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Cheryl Fournier

How much longer is it going to take for you to be in the White House where you belong, where we the people voted you in? I don’t know how much longer our country will survive and we definitely won’t last until 2024. The election was stolen from you and it needs to be given back to you ASAP. I don’t care if there’s no precedent—it was stolen and needs to be returned to you just like any other stolen goods would be. I’m positive that we the people will have no problem with you being our President just as we wanted. I only pray that you put laws in place concerning the election before you left office because I know you knew that they would have to steal it in order to win. God bless and keep you Mr President and our wonderful First Lady. We love you and need you back yesterday!

My Man Trump

These people are so evil and so afraid of you…To go after your family. Disgraceful and evil. Not even the Italian mobs went after families. This is what you have had to deal with. President Trump I know we all thank you for enduring this malicious nonsense in order to MAGA. But every time you come out of that swamp triumphantly like the winner you will always be, is another major victory for you and a major disgrace for them. We will see if all players are the Teflon Gods on this one. They all must pay and pay Big.

Bonnie Posner

Great interview…anyone who opens their ears to the truth (suburban moms…and, I know them!), should have a better understanding of the “mean tweets” (I have a very hard time even referring to them as such!), after this interview! People just aren’t accustomed to someone who stands up and fights for themselves, their family and our country like you do! Suburban moms…how about opening your eyes and ears to the bottom line about what’s good for you, your family and this country! Sharing!

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Cj Gazerro

Is the president every one of us knows what you went through and that’s why we love you so much. The fact that you went through that when you didn’t need to for us you didn’t do it for yourself you did it for us. You lost money and got tortured we know the facts. That’s why we stand on the side of road and say let’s go Brandon and hold flag say we love Donald Trump and we’re already for you for 2024. And oh by the way you haven’t seen us fight since you’ve been out of office working and voting and going to school board meetings and on and on. You lit a fire in the country that’s going to save it and there’s a political earthquake between the movement in black men, Hispanic voters, woman, and every working person in this country towards Trump populism. America first was a baby she’s only six years old. She had a hiccup because devils broke laws and stuff the ballot box. That was their criminal act number two number one was Russia Russia Russia. Every election they pull it were racist where the devil and they pull illegal acts. That’s why we will not stop until you’re back in office the only thing I ask you is to make sure you’re running mate is as good as you because we need a 12 year run. We need a VP that you put to work and show is as good as you. I don’t know why we have vice president‘s that sit in the background and do nothing nobody will ever take the attention away from you because we want to hear you we want to see you. But I have a VP that you put to work like no other VP like a Ron DeSantis or Jim Jordan or Nomes in Dakota. Or even like Tim Scott which is a great guy. But you Gotta know who’s ready to be America first bus through the walls president after you. But no we know what you did for us And if you ever forget go on TickTock or look at the recordings or videos of us on the side of the road or the teachers meetings or what’s going on in the voting fighting it and also the results like last Tuesday. We’re doing that for the country but you taught us and every move we make is with you and our heart very much love from Boca Raton Mr. President. It’s beautiful here on the water


What a nice message for the 45th. Mr president sure is loved throughout the USA. May Jesus guide the 45th president.


president trump you are so awesome.


thanks for sharing


We love you President Trump! Prayers for you and your family. We miss you, thank you for working hard to rid the world of all the evilness and slavery. God bless!


God Bless you President Trump I love you and wish you would come back very soon. We need you to bring peace back to the world.


“They all knew”. So predictable and such BS





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