ICYMI – February 12

“Viewers tune out Maddow-less MSNBC”

“Ex-New York Times editor takes blame for Sarah Palin error at defamation trial”

“Fewer Americans now say Trump bears a lot of responsibility for the Jan. 6 riot”

“Very much appreciated—but there would have been no January 6 had Nancy Pelosi, as strongly recommended by me, sent in Soldiers or the National Guard days before the event took place. She is in charge of Capitol Security—not the President. The Unselect Committee would have been able to work on another Hoax, Scam, or Witch Hunt had Nancy done her job. The Capitol would have been secure!” – Donald J. Trump

“Insecure border spreads lethal crime to America’s heartland, creating powerful election issue”

Dinesh D’Souza’s Upcoming Film “2,000 Mules”

“So incredible!” – Donald J. Trump

“Texas Republicans trumpet their support for another Trump presidential bid at Conroe rally”

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can’t wait for the mules movie.


Criminal Joe Biden and the Two Thousand Mules should be sentenced to
Death by Hanging!

Johnny Appleseed


1 Samuel 20:30

Then Saul’s anger was aroused against Jonathan, and he said to him, “You son of a perverse, rebellious woman! Do I not know that you have chosen the son of Jesse to your own shame and to the shame of your mother’s nakedness?

Plain commoner’s speak

Then Saul got pissed at Jonathan and told his ass off, “you son of a bitch!!!! You don’t think I know your little bitch ass picked David over your own flesh and blood making your mother nothing more than a whore instead of a queen and you no longer a prince but a slave bitch??”
This entanglement meant has been used for centuries.

When a person tries to explain to the people in terms they can understand…

See Trump first four years.

They crucified him.

And they are trying to use the same tactic to shut him up now.


Plain English:

Rethink your position or go to hell. The truth is coming out. One way or another.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Amen Brother Amen!

Johnny Appleseed

You want to be safe???

Get a dog.

You want to be safe???

Own a Gun.

You want to do something about all this crap????



Then simply open your mouth and be willing to be called crazy.

Johnny Appleseed

First it was the

“Just say no” program.

A very subtle dignified approach to cutting the cabal’s money stream.

The media turned it into the war on drugs.

By the laws of attraction illustrated by Jesus Christ himself…

Right before our very eyes something good was turned into a vehicle of evil.

Personally I didn’t know shit about drugs until I was taught how to smuggle them by the D.A.R.E. Program….


My dad said it was a bad idea the whole time.

He was called a piece of shit that wanted kids hooked on drugs by people that should be forgiven because they could not see the whole picture.

And that is what they do.

They keep us so focused on one part we can’t see the movements of the whole machine.

But as a mechanically minded person I am telling you the very nature of a machine is Rythem and timing.

Human truth is messy and never happens when we plan for it.

Pay attention.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

I want to put something out there….

People are scratching their heads after I said the North/South thing was made up in the 80’s to keep their machine they had in place.

You can’t make up the north south thing…

I want you to look at today’s situation. What does it look like to you??? Hmmmm???

Black vs. White??? Oh I know citizens vs immigrants???? Wait it’s men vs women…. No no no… it’s gays(gender confused at nauseum) vs straight….

But is it really? Yes, I have constitutionalist values and I believe in the word of God. And that is actually a good thing for most people… BELIEVE ME….

But I ain’t got one damn things against anyone but this lying backstabbing cabal.

See the fight was between the people north and south like to fucking basket ball teams.

But the real war was between farmers and the EMPIRE OF SHODDY.

Which those assholes are still here today.

Right now. Step back.

Use your brain for something besides chasing shiny shit and getting laid…

What are the two forces at war now???

Is it individual small businesses and the big tech/big pharma/big media/CLOWNS IN AMERICA GOVERNMENT ASSHOLES???


The wanted a war to start under trump just like back in the day under Lincoln. You still think Lincoln was shot by a pissed off southern dumbass so stupid he jumped off a balcony and broke his fucking leg????



The one guy that knows all and sees all is the president of the United States. When Reagan found out and was going to go against them they gave him a wake up call.

