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Dear President Trump
Be weary of those in establishment who recommend people who you don’t know. This is what got you during your presidency.
Please find competent people who can get the job of running the government.

Be merciless against EVERY single person in your administration who tries to sabotage you and your presidency.

Please make sure you clean the house of incompetent generals, commanders, admirals, senior staff who do not support your America first agenda.

Please clean up the intelligence apparatus including the press they control CNN, cbs, ABC, Fox news, npr.

Please clean up the diplomatic corps that constantly condemned you.

The media is a very powerful tool. Please have incentives for a liberal clean out to make sure we don’t turn in to the eunich we are right now under Biden.

Lastly Democrats are ok people who are mislead by the media. But never trust them.


This vaccine and these lockdowns have created a very difficult life. On top of the forced culture war, we are in a living nightmare.

I pray that if you ever get back in there, that you actually NAME NAMES. Only a brave few major voices have been brave enough to discuss the World Bank, Davos Group headed by Klaus Schwab, the Rockefeller foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and the UN, who are running this whole show, wargamed the whole scenario and step by step we see it play out. Yet, all we hear about is the lesser crimes (Russia hoax, Biden failures..) and you fight against the minions who just follow a script. You have not taken this fight to the power structure and I wish you would.

God bless you

Mrs. Sunshine

Wondering who the heck are the brain-dead morons voting for notorious coward and traitor Mike Pence.

Pence earned a post-conviction death sentence before any elected office ever again.

Pence worked with Fauci to lock us down. After that, he let obvious fraudulent electors go unchallenged. Ignored and lied about his duty under the 12th amendment.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mrs. Sunshine

Why is mittens even included, everyone knows that he’s a Democrat


Romney and Haley… flipping HILLARIOUS!! NO way Romney got 3%, and Haley is a sell out political player. She’s lukewarm!!!! Trump, Cruz, and Cotton, are the only ones vested in TRUE America as established by our forefathers. Not sure Cotton has the fight in him that Trump and Cruz have. Ruthless Courage and Righteousness, It’s essential! Besides Trump is the anointed one.

Stuart Hoeller

Take the house and senate in 2022 and the White House for the THIRD time in 2024!


President TRUMP in 2024 and FOREVER!


There isn’t going to be a USA in 2024…
If we don’t stop this Communist takeover NOW!


Roger-That! Take the house and senate in 2022 and the White house in 2024!


100% chance of zealots conducting election fraud again.

Ralph G Lamy

Don’t count on it. They’re well versed in popaganda and know how to cheat.


President Donald J Trump Should Receive100% !!! Make America Great Again #MAGA 2021 God Bless~ May The Truth Prevail And Justice Come QAnon!!!


God please don’t pick Pence!


10-4! Pence is a Traitor like Benedict Arnold!


I can’t believe Pence and Romney even on the list let alone they are ranked above Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton.

Last edited 1 year ago by LeeVin100
My Man Trump

Those rhinos don’t stand a chance. President Trump should be 100% for sure, but it doesn’t matter. He will be back way before 2024. I hear after the Afghanistan crisis, it was too much to handle for a lot of people that voted for that incompetent radical and they came over to President Trump. He would be overwhelmingly voted in right now.

Cheryl Lueddeke

Nope. I’d place Cruz and Hawley up there under DeSantis. Pence? Haaaaahahaaaaa That spineless pedophile pos has a legit ZERO chance after he outright stuck it up all our azzez. And Shitt Romney can choke to death too…. This is no longer oh we vote for the republican guy,HELL NO….ITS EITHER THE PERSON IS ON BOARD THE MAGA TRAIN OR THEYRE ON THE TRACKS IN FRONT OF IT

Angry Vet

Next time don’t hire insiders like the Harvard, Yale, good o’l boys club like Barr who was involved in Waco & Ruby Ridge they have betrayed you. They are part of the system, make the system, uphold the system. Start putting all the enemies of freedom in prison “Legally” the same way they tried to do to you. Learn from their vicious attack plans, lies, and smears. Become the sheepdog against the wolves. Tear them to shreads. Shut down lying media for domestic terrorism. Destroy Big Tech & break them up. Purge the Pentegon of woke Generals, clean up & offer full audits & transparancy to the FBI & DOJ. Fire all Democrats working in the White House they even went on a zoom call to laugh at you how they were going to “resist” like 100 of them colluding against America. The CIA, FDA, CDC, also suffer from the same 100 year in the work cancerous rott! Break up Mega Corporations who enforced mandatory vaccine mandates. Do everything the Communist Democrats did such as “Identify & fire” No Democrats in the cabinet or in position of government period. NO MERCY! Go full Dictator “LIKE BIDEN” and Save AMERICA from Leftist Communism.

Last edited 1 year ago by Angry Vet

This sounds like a GREAT plan! I agree with all of the action items!

Ralph G Lamy

It’s time to clean house.


Well said..If someone believes that It’s America first you have to get the foreign operatives out of the system.


Considering China Joe stole 2020 landslide why would another landslide in 2022 be counted.


100% right! We MUST fix the crimes of the stolen election or we will never have our Republic again!!

BTW – at least we all know how the traitor Obumya got “re-elected.” More like “re-installed by his Dominion machines.”

Ralph G Lamy

Remember, it’s not who votes but those that count them.


🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 TRUMP 100% 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Carlos Idelone

Ummm . . . a little early, no ?


Progress report.


I already have my Trump 2024 bumper stickers !!!

Ralph G Lamy

I’ve got my flag, hat and “Sleepy Joe t-shirt.

Tim Tates

We all know what happened National Poll 2020– Trump 61% Biden 39%

Sue Mckee

President Trump you are The strongest leader of the republican Party. You are also the most loved and respected by We the people more than any President in history. We love you and need you back before we loose America as we know it. We will be watching the Maga fest tomorrow morning 11:am. We love you Thank You.

Bobba Sheftz

Anyone surprised? Definitely not me.


There is little doubt you will win if you decide to run for 2024… but 2020 needs to be fixed first!!




barbara white

At this rate, there will be no 2024. Its not looking good

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