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Paula C

We’re all so glad that you’ve been vindicated but you won’t hear that on MSM!
The NY Times, for example, said the report failed to produce blockbuster revelations about politically motivated misconduct. WTF? They obviously read a different report than I did!
What’s worse Comey, Clinton, and all the rest of the Dems involved will NOT face any consequences for their criminal acts. Since these vile SWAMP dwellers won’t be charged with anything it gives all the rest of the anti-Maga, anti-Trump, scumbags free rein to continue to make up lies to influence the NEXT election. The LEFTIES know there won’t be any consequences for their actions as long as their crimes are AGAINST THE GOP.
Hell, the J-6 protesters who were escorted into the Capitol Bldg. to take selfies and look around are STILL in jail! There is NO justice for us patriotic, God-fearing, Conservatives but
if you are a Democrat or an Illegal Immigrant you don’t have to abide by any of our laws!

Please, Sir, dismantle or defund the FBI as soon as you are elected President for the third time. The once revered FBI is now just a branch of the Democrat Party. The Sheriff’s Departments of each state can replace them, do a better job, and be accountable to voters!


President Trump is a great man who loves this country.

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