First with a television show… then with a bullet.

You think they have not tried to do that to Trump????

Trump has back up assholes. Go fuck yourself. (To the cabal)

The north south thing romanticized on television in the 80’s was designed to make shit hard on black people and keep the white people too stupid to know what was happening.

The cabal got the last remaining people in Hollywood under their belts.

Watch the north and the south the movie.

Three parts long mini series.

First one… close to historically accurate for a fiction film.

Second one the same.


People have been fighting this war for a very very long time.

Pull up you boot straps. (Grab your keyboards)

Get you back packs on. (Find your reference material if only to make sure YOU are speaking the truth)

Get your battle loads together (get your info and style squared away)….



Right on, it’s way past time we did!

Don McKellar

2000 Mules looks like an historic film. Epic scale documentary using the latest tech. I sure hope it gets the wide distribution it deserves. I’m certain that the mainstream media will do everything it can to supress it, just like they are the bombshell book Red Handed — which is another historic landmark in political journalism.

My Man Trump

2,000 mules is awesome and long overdue. DJT has definitive proof as well. Timing is everything and we are close.

Americans have finally seen Jan. 6 for what it was….Pelosi’s party to try to get DJT….again. You people are not smart enough or deserving enough to capture DJT in your crosshairs. But he has you….You just do not accept it yet but you will. Did you really think he was going to let you destroy this great country and its people and do nothing. Game Over!

Mark Rakow

Yes, fewer Americans now say Trump bears a lot of the responsibility. But not a whole lot fewer. One year ago, 75% of people said he bears “some” or “a lot” of the responsibility.

Today, 67% of people say that he does.

And yet, the Republicans think he’s going to be reelected in 2024? Not bloody likely.

Johnny Appleseed

Um who says??? The same fact checkers that said guys like me were going to kill millions because I went into Walmart with out a mask….


Scary white dude walked into Walmart with out a mask!!!! He’s a terrorist!!!!

Not bloody likely….

Why don’t you go your ass back across the pond….


Typical Dumb Ass Commie-Liberal!
Quit Smoking CRACK with Hunter and Brandon!

My Man Trump

He is not going to be elected in 2024. He was already elected in 2020 by the people. He will evict the current residents taking up illegitimate space and take his rightful place, free of the commies and the cabal. You like percentages….Why do you never talk about FJBs. LOL

Wilhelm Schultz

Even the military are calling you a liar Comrade Trump. You requested ZERO troops & did you level best do ignore the calls FROM YOU OWN PARTY & FOX NEWS to deploy the national guard.


Lay OFF the Schnapps Sargent Schultz!
One brain cell that you YOU have is a terrible thing to waste!


Well there “I know Nuthink NUTHINK Sgt Shultz” apparently you missed my reply to bark bark rakow (who also refused to acknowledge it as well). So here’s a recap

bark bark bark wrong again more lies from bark bark, pippi long stockings, and liddle lies’a jane, and now to include sgt slutz.

From Reuters one of their own Fake News outlets even.
Well you’ve gotta love the BS inserted into their article starting with the title in the web page link


Now the Title

“Trump wanted troops to protect his supporters at Jan. 6 rally”

Now we’ll post the truthful parts of the article, funny they’ve made no corrections to this as the last update was 9 months ago.

“President Donald Trump wanted National Guard troops in Washington to protect his supporters at a Jan. 6 rally” conjecture inserted to fit the narrative here and never made by former ACTING of PRESIDENT “Trump’s former Pentagon chief testified on Wednesday.”

“Former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller told a House of Representatives panel that he spoke with Trump on Jan. 3, three days before the now-former president’s fiery speech that preceded the violence” then more conjecture added and never made for the FORMER ACTING, as we now know there was far more at play that apparently this Ahole and many others within the FBI and their informants like Ray Epps instigated, as well as the Antifa activists bused in and filmed smashing windows in, and the BLM activists scattered throughout the crowd and one particular one who happened to be standing right next to Ashley Babbitt when she ws murdered and then filmed laughing with a woman who works with FAKE NEWS CNN saying “WE DID IT”, and the foolish people who fell for and went along with the calls for violence being pumped out on the internet prior to the protest with no ties to President Trump or the promoters of the Protest that were already assembled at the capitol grounds that were actually let in past the barriers removed and the selfies being taken with the Capitol Police.

