ICYMI: Donald J. Trump interview with Sean Hannity (November 23, 2021)

Watch here the interview from Sean Hannity with the 45th President, Donald J. Trump

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Kris Cox

Fox News cut Trump off at 7:18, right as he’s talking about our oil reserves. Fox News is apart of the fake news media also.


i also liked your Dan Ball interview on OANN. i’m interested in your view on mandated poisons (or any medicine) forced on people. and sorry to say, but, I do believe you were lied to by pharma (sorcery in the Bible). I get my leg casted AFTER i break it, and I don’t “pretreat” anything “just in case”. And the narrative of “preventatives” fails on its face….as that lie can never be proven or dis-proven..


The President always gives a great interview…Sean is terrible…Just wants to hear himself talk…Why no mention of the 2020 Election FRAUD??? Cannot mention the 2024 election until the 2020 mess is fixed…Where is the Supreme Court??? We need a leader in the White House!!! Foxnews is corrupt…

Dianna Ingram

We need you back soon, Sir….or we aren’t going to have a country left 😞



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Outstanding interview! The more I hear from President Trump the better! We the People need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.

P.S. – Facebook is actively trying to cancel President Trump’s new book “Our Journey Together”. Buy this book! It is a high quality keepsake filled with quality photographs of the Trump administration. Excellent coffee table book.

Ralph G Lamy

Will be buying today.


Obviously Fox News is still gagging it’s reporters about The 2020 Steal.

Randy Cox

Thank you Mr. President! You are the one of the best President America has EVER had! You are right up there with Washington, Jefferson. and Lincoln. I love what you did for America and anxiously awaiting you return…sooner than later. Please make this happen SAP! O’Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and Harris are destroying our great Nation.


I think everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions of what is going on in our country and in the world. We should not be coming at each other in a negative way, we are already surrounded by enough negativity with all the chaos and evil going on around us. And despite slightly differing opinions we are all on the same side and in this fight for freedoms together. Personally, I have had several loved ones come very close to taking the jab because Trump said it was safe and they trust him. Thank God I was able to stop them by sending a plethora of info on adverse reactions, ingredients, etc. And although Trump has truly done so much for our country and I am grateful for that, I still have reservations about why he is openly encouraging people to get the vaccine. Maybe there is a rhyme and a reason bigger than we can understand. One thing I have heard is that Big Pharma was after his family and so he is trying to appease them by supporting the vaccine, but who knows if there’s any truth to that…at the end of the day politics has always been corrupt and the president has always been a puppet to whatever elite group has the $$$ to control the narrative, so I use my own discernment, remain cautious and try to stay strong in my faith.


Until I have a real reason to think otherwise, I give Trump the benefit of the doubt that his heart is in the right place with Warp Speed, etc. (And he keeps reminding people because the current administration is never going to give him credit.) He is, I’m sure, insanely busy and doesn’t have time to study every issue on his own, and if everyone around him is in favor of the vaccine, he wouldn’t necessarily hear a lot about the other side’s perspective. And I’m sure he would never support mandates.



Tim Tates

Why does Sean not talk about the Democrat rigged election? Why don’t they investigate the Communist Chinese Collusion in the last Fraudulent Biden election! FOX NEWS is real backstabbers when Trump needed them the most!

Rosanne. Choate

Maybe he was indirectly involved or could be the uppers above have his hands tied to what he can talk and not talk about.


I want to hear what was cut off when Pres. Trump was talking about the oil reserves.


Mr President, We <3 you and want you back in to fix all this garbage but now…
How is it that you have been so shielded from the truth of what the vaccines/jabs contain (graphine oxide, aborted fetal kidney cells, nanotech) and the effect on the people receiving the mandated vacs are. It doesn’t make you a Commander in Chief on the side of the people afterall still in the dark about what just how big this one thing is that you endorse. The CEO of Pfizer is a lizard, half breed, nephilim, satan seed person, https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/effective-safe-pfizer-ceo-says-fda-s-full-approval-should-n1277478 and the company has been taken to court so many times and has paid out Billions of $$ for hush money for nefarious things done. https://rumble.com/vozjba-pfizer-criminal-history.html. How is it that you can talk about how bad it is and yet not take over. Who cares that some are still asleep, it’s not them suffering but those of us that have been awake even longer than youl. We are the crazies that nobody believes as we watch and endure what’s going on around us. I am guilty of telling all to remain calm after Jan 6th. There were so many ready to fight that it was hard to contain it. With all the good you are doing behind the scenes with the rescue and Tribunals, we still need more out of you than the facade of you being complicit in the whole thing. Do you really think the lizards are gonna surrender to us? They have no empathy so don’t care how long it takes they’ll not surrender to the point of giving up and being a show unto themselves and who they all are and what roles they’ve played in our demise. Put them on trial at GITMO in their true forms for the world to see. Let us in President Trump. We trust the plan and know the good outcomes but time is not on the side of the vaxxed or us older generations watching your complicity with the vaxcs. Lord bless you and may He have mercy on the rest of us enduring to the end.

Sorry for rambling but hanging on by prayer and a thread here….

Rosanne. Choate

The so- called vaccine thing was meant to overthrow our President and the Oval office, sir! Please be careful, the erstwhile vaccine is not a vaccine. It’s purely experimental. and it’s not that effective.

Ken Locke

What happen on the 6th was clearly a planned event. To many video’s showing the capital police moving and opening basic barriers to allow them in. Video’s showing them opening doors to the building and allowing them in. There are video’s showing all this, plus the cheating of the election and Clearly these video’s are ignored. Enough of the lies. Time for President Trump and We The People to get Our Republic Back. Peace and Love

Ralph G Lamy

Saw the same.

Ken Locke

Great Interview! Ready for President Trump to Return!

My Man Trump

Really good interview. I just wish that Sean would talk less and quit interrupting DJT.

Rosanne. Choate

He interrupts the interviewee half the time. But, shameful when it’s our President.

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