ICYMI: “DOW sinks over 900 points amid concerns over rising COVID cases, delta variant”

“Why isn’t China being held responsible for this? The World was set ablaze with the horrible China Virus, and nothing happens. How long will this Virus be allowed to bring death and chaos to so many, with no repercussions or reparations? Also, watch gasoline prices and inflation. We are no longer energy independent and have lost control of pricing!”

By Donald J. Trump

You can read the full article for Just the News by Misty Severi here.

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President Trump Sir. You stopped COVID when you closed border. They used COVID to attempt to steal election I hope it’s only a attempted. Please you stopped COVID now please stop pushing vaccines please, people are dying. Hydro Chloriquin is one the cures. That’s the vaccine. Please don’t let anybody control your vaccine message you know the truth you control your message we are with you till the end. GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

Mike Hunt

Just think, if Diaper Donnie had done ANYTHING about COVID19 in January of 2020 we wouldn’t even be having this conversation & about 600K Americans would still be alive!


Dow did not sink over C19 concerns! It sank due to Biden & Yellen concerns.

Mike Hunt

Are you correcting your lard & savior there Floriduh Bobert?


Many of the Covid deaths are at the hands of the rabid news media who twisted info about HCQ calling it dangerous solely due to their gathered of Trump. Thus giving false and deadly info.

Last edited 1 year ago by FloridaRobert
Mike Hunt

Just think, if COVID Donnie had done something about the virus in January of 2020 when he KNEW how bad it was instead of lying so as not to upset the stock market & let his cronies sell stock, we wouldn’t be here right now! Hey Diaper Donnie ~ just STFU huh!


Kid your either a fake fkk a robot or a real dope. Or you like attention to negative kind. Oh you really believe the fake news media propaganda and they teach you how to act they teach you what’s right and what’s wrong just keep following the manipulating main stream propaganda path right off the cliff for Dopes. Followers never LEAD Mikey Hunt. You stupid knunt. I didn’t use that word post misspelled Micky’s a barrel of brains

Mike Hunt

Oh, he called me a KID when I’m old enough to be his daddy – might be too but his mom’s lost track!


The concerns may be less about the virus itself than the restrictions governments may reimpose.


Arrest Fauci now, we supported this corruption. This has been going on for years . Patented Genocide from 2012. We have evil spirits out there. The poor children and all these people getting killed from shot.

Mike Hunt

Darlene is proof evolution does not happen equally!

barbara white


Mike Hunt

I’m not the troll, you’re the troll! Oh yeah, I’m the troll, you’re not the troll. YEAH? You’re the troll I’m the not troll! Not troll, you must be troll!


Biden only does want the media wants. Truly is sad

Mike Hunt

OK Joey, I supposed you returned your COVID check & the child monies (if you did procreate) right? None of that commie money for you, right?

Christine Marie Hester

In the script for the door to door vaccinations they advised the door-knockers to downplay the side effects related to the vaccines. “ I’ve had allergic reactions to medications and foods years ago, is this vaccine safe for me?” a senior citizen asks. They are instructed to answer with, “The only true contraindication to this vaccine is a severe (anaphylactic) reaction to an injectable/vaccine in your past.”
Isn’t that misinformation
The Biden/Harris Administration is flushing America down the toilet at a rapid rate , they want people dependent on the government with government handouts , just part of the 10 planks of communism


Biden weak, Trump strong.
Whom do you really believe Russia and China want in the White House?

Mike Hunt

Trump of course

Kathryn Vass

Ouch! Lame Stream News is making Delta out to be worse than it is. Research has shown the bad news is that it’s more contagious than the regular COVID-19. However, the good news is that it’s less dangerous to its host, causing less damage and critical illness. 👍🏻 The Dow should improve when the dissemination of the correct news becomes more widespread.


100% Correct! No accountability over the Chinese virus and the economy goes to hell in the first six months!

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