” According to Miller’s testimony, Trump asked during that meeting whether the District of Columbia’s mayor had requested National Guard troops for Jan. 6″ Conveniently left out here of course was Planned PEACEFUL PROTEST to coincide with the DETAILED INFORMATION THAT HAD BEEN METHODICALLY PREPARED TO PRESENT AS EVIDENCE IN TWO HOUR INCREMENTS FOR EACH STATES ELECTORS BEING CALLED INTO QUESTION. WHICH NEVER WAS ALLOWED. Not to mention in the actual testimony provided to the House Oversight Committee ” On December 31, 2020, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser sent a written request to Major General William J. Walker, Commanding General of the D.C. National Guard, seeking unarmed National Guard support to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services for planned demonstrations scheduled for 5 and 6 January.”
Funny how a Peaceful Protest planned by President Trump Event Organizers, and Supporters 99.9% of which were PEACEFUL that day are referred to by D.C. Mayor Bowwowser BARK BARK at DEMONSTRATIONS, yet the BURNING DOWN OF BUSINESSES AND PERSONAL PROPERTY THE ATTACKING INJURING AND MURDER OF INNOCENT BYSTANDERS IN THE RIOTS BY BLM AND ANTIFA, NOT TO MENTION THE ATTACK ON THE WHITE HOUSE THAT DOESN’T COUNT WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP AND FAMILY IS INSIDE! HOW FRIGGING CONVENIENT. Now remember also that Mayor Bowser requested “UNARMED TROOPS”, because ACTING FORMER MILLER also testified “My concerns regarding the appropriate and limited use of the military in domestic matters were heightened by commentary in the media about the possibility of a military coup or that advisors to the President were advocating the declaration of martial law. I was also cognizant of the fears promulgated by many about the prior use of the military in the June 2020 response to protests near the White House and fears that the President would invoke the Insurrection Act to politicize the military in an anti-democratic manner.” Interesting all of this with UNARMED TROOPS BEING ASKED TO BE DEPLOYED?? Then this part is quite telling as well. “And, just before the Electoral College certification, ten former Secretaries of Defense signed an Op-Ed piece published in the Washington Post warning of the dangers of politicizing and using inappropriately the military.” Interesting choice of publications if I don’t say so myself, right up BARK BARKS alley though I’m sure.

“Trump told Miller to “fill” the request, the former defense secretary testified. Miller said Trump told him: “Do whatever is necessary to protect demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights.” WOW a whole paragraph without any propaganda narrative inserted. What’s omitted here is that what FORMER ACTING Miller testified and VERY IMPORTANT as well as President Trump made a bad decision here, but first in the testimony to clarify more BARK BARK LIES “Because the District of Columbia is not a state, its mayor needs Presidential approval to use the D.C. National Guard, unlike state governors who can unilaterally mobilize their National Guard forces.” but most importantly “The President had delegated his authority in this regard to the Secretary of Defense.”


“Miller made the remarks during a contentious hearing held by the House Oversight Committee, which is investigating security failures in the days leading to and during the riot.

Representative Carolyn Maloney, the Democrat who chairs the committee, demanded answers from Miller on why National Guard troops did not arrive until hours after the building was overrun.”

“Miller testified that the U.S. military was deliberately restrained that day that day when Trump’s rally turned into an assault by hundreds of his followers” Repetitive narrative inserted again, and not clarifying how or why they were restrained, hmmm I wonder why the omission? FORMER ACTING Miller lies outright here by stating “Trump’s rally turned into and assault” as the rally hadn’t actually ended and is proved by the timelines, but he actually states the truth as the rally was in the 100’s of Thousands and he clearly states here that only “hundreds of his followers” and even this is lies and conjecture as it is known not everyone present where the violence occurred were actually his followers, some of which are being held as political prisoners didn’t participate in the supposed INSURRECTION that not one person has actually been charged with, and most charges on non-felonies yet they’re being held without due process. IS THAT IN THE CONSTITUTION BARK BARK?

