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No arrests?
Clinton belongs behind bars along with every single person who caused election interference!
The FBI and DOJ must be dismantled!

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, It is all in outline, but I think I have to have it written out for me to understand much. But it looks like Durham covered a lot of information.But, he said most of the people have moved on or died. But, the FBI AND DOJ need to be downsized or started over from scratch, fire everybody, Or just get rid of those agencies,.How did they start? And how did they get so out of hand?Probably Merrick Garland needs to be fired. I have been listening to comments on the news about the Durham Decision. He seemed kind of lackluster when he spoke.But, I suppose it is because those who were the culprits have moved on or died.But he did admit that there was gross injustice and it should not be allowed to continue or grow worse. He did zero in on the FBI and the DOJ and President Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are all criminals. But, he should have arrested them if ˙e knew they were so bad. What is everyone waiting for? Nancy A. Daylo


formal confirmation, to what we already knew.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Sue all of these people! Sue fake news media! They have been pushing the hoax for years and have used taxpayers dollars pushing the hoaxes.
We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!




Dear Mr President Sir :
Please add my name to the lawsuits along side of yours!
I am entitled to monetary damages as an American citizen.
If we can’t put them in jail let’s be compensated monetarily!
Media won’t be able to ignore the hundreds of millions of dollars “they” will be ordered to pay out.


testimony from six years ago:  

CORNYN: Well, I agree and it — it is a little bit difficult to talk about things that do involve classified matters in public. But I think the public needs to know that there are multiple oversight layers, including the FISA Court, congressional oversight, internal oversight within the FBI and intelligence community, that protects Americans from — under — their — their privacy rights while targeting terrorists and people who are trying to kill us.

Look at your testimony Senator. My republican Senator from Texas looks very bad here but I don’t think that it has to be considered Cornyn’s fault. Cornyn was fooled like the rest of us, at a time when the FBI still had creditability. At a time when he FBI was not knocking down or threatening to knock down the front doors of the president, journalists, congressmen, non violent private citizens.  

Senator Cornyn CAN be part of the solution. Go on TV and announce how important is the FISA Court in protecting Americans privacy rights. Demand the the FISA judges answer questions about their participation. Perhaps the House should be encouraged to initiate impeachment. Do not allow Christopher Wray to assert “Had those reforms been in place in 2016, the missteps identified in the report could have been prevented”. Didn’t prevent the misstep of raiding Trump’s home. Didn’t prevent the misstep of raiding journalist’s home; pro life protester’s home; investigating parents trying to protect their children. Look at all of the front doors the FBI has knocked down or threatened to knock down since these “reforms” have been in place.


FBI raided a journalist’s home over a diary! No charges, no apology, just a show of thuggish brute force! Where is the accountability?


Put the Democrats and the Jack Boot Thug Fbi and Cia in GITMO for LIFE!
TRUMP 2024!

Georgina Jordan

So happy we are starting to see so much truth coming out! #Trump2024

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