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I miss pres. Trump


Good luck Mr President in All the upcoming elections. God Speed in being returned to the White House as President of the USA and Leader of the Free World. Your vast experience and tremendous success achieved in that role already, as well as your Leadership skills and great courage are so sorely needed.
It’s almost like the biblical tale of David against Goliath.
Donald Trump against the juggernaut of corruption; political, media, big tech, big corp.
The Durham Report is testament to that.
Let’s hope and pray, that the modern day ‘David’ in November, 2024 will also be the victor.

andreas netzer

The illegal Biden administration opened the border because of: human trafficing, drug trafficking and the democrats need the votes from the illegal refugees “If” they somehow get these people to vote, this is the plan. Because they have to cheat differently in the coming election than in the last stolen election, they are now trying this way, among other things. These children who come across the border go to D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Base), where they hoard adrenochromes. And many other worst unimaginable human experiments are made. Lots of new info says these dumbs are getting smoked out, in these moments in the background, we hope so.
What I’m wondering is when Donald Trump “officially” moves back into the White House in 2024, what will happen to the past 4 years that Donald Trump was stolen from? And what happens to the Biden administration that is illegally where it is now and is now responsible for all of the many terrible things that are happening? Like the border etc? I hope these DeepSTaters are all held accountable, this MUST be done. When they’re all gone, we’ve made it. I think the Democrats know this and are scared, so now they’re doing everything they can to get Trump “away”. President Trump: Please take care and thank you so much for all you are and have been through, that deserves a medal. And it will come. I think we have a fantastic time ahead of us, in these moments we are going through a “near death experience” which is important to wake up a lot of people. I’m not even American, I’m German from Berlin, but I stand for Trump, because the whole world will be strongly influenced by it, and the Deepstate will end, no Agenda 2030, I guarantee. All the best, Mr President, and greetings from Berlin.

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