Reading the testimony further seems to implicate the Military’s involvement in setting up the events of January 6th. My opinion of course, but take the time and read the whole statement very carefully yourselves found here


but Miller goes on to say “My obligation to the Nation was to prevent a constitutional crisis. That, in addition to the limited request from the Mayor for D.C. National Guard deployment distanced from the Capitol, is why I agreed only to deploy our Soldiers in areas away from the Capitol, avoiding amplifying the irresponsible narrative that your Armed Forces were somehow going to be co-opted in an effort to overturn the election. But I did not believe, and I think my senior advisors shared this view, that January 6, 2021 was going to be “business-as-usual”.” Here describing the MSM irresponsible narrative of unarmed troops being co-opted. Some narrative by the way, unarmed troops being co-opted to overturn the election, MSM’s role in setting up this event by spewing false narratives and propaganda in advance of the event.

So get this then next
“I was also concerned that those seeking to obstruct the Electoral College certification or otherwise disrupt our government could provoke a Soldier to act in a way that could be portrayed in the media as an attack against demonstrators exercising their First Amendment rights of assembly and speech. I was gratified to hear that most counter protestors were apparently planning to stay off the streets on January 6 to avoid providing a public platform for the rightwing demonstrators to gain further attention through fighting them.”
Hmmm he/they were concerned there would be those “SEEKING TO OBSTRUCT THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE CERTIFICATION OR OTHERWISE DISRUPT OUR GOVERNMENT” So let’s see they were aware of this GOING to happen it sounds like to me, “HOW” and if so, why did he/they want to keep the troops so far away from the actions they were expecting? Maybe to allow it to happen and unfold the way it was being PLANNED? AS IF the MSM would even consider this type of narrative concerning a conservative ooops “RIGHTWING” peaceful protest ooops again “DEMONSTRATION” concerning conservatives ” could provoke a Soldier to act in a way that could be portrayed in the media as an attack against demonstrators exercising their First Amendment rights of assembly and speech.”
See how the leftwing BLM and ANTIFA are portrayed by FORMER ACTING Miller “I was gratified to hear that most counter protestors were apparently planning to stay off the streets on January 6 to avoid providing a public platform for the rightwing demonstrators to gain further attention through fighting them.”
They’re described as “counter protestors” but wait a minute wouldn’t that make those “RIGHTWING DEMONSTRATORS” only protesters too? Doesn’t take alot of imagination to see what side of POLITICS these Military commanders are on by constantly directing the narrative of a rally in which 99.9% of those attending were PEACEFUL and not involved with the actions that took place and were obviously well aware by those in command. Much more in the testimony as to the placement of the troops locations, but this is getting too long already.

Ok finally but here again outright lies by Reuters.
“Miller testified that he was concerned in the days before Jan. 6 that sending National Guard troops to Washington would fan fears of a military coup or that Trump advisers were advocating martial law.”
Remember now these were to be unarmed troops omitted here and the fact as FORMER ACTING Miller stated at the beginning were requested by President Trump to “”Do whatever is necessary to protect demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights.” I wonder if President Trump even used the word “DEMONSTRATORS”? Why would he? Who exactly is he implying were these advisers that were suggesting “MARTIAL LAW”? Mike Lindell?

At any rate bark bark bark your narrative falls apart. How many more lies will you continue to spew in your phony propaganda you come around here peddling? President Trump obviously did request them in accordance with Mayor Bowser’s request, and actually had to authorize the final approval regarding the National Guard’s deployment.


Correction I just found bark bark did acknowledge it sort of, didn’t seem to understand the conjecture was from Reuters somehow.

Johnny Appleseed

Skid marks is coherent enough to acknowledge… I thought that guy was still sleeping???

Johnny Appleseed

I was going to do this one… wow… impressive.

Seriously I had the article pulled up.

I don’t think they are going to read it all though… I am amazed they even know how to bounce around a QWERTY…..

