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Tim Tates

Trump is the real President-Elect! He won by a landslide! Check the Arizona AUDIT!


I moved from Rush to Bongino. Tried Clay&Buck but they don’t add info.

Tim Tates

Check out, Dr. Steve Turley!

Tim Tates

He’s the 46th President ! They cheated! He won by a landslide!


I was listening! I like caramel candy too lol


It is a kill or be killed world.

So I say: Kill em all and let God sort em out.

If Biden is going to give illegal aliens $450,000 each that’s okay.

Here is what Trump shall do in his next term as our president: Give each true conservative American $500.00 each.

Then deport all the illegal aliens regardless of their status. Ship them all back to their home countries and charge their country one million dollars per illegal alien.

Build the Wall and place armed guards on the Wall. Shoot a few illegal aliens attempting to cross the border and then take a poll on how many “Got aways” got away.

Open up the oil industry and coal mines like never before. Place a high cost and electric vehicles. Enact laws with heavy fines and prison time for election fraud.

Arrest the swamp creatures and imprison them. Remove this rule – Politician’s Get Out of Jail Free Card.

Strengthen the military stronger than ever before. Every soldier must be old school trained – That means combat ready – Hand to hand combat and not be a fat donut eating computer push button lardass.

Strengthen our police, EMT, FireFighters and all Medical personnel.

Make America so darn strong it would be next to impossible for a democrat to screw it up.



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