ICYMI: “Father of Slain U.S. Marine Warns Americans: ‘Be Afraid of Our Leadership or Lack Thereof’”

You can listen to Mark Schmitz, Father of Slain U.S. Marine here:

Read the full article by John Binder with Breitbart here.

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Raffaele Filosofi

Since it is very hard to believe that all this madness was just a “strategy” error, we have to think about the real scenario. Some say it could be contrived to open a new virtual border to inject countless unchecked refugees in the US territory, some say that the Obama – Clinton club wanted to humiliate a certain image of America and perhaps replace Joe Biden. This could all be right in part but in my opinion it’s not the main goal. The new swamp is shaped around the big tech superpower, they’re the new crocodiles in charge, and if you think for a moment, what will a new terror era do to our (not just American but Western) society? In the long run we will see an immensely augmented violation of our privacy through new technologies and AI, which in the end will bring unlimited power to the already pervasive Big Brother eyes. That’s their goal, that’s where the control really is, where money and everything else comes from: form Big Data to All Data. This is in my opinion what will justify the escalation, in the short term at the expense of the American soldiers lives. Too horrific to be true? Think about what they were able to do with the elections, think about the results of crime explosions all over the country, think about what’s behind January 6. I don’t think it is too far fetched. Give me your freedom, I’ll give you security.. that’s the oldest trick in history.

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God Bless our fallen soldiers and their families. Praying for all our military, true leaders and country. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

Meegan Fixler

God bless this Father! And his son who died for our freedoms!! We need Bye-done gone before we no longer have any freedoms lef!!t


Joe Biden needs to be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. He has ruined America and made our country look weak just like his leadership. He is a disgrace to our country. He should have never been in charge of our country or our militay. Please do something soon President Donald J Trump. Please Make America Great Again #MAGA


“Please do something soon President Donald J Trump”… WE need to do something to help! Support Voices and Votes org.



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