Much less make it past all them facts you hit them with.

Using their own liberal media source at that….


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Yeah we know they have a problem with actual facts, and are only able to deny them without ever showing any evidence to counter them.

Even better at claiming facts but never being able to provide proof they even exist other than in their propagandized brains where they believe if they hear if over and over on the msm it must be true.

Michael Jenson

the Dem-witts there light is Dim and there hating points grow mute’ let’s never forget what they have done to our Country Take there money and send them to Jail female rhinos first Lizzy where’s lizzy next………………………………..

Mark Rakow

What are you yammering about?

Wilhelm Schultz

“Their” dim wit


Seig Heil Sargent Schultz!

Johnny Appleseed

Grammar nazi…. Good call Stuart.


Sir, I beg to differ with you. Crazy nancy did her job. She pulled off an insurrection and turned the tables on you and all of us faster than we could even see it happen. She is brilliant. Evil but brilliant. An evil force to be reckoned with. and now with the power in her evil clutches, she abuses it whenever, wherever and to whomever she pleases, knowing full well she can bc the press is her lap dog.


Nice sentiment, but I fear the planning was far above poopooloosi’s paygrade.

Harvey Ghesser

Stay strong President Trump! Now we need you more than ever!

Pete M. ODY

So here we are Mr. President. Feb 12 2022. The biggest braindead corrupt pedophile killer fake fraud POS ever to walk the planet is still being addressed as ‘president’, while you sir are just posting bitching after bitching. Sir you won the election, the entire world knew you won the election on nov 3, 2020. Why did you step down??? Why did you not sign the insurrection act? Why did you not declare Marshall law?? Why did you not use the force of the military to smash these evil TREASONOUS bastards, and hang them all for the world to see and for the world to know what happens to those who try a treasonous coup against the duly elected president???Wouldn’t it be easier to fight these corrupt bastards from the position of power in the Oval Office than to fight them as a civilian?? Sir 100s of millions of Americans love you and want you to be the president of this country! We have been waiting for over a year for you to rise up. We believed you had a plan, and that “NOTHING WAS GOING TO STOP WHAT WAS COMING” But nothing happened. And now it is quite clear that nothing will happen!! These evil bastards got away with the greatest coup in world history!! They took out the duly elected president of the greatest country in the world, and made THIS country the laugh of the world! Mr President, how could this happen??The country we love, and SOOO many have shed blood for is being destroyed by this evil regime right before our eyes!!!! Sir we the people of this country need a leader NOW!!! We NEED you Mr. President to rise up and take your rightful place as president NOW! Just say the word and 100’s of millions will rise up and stand with you to save our beloved nation!!!
Sir, please, stop bitching about the bad media, and RINO politicians, and instead rise up and lead your nation!!! Stop bitching about the past, and START leading this nation!!! We the people will follow! We got you 6!! But YOU must LEAD!! Don’t tell us we will take back that” beautiful house” in 24! THERE IS NO 24!! You must rise up now while you have the people 100% with you! If you do not lead us now, we the people will not support you in 24!
You must ride the wave of popularity now, or the people will turn on you like they did to Jesus after Judas betrayed him! The people turned on him, and the people will turn on you if you do not LEAD NOW!

myree williams

Trump was never responsible for J6, but there’s others who are responsible and tried to lay blame on President Trump and his supporters. It’s a good thing to have cameras all over DC, a lot of stuff was caught the cameras and on people phones 😊

Gloria Hensley

Just to let you know again, and all other Republicans who ask me for donations either by phone or email – I cannot donate using WinRed. It won’t put my info in the form correctly. Antedot correctly works with my address, not WinRed. I have tried to correct it. Also, do you all know WinRed keeps 40% of the donation? That’s pretty steep when someone can’t give a big donation. There is never an address where it can be mailed either. I continue to unsubscribe because it’s worthless for me to get all these plethora of emails for donations when I’m only given WinRed as an option. Even unsubscribing is an endless battle. Steve Carra, Ryan Kelley and Matt Getz don’t use WinRed. Find a new way for people to donate.

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