ICYMI: Donald J. Trump interview with Sean Hannity (January 20, 2022)

Watch here the interview from Sean Hannity with the 45th President, Donald J. Trump

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Meegan Fixler

Bye-done gave Putin an open invitation to strike Ukraine! What an idiot! President Trump would never have done that!!

Johnny Appleseed

Imagine that… the paper champion not doing well and us needing him to but he won’t…

Because cause the idiot policies are what makes him rich….

The truth is even with in their organization they have conservative values… they have too or the whole thing falls down…

But the catch is they cater to the “down trodden” IN WORDS ONLY…. The “the down trodden” were created by these people… they are a symbiotic coupling.

This failure face he has on is for show… this mother fucker is a snake with a knife… a robber with a gun. And the “down trodden” is the weapon pointed at our Republic like a villain taking a victim hostage.

They make the “down trodden” for a useful readily available supply of uneducated slaves…

If people are doing well there are no “down trodden”… if there are no down trodden… there is no cabal…


The “down trodden” keep them in power to keep getting government programs. Which by the way are just big enough to make a person need to sell drug or steal to make it.

How many times have you heard a person say: I would do that but they report to the government and I would loose my “blah blah blah”…. They created that glass ceiling then they took over the educational system to keep them with in that range…

So the cabal is not challenged and that ready stream of slaves just keeps getting replenished.

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My Man Trump

Another excellent interview. Mr. President, thank you for your service.


Sean Hannity Knows About The Names In The Flight Log And Nancy Pelosi In The Underground Rooms Caught On The Security Cameras. The Media All Know I Exposed This Demonic Pedophile Ring Over Three Years Ago. I Have Written To Every News Personality And Every News Channel. The Fact Media Is Covering Up A Demonic Pedophile Ring Is Sickening And Disturbing. I’m Tired Of Their Lack Of Empathy And Total Disregard. The Government Swamp And Hollywood Elites Are Guilty Of Human Trafficking And Sadistic Crimes On St James (Epstein) island. This Should Have Been Exposed Over Three Years Ago! Heaven Forbid A Disabled Mom Be Acknowledged For Exposing A World Wide Trafficking Ring From The Vatican Down The Pyramid.


When Is The Media Going To Tell The Truth? What Is The Point In Exposing The Truth If Media Is Unwilling To Acknowledge Any Of It? It Has Been Three Years Going On Four Of This Criminal Ruining Our Country. I’m Tired Of The Fake News Media And Their Lack Of Empathy. Their Total Disregard Is The Most Hurtful Part Of It All. I’m Tired Of This Circus Show. I Have Never Seen Such A Cover Up In My Entire Life!!

William King

These are some really crazy times we live in. I don’t know why President Trump would put his family thru 4 more years of a dishonest news media. A dishonest FBI and dishonest Dept. of justice. But if the truth is to be known about the election, the J6 prison, a dishonest goverment and their familys. Only Donald J. Trump can do the nesesery repairs. God bless President Trump and his Beautiful family. Respectfully William.

Last edited 1 year ago by William King
Marijo Makufka

You knock it out of the park every time you speak, Mr. President! Your Arizona rally speech was an orator’s delight and your interview with Sean Hannity only reaffirms to the demoncrat party who REALLY won the election–a landslide victory to our 2ND TERM DULY ELECTED–AND BELOVED–PRESIDENT, DONALD J TRUMP!

We await your return and see it in our mind’s eye. You are the ONE!

Please convey our good wishes to the GREATEST FIRST FAMILY in history!!!


He, Biden doesn’t want what is good for we the people and our future. We are not his interests, not a priority. He doesn’t want us to win.


