed before you vote instead of just voting party line. People have been too fat, happy and lazy and never never took it seriously. Well, look at us now. Stolen elections, lies, inflation, hate, etc., and the elderly still do not see it. In this town, anyway.
BTW, we kept talking, just lowered our voice a notch. If hate stares could kill. LOL

jo young

good interview but i wish you had directly answered some of the questions on “what would you do about xxxxx”. I am interested and would like to have more direct info as to what you would do about a certain situation. I understand that in some instances you wouldn’t want to broadcast :”exactly” what you would do in case you run and are re-elected – don’t want to tip your hand.

Steve F.

If I could give President Trump one bit of advice, it would be to separate himself from what has happened with the covid-19 vaccines. I realize he’s very proud of Operation Warp Speed, but it’s looking more and more like the virus engineering and its release into the wild was a political operation from the get go, to set the stage for all the 2020 election fraud, and the vaccine was already in the works when he pushed for OWS, which is why it was able to be delivered so quickly. As it turn out, the vaccine has dangerous side effects and contraindications, which have been buried by the CDC and the media, and there are significant questions as to what is really in this vaccine. Additionally, the Biden regime’s mandates in its desperation to vaccinate everyone is disgraceful, as is the strong arm tactics they used to make major corporations coerce their employees under threat of job loss, to take the shot. This is not how a free country operates, and President Trump, you must distance yourself from this or the dishonest media will find a way to blame you for it.


That’s the absolute truth! In my fairly learned opinion, all vaccines are detrimental, not just this one. Please check out the book, “Vaccine Illusion” by immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych.

Airmen Anderson



STILL the 45th President, POTUS Trump!


Most smart and honest President ever. Great interview.

Elizabeth Headley

Great interview! Thank you,Sir! Appreciate your honesty!
My only question is this: you said Texas passed strong voter laws…???
I’m a Texan. When I tried to get my new voters registration card, and they just SIMPLY refused to send it, the person in tax office told me I didn’t NEED IT!! This was over a month ago! She said I just needed my driver’s license…encouraged me to VOTE w/o it? I said HELL NO! I want my voters reg. card! Istill have not received it! I missed Texas primaries b/c of it! I finally called NRC, told them what was going on, was informed by them after speaking w/ my tax office, that I would receive my card w/ in 2 weeks. Didn’t show up. I called NRC back, they called again, I was told to give it 10 more days? ..that window’s about to close… Still no card…my question: HOW HAS TEXAS GOTTEN STRONGER IN ELECTION INTEGRITY? B/C my recent experience has been horrendous! Thank you Sir! THIS WOULD NOT BE OCCURING IF YOU WERE IN, BIDEN OUT!


Excellent Interview President Trump!
Keep It Up!
America Loves You!



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