ICYMI: Donald J. Trump interview with Americano Media (April 14, 2022)

Watch here the interview from Maria Herrera Melado with the 45th President, Donald J. Trump

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It’s hard to go against the 4 horns (government system horn one of the 4), which is why the take over of the election has stood. At least, we know it was not an accurate count.

Patrick Green

Lord please protect our president and his family.


Always good hearing you.

Phillis Massad

Illegitimate Biden was the Trojan horse for the leftist communist democrats, and President Trump has been fighting for the stolen election since the beginning, along with many organizations etc. We have many lawsuits, etc as the leftist communist fight tooth and nail to keep what they have done hidden. It won’t work. It’s already coming out!! The leftist commies cannot hide their dirty hands anymore. God bless the USA and the World.

Mark Rakow

No; there are not “many lawsuits.” In fact, there are NO current lawsuits still active. The Trump campaign filed a total of 69 lawsuits, 45 of which were filed in Federal court. 68 of the 69 cases were lost, dismissed, or withdrawn by the attorneys representing the campaign. The only case they won was later overturned by the Pennsylvania Suprme Court.

There is nothing coming out – and the reason is obvious. There is nothing here, there, or anywhere else.

My Man Trump

We love you, President Trump! Have a great day!




I don’t hear any clues or signs from our duly elected president that he is still in the fight to overturn the fraudulent election. If Mr trump has lost the will to fight for our country, we the people have no intention of voting for him in 24! He talks a good talk, but we want to see action and results. We are loosing our country, and NOTHING is being done about it!!!Mr Trump should be LEADING the fight to bring down this evil regime, instead Trump calls that fake fraud POS “president”!!!! He should be fighting like hell to bring this bastard down, and instead he calls him president!! That is a disgrace!! The world is looking to him to destroy this swamp, but it looks to me like he has all but given up!!! What happened to “never surrender”??? What happened to “Nothing can stop what is coming now”?? What happened to Gulliani, and Powell and the “kraken? What happened to the audits??? What happened with the Maxwell testimony?? What happen to Mike Lindell’s proof that even the Supreme Court could not deny??/ Over a year now, and it appears to me Trump got his ass handed to him by a braindead corrupt criminal POS!!!

My Man Trump

They already have all the proof they need. Timing is everything. Just watch the movie.


They had all the proof they needed in nov. of 20! Problem is NOTHING was done with the evidence, while the corrupt fake bastard deliberately destroys our country! This DID NOT have to happen!! Trump FAIED! Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong supporter of our duly elected president, but he did NOTHING except bitch and beat his chest about how good he was!! HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER STEPPED DOWN!!! HE WON the election and had the proof to show it!!! We the people elect the president NOT congress!!! If they claim they won, let THEM prove it, WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE that Trump won, and Trump should have told them to go to hell!!! This BS about civil war is just that, BULLSHIT! Trump allowed himself to be intimidated by their threats, when he should have CRUSED them immediately!!! Trump had 100 million Americans behind him!!With Trump in control of the military those bastards would have been put in their place fast!!! NEVER relinquish your position of power, ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNOW YOU WON!!! I blame Trump for the disaster this country is in now.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President