ICYMI: Donald J. Trump interview with Nigel Farage (December 1, 2021)

Watch here Nigel Farage’s GB News interview with the 45th President, Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

The day after the election, Nigel Farage said that Trump lost “fair and square.” Given Farage’s reputation for honesty, one wonders why Trump would even agree to this interview.


Beautiful tie President.




Our REAL President, President Donald J. Trump!

My Man Trump

Great job, President Trump. As always.


Nice to see this video posted online. Thank you Mr president


Great interview, Sir! I learned of it on a ‘web-call’ w/ a woman from UK, who was soo excited for it, I had to find it!:)) Nigel Farage is smart, personable, and enjoyed your company immensely!! Thank you for posting for us to watch!


Nigel Farage, to be praised on Brexit’s success, but shamed because of UKIP’s irrelevance, which left the UK under the boots of globalism.

Patricia Geymer

That’s our President!!! God Bless America and Donald Trump.

Ashley Wells Lewis

President Trump is ALWAYS wonderful! We LOVE him now & always!💖


Mr President, we will be happy if you run again in 24, which actually should be 25. We the people will gladly elect you for a third term!!! BUT above ALL else, you MUST!!! be in the Oval Office NOW!!! The entire world is waiting for you to take your rightful place as President!! We the people elected YOU sir!!! This fake braindead fraud IS NOT!!! the president!!! He is a corrupt, greedy, pedophile, killer that is destroying our country!!!! The very country you sir claim to love!! You as well as every American know that we can not wait until 24!!! YOU MUST BE RECOGNIZED AS THE PRESIDENT NOW!!! Sir, please do not wait for the audits to be complete. Please do not wait for the Supreme Court, or any court to confirm what we all already know. Use whatever means necessary, including military force to DESTROY the enemies of our country NOW!!! We the people in the hundreds of millions stand with you, and will fight to the death if necessary with you to destroy this evil that has inflitrated our country!!! But, I must say, we are starting to loose hope!!! If this evil regime is alowed to continue with it’s planned course much longer, we will no longer have a country!!! For over a year now we have been glued to our computers waiting to hear some “good news”. We are waiting ever so patiently for the “best to come”.
We have been promised that “nothing can stop what is coming”! But over a year now, and NOTHINg HAS COME!!! Please show us that you are still fighting! Please show us that you will not desert us in this horrible hour. More than EVER in the history of this country, we need a LEADER NOW!!!! We will follow you by the millions, and we only ask that you lead.
We understand that you can not reveal you plan to the enemy, but please give us a sign, give us hope that there is a plan to destroy this evil swamp. Sir, you are already the greatest president this country has ever had, but you will be imortalized in infamy as the president that save America if you lead us to victory against this corrupt evil regime seeking to destroy this nation!!!


…and nothing is going to come. Trump will never be back. He’s the most incompetent person ever to hold the position of president. He has never won a popular vote and lost the presidency, congress, and senate. Why would anyone want him back?


“Trump will never be back?” You wanna bet? I will be shocked if he does not run again in 2024…he has all but said so. And millions of us weirdos want him back. 😄 Also, it’s worth noting that yes, Republicans lost both houses, but not by the huge margins the left expected. That speaks volumes, actually.

Mark Rakow

In 2018, the Republicans lost 41 House seats, which was more than anyone expected. It was very definitely “huge.” In fact, it was their worst defeat in 44 years. In 2020, Republicans lost the Senate, too – and needlessly so. They regained a few of their House seats, though, which was no surprise.

Republicans have a reasonably good chance to regain control of the House next year, But don’t be surprised if they don’t. The Republican RINO hunt is likely to cost them a number of seats. And Trump-endorsed candidates may do well in the primaries, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win in November.

After all, Democrats and Independents will vote in November, too. Together, they far outnumber Republicans. And it’s hard to imagine those voters being attracted to Trump-endorsed candidates. In fact, they’ll probably be repelled – if not repulsed.


That’s so true booby prize that I wouldn’t even bother to vote. Whatever ticket your clown show criminals can cobble together will surely beat him hand’s down.

Mark Rakow

Nothing has come, and nothing will come – other than a continuous stream of Trumpian lies, false claims, and appalling egotism.

Trump will not be recognized as the President, because he isn’t the President. Insofar as using “whatever means necessary,” he has NO means available. The military is not under his command, not in any way, shape, or form – and every member of the armed forces knows it. They’re not stupid.

You, on the other hand, are very stupid. What’s more, you’re a traitor. Your comments above make that abundantly clear.

Yuk Chun Birch

Truly best President ever!


NO Nigel, we do not have biden Harris, biden is NOT president!! Congress does not elect the president, we the people elect the president, and we elected Trump!!!! biden is a fake fraud that committed TREASON! We will all see him HANG for his treason!!!

Mark Rakow

It’s quite true that Congress does not elect the President. The 538 electors from each State elect the President, and those electors are selected, based on the winner of the certified popular vote in each State. Those vote totals are certified, in most States, by the Secretary of State – and certified vote totals are FINAL. That’s not just a fact. It’s a LAW – and it’s the law IN ALL 50 STATES. Under the law, there is no such thing as “decertification.” It does not exist, and it cannot exist, because there is no provision in the law – in any state – that allows for it..

Incidentally, State legislatures and State supreme courts have NO authority whatsoever to overturn or overrule a certification. In each of the 50 States, the authority to conduct elections is delegated to the Executive Branch, per the state Constitution.

Like it or not, Joe Biden is the duly-elected President of the United States. In the process of being duly elected, the very idea that he committed treason is total nonsense.

The fact that you’d even suggest such a thing is both idiotic and despicable.

Yuk Chun Birch


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