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Our President is very very intelligent. Perhaps a genius. He invented the COVID vaccine when all scientists said it was impossible. No other President has done that. Ever.


I saw the interview this morning.
Great job President Trump!

My Man Trump

Excellent interview, Mr. President. You really laid it on the line and really called FJB what he is….A feckless, pathetic, useless and evil non-starter. The blood on his hands is overwhelming.

Elizabeth Headley

Wow! That covered a lot! Thank you! So much to consider. Without a doubt it still leads us to CHOOSE! Take action. Dark or the light? It never changes. How to convey the importance of keeping it that simple? God Bless men & women making the sacrifice to be on the front lines of choosing GOOD over EVIL in this political environment/world!..keeping it simple…Yay, or nay! I can pray and believe we’ve already won, because Our Creator never loses, and keep making the same good choices, to the best of my ability! Try my best to be what I want to see! But in order to do this you MUST have real, factual news/information, based on the TRUTH (as in TRUTH SOCIAL). Only then can we make better decisions. If it’s good for one, then why not all?
I enjoyed the interview, Stewart seemed slightly pressed, but was apparently pleased at the close of the interview!

Sarah Luu

Thank You Mr. President! One of the GREATEST short Phone interviews of ALL TIME! So Much material expressed in such a short time. You are EXACTLY RIGHT on the environment. The MAIN CAUSE of global warming and cooling is always the same – THE SUN!!! Ask ANY truthful astronomer. Our sun is classified as a VARIABLE STAR! To any doughters, look it up. Hope to see you on MANY more uncensored interviews. You TOTALLY dominated this one. I know it sent many important messages to some important (and not so important) people.WE NEED YOU BACK IN THE OVAL OFFICE NOW!! Not just for the US, but All of mankind! Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!


Mr President, enjoyed listening to you. Hard not to recognize High intelligence, wisdom, common sense, wit and compassion, all enhanced by Courage.
All qualities shockingly absent in the present Obama/Biden administration of ideologues.
Also, probably not evident in any world leader today, except the besieged Ukrainian president.
Your own nation needs you so much as does the entire world. Stay well and safe.
God Bless.


Politics is dancing and the climate naturally changes.

What doesn’t change is stupid people doing stupid thing and no one stops them.

Smart people tend to follow the law, while stupid being get away with breaking the law.

Do the math people.

It’s been just over a year and the damage that the Biden people have done is overwhelming and intentional. Can you even imagine another year of this chaos in office.

Sadly, when we finally regain power (assuming we can prevent election fraud) our entire term will be cleaning up the mess the crazy stupid people have made.

I see Leftism bubbling to the surface in Lindsey Graham as of late. Just as it did after J6. Graham flip-flops more than a fish out of water. I hope the citizens of the great state he resides in can see through his fake facade and remove him from office.

I wonder if flip-floppy Graham senses November as a loss?


Your right on the money bought all this! Why would a republican vote for RINO Graham, he is pathetic. Graham stabbed Trump in the back continuously through Trumps presidency.
Yes, if we can get power again and that’s a big IF, because just like this fox reporter is suggesting to forget about the curruption, then it will take a long time to clean this up.
I think we are at a point in history where we can clean this swamp up and place safe guards so this shit doesn’t happen again or we are done in this country for good!


Man, President Trump, you are an alpha boss!


Our President is smarter than any journalist can ever understand


I guess you didn’t bother listening. He said some stupid things.

Sarah Luu

I know Dobbs sure did. AS ALWAYS, PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS 100% RIGHT ON!!!

My Man Trump

No, you were listening to the thoughts in your head.


“The Prize” is TOO Stupid to listen.
He only believes Liberal Lies and Bullshit!



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