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Need HCQ and Ivermecton easy to get. Misspelled those I’m sure. Hubby had three vaccine and recently got pneumonia. I took two but won’t get more. Would be best if we could get those medications that doctors have shown works.
Looking forward to you leading the country once more Mr. President.

Walter Goad

No way is this vaccine a great life safer!! I voted 2 times for Trump. Never again!!! People wake the hell up your vote never matter there will be no fair elections so might as well stay home I will never vote again.


good interview. It’s wise to know (Mr President), that not all of us want manmade poison inserted into our arms in order to work or any other reason. Heck, ppl like me, don’t even consume swine…unclean and will do damage. Man cannot improve on Father’s creation.


Great Job President Trump!
The BEST President NOW and Forever!
God Bless YOU President Trump!




OAN scripted interview – enough said…


Dino the crack head with your Buddies Brandon and Hunter!


Thank you Mr President Donald J Trump! God bless you and yours 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

My Man Trump

Another brilliant and honest interview. Thank you so much, Mr. President. We are counting the days of your return.

Mark Rakow

“Honest?” Yeah, right.

That’s almost funny.

My Man Trump

You’re always funny.


You got me to vote for you POTUS. I had never registered to vote in my entire life. I made sure I voted in person which wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I’m praying the media acknowledge me soon. It took tremendous courage exposing Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island and the names in the flight log. I’m trusting the plan and praying justice comes soon.

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I am blown away…..Thanks so much Mr. Donald Trump – Big hug and Love all the way from Germany


You can not undo the vax injury and deaths the American people have suffered either. It’s horrific! Vaccine Vials are such across the board: 1/3 saline 1/3 kill shot, 1/3 Gene therapy. Trump musta got saline. Everyone’s NOT getting the same thing. Most people survive Covid and don’t need to risk a shot that’s killing many and causing severe injury. Or long term medical complications. The “benefit” does NOT our weight the risk. Verity’s has now revealed the coop on American people by Fauci.


Wow, what an interview. I’m not a highly religious man but I truly believe Donald Trump was sent to us by God.


Wow! That must be a scary place to be!


Trump is the anti Christ. After trump made office god sent his wrath down upon the people of the world in the form of a pandemic.

Gerald Warner

We need to get 2/3 majority in BOTH houses then change ALL voting back to 2/3 majority voting on everything and you don’t need to limit just 60%. This is why we have $30 Trillion debt

Pete M. ODY

Donald Trump, the greatest president this country has had in two centuries!!
With that said, Mr. President, we the people want to know when you will put an end to this nightmare!! This is not a movie, it’s a never ending NIGHTMARE!! This Sat. you will be holding another rally, and we the people have high hopes that you will announcing that you will be seated in the position that you were elected to be in, the duly elected president of this country!! Since Jan 20th is inauguration day, it would be very fitting that on that day you sir assume the position you were elected to. Once you are back in power, we the people DEMAND that ALL who participated in this treasonous coup are brought to justice!!! In this country the penalty for treason is HANGING! These evils SOB’s can not be allowed to get away with treason, murder, and the destruction of this country!! We can not wait to flip the house in nov., we can not wait until 24!!! Sir, you MUST act now! In one year the managed to destroy this country, and shamed us before the entire world!! THIS CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!!! Mr president, use military force if you must, but put an end to this evil fake fraud braindead pedophile killer madman POS brandon, and all who participated in this coup NOW!!

Lynn Frank

Always the best. Just real, common sense and for the people.

Becky G

Wouldn’t it be cool if President Trump could just sit and talk and share his thoughts and opinions and not be interrupted? Guess that’s only at His rally’s….
Thank you, Mr. President for taking time to do short interviews…

Lynn Frank

This guy did a good job. There are some that do that, just let him talk. Its awesome. Usually people who really support him or have been doing interviews long enough to know better than to interrupt someone like Trump.


Trump is a corrupt defeated former president. Now is time to Lock Him Up!!


Excellent interview 💯🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇸


All this that Biden has done causing destruction, is what the CCP wants. Biden does what they want him to. But respectfully, President Trump – you are wrong about the vaccine!! Fauci and Collins have engineered it to be a bioweapon for population control per Bill Gates. You are going to have to get off your high horse about all the people you have saved, and admit that Fauci is one of the best liars in the world and he has lied to you, he has lied to all of us. This engineered virus (which has been engineered in Wuhan) lowers the immune system to an extreme degree more with each shot. Read Robert Kennedy, Jrs. book. We all understand how Fauci operates – he’s a criminal and more evidence is being revealed as to how he did this behind your back. Humble yourself, Forgive him, and let’s move on to convict him for crimes against humanity. The election fraud will be revealed and elections will be done with integrity. Pelosi and Schumer will be tried for treason and several others also. God knows the end from the beginning. He did not make you God – and definitely not Pelosi or Biden – that is His role alone. You did what God wanted you to. Now, come before Him in humility, ready for the next season. We know you won – you can run and win again. Stop preseverating on the “vaccine” (it is an experimental gene therapy for genocide). And you will win – even many of the democrats can see what a nightmare of a communist Biden is. I am giving NO money to the GNC. WinRed keeps 40% and I’m not a wealthy woman. Rona McDonald is not your friend. There are a boatload of RINOs. Caroline Wren is the one who know what to do with the finances, but it doesn’t seem like she is being given the reigns to do it. I pray, many people pray, but you are the one He is leading right now, so let Him.




OAN is not a credible news station. Google OAN and you might be surprised what you find out about this network.

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Great interview Mr President! You tell it how it is. That’s why you are so great for the USA and the world, and why the corrupt want to stop your leadership. God Bless.

Becky G

Always wonderful to see you Mr. President!

Rosanne. Choate

Yep, he and Melania are rays of sun aren’t they, for our country.


u are sick!!!


You are a Liberal Dope Head.


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