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Great interview. Dan Ball hits all the topics that Americans want to hear.
Same with President Trump always answers with truth and integrity. Gives the people hope for our future.
Prayers always, God is always in control. Even when we are in much despair we will always have hope and faith in our Lord.


President Trump, we can’t wait till 2024…we won’t have a country left. Our country can never move forward until the people who stole the 2020 election are brought to justice. We need to set an example for the rest of the world. You have well over 80 million American’s who LOVE & RESPECT you…together we can bring back the American Dream!! God Bless you and your family!!


It’s good you took us out of WHO. We should never hand our flesh care to any govt body. Obummercare laid the groundwork for this evil,and many real doctors have suffered.

Sarah Luu

AS I have stated before, I COULD LISTEN TO THIS MAN ALL DAY!! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS BY FAR THE GREATEST SOURCE of the MOST IMPORTANT news and information on the happenings in the world today. NOT JUST THE GREATEST LEADER, BUT THE BEST SOURCE OF INFORMATION! I can’t say it enough. We SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY MUST get this GREAT MAN back into the oval office and running this country again IMMEDIATELY, before there is no going back. Remember – “In EVERY revolution, there’s ONE MAN with a vision” Sarah Luu
P.S. I know it took a lot of time, HARD WORK & MONEY to put 2000 mules together along with ALL of the great books and documentaries on the STOLEN election and other frauds, but I hope (and very soon) that they will become FREE! The ENTIRE WORLD MUST BE ABLE TO SEE ALL OF THIS!!! Thank You again ever-so-much Mr. President, Sarah Luu

Last edited 1 year ago by Sarah Luu

Agree. All We need to know We Can have from our President. Extremely clever and wise. Never made a mistanke. Never been wrong on anything.
No need for any lying media when law and order is restored. Only our great President.


I subscribed to oann after DirecTV book-banned them. May the Lord continue to bless us with news other than govt system horn/dynasty narritives.

My Man Trump

Great interview, Mr. President, as always. Dan Ball also did a good job hitting on all relevant and important topics with much enthusiasm.

Linda M

Biden administration, make Americans poor. Truly evil. Monkey Pox is another attempt to cheat again in my opinion. They know they can’t win if they don’t.
Great program. Liked the interview.

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Jimmy Faires

Great phone interview. I wish all news networks would report the Truth and facts !

Tim Tates

A lot of left-wing radical bureaucrats need to be in jail for treason instead of running our country!

Sarah Luu

They aren’t “running” our country, they are trying to RUIN it! They need a punishment WORSE than jail. How about bolting them down naked to stocks and lashing their bare asses with split bamboo canes!

Last edited 1 year ago by Sarah Luu
Tim Tates

The Democrats want a civil war! They are destroying our Republic!


Dam you gotta love Dan Ball! What a bad ass! I love Oann, great news network!


I can’t wait to dump DirecTV and AT&T! They suck! I’m canceling them ASAP…! I found superior alternatives for my phone, internet and TV…! I miss One America News!

Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!

Dan for DT

I have AT&T for my internet and it defies the laws of physics by both sucking and blowing at the same time.—-Gotta find something better—NOT Comcast-


Mr. President: I got your back . . . .

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