How are Americans to vote for you POTUSDJT, and feel confident that the election process is not going to be stolen again? I vote only by mail in ballot I voted for you & I’m one of millions of AMERICANS that feel angry & pissed that knows you won, but Biden had help from China and other bad elements to put garbage in the WH & because Biden can’t take any criticism & his hate & anger for you, jealousy really, rescind your accomplishments out of that spite fully and knowingly destroy what was our best AMERICA ever. He is a lying waste of skin, if the election is stolen AMERICA PEOPLE will I’m sure riot & it won’t stop till all the crooks are extinguished… sorry to say. POTUSDJT 2022 – 2024 by the way I got your watch & coin & gold bars & gold Bill’s. NICE

Gloria Hensley

We DEFINITELY DON’T TRUST LIAR FRAUD FAUCI!! He’s has the mandates so genocide can be accomplished quicker. Jesus said “You will know them by their fruits. Both Fauci and Biden have rotten fruit. Hannity, have you been in the basement with Biden? He has been in bed with China for 40 years! You know this so why are you beating a dead horse? This is what they planned. His mafia family has done damage and it was what they wanted. China has bought 140,000 acres of farm land in Texas to feed them, and starve out our poor. Wake up Hannity. Stop with stupid questions you should know the answers to. Sorry, President Trump, but I, for one, am tired of the repeat games of the demons. This was almost as stupid as Biden’s 2 hour babble.


YOU head up the TRUMPCAN party!! You are not a Republican!!! If you feel you are defined upuir damn platform SIR


I’m glad you keep appearing on tv and still doing rallys. I’d like to ask why your not mentioning the new platform being put out by your team though? Could you drop us a hint please…🇺🇲👍🏻👍🏻

Pete M. ODY

First, STOP playing videos of this POS TRAITOR corrupt pedophile killer brandon!!!! We DO NOT want to see him, or hear his disgraceful voice!! This is a despicable human!! And calling him human, is being generous!!
A Treasonous coup occurred in the 2020 election, and extremely EVIL people over through a duly elected president!!! This is called TREASON, and it CAN NOT be allowed to stand in this country!!! We the people we’re on our best behavior, and patient for a year, while our president promised “Nothing can stop what is coming now”!! But patient NO MORE!!!! We the people DEMAND that this treasonous coup, and all who participated in it are brought to justice NOW!!!! ENOUGH DESTRUCTION of this country!!! ENOUGH lies, cheat, corruption, bribes, payoff’s, invasion of our country, ENOUGH of these communist bastards!! WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THIS illegal regime is brought down NOW, USE FORCE IF NECESSARY!!! The military has all the proof of the steal!! We the people DEMAND action to bring these traitors down NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!1

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Our Country cannot endure Sleepy Joe and his administration of “woke” retards anymore. The election of 2020 was clearly rigged. We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.

My Man Trump

And it will happen….Soon.

Cary Miller


Cary Miller

We are ready, past ready for truth, TRUMP and reality! God Bless the rightful ‘Commander in Chief’ of our Beautiful Military, President Donald J TRUMP!

Time to pull the trigger Mr. President, int417&Q+/Strider Raven 🙏✝️🇺🇸



Cary Miller

Yup, it’s one great big joke (not a funny one). But as some of us know, “You are watching a movie”(And a lousy movie it is!). I’m tired of the movie, where is the JUSTICE that we were assured of? I’m not setting on my thumbs here. I have backed you and the WH/Q Team as much and in every way possible. I have distributed Tens of thousands of (Pocket Constitutions) over the last 3-4 years. I have contacted lawmakers, representatives, law enforcement (Sheriff’s) and donated more money than I can afford, to you Mr. President because I believe in you and your family and your love of God and Country. You are just a man like me and you are also the frontman for this “Movement for Humanity” and God Bless you for that. I have not deofied you in any way nor will I ever. I worship no man, only my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ do I worship! I am a Disabled Veteran that has given EVERYTHING for GOD AND COUNTRY! How much longer do we play these stupid little games with these stupid little people that have willed not to see the evil because they know its evil, don’t follow God in HEAVEN and will not ever admit that they have been deceived all their lives. They embrace their evil and don’t want to give it up. All True Christians know what I’m talking about, they are tired of this crap show as well.

The point is, as long as we are looking at make believe and playing along with “The Movie”, well then why should the Sheeple ever wake up? They are pointing at the the other morons who justify their own actions, behavior and absolute Stupidity!

Pull the trigger and let the “Shock and Awe” of reality wake the Sheeple from their evil slumber. At this point they deserve nothing less.

Yuk Chun Birch

Always good to hear from President Trump! What a contrast from corrupt Joe!


F for brandon

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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