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Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, FRIEND, I was not aware that pastors had a gag order put on them by the president. And you removed it, but has Joe Biden put it back? Is it true that they are threatened with some funding taken away? Pastors and teachers should be able to tell the GOOD NEWS like it is. If not, no wonder the faithful people are being suppressed. And like you said, these people are sick. Why would anyone want to suppress what is good and promote what is bad and evil and hurtful to us and our children. But that is exactly what it is. And it is important that our pastors and teachers have their voice and MUST SPEAK UP to one and too all about the GOOD NEWS that JESUS loves sinners and wants all to be saved. And HE forgives ALL SINS from cradle to the grave everyday to all who ask HIM. I commend you, dear PRESIDENT that you stand up for our faith, Christians and Jews. You are a bulwark against the sick, evil forces in this country and you MUST WIN the election or AMERICA will sink down the drain. Faith helps us float. It is the water and the WORD that keeps us alive. All our laymen and pastors need to stand up and roar for their faith. Nancy A. Daylo




Trump said it, “the bible is the greatest book,” Indeed! You just need to read and study it.

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