ICYMI – February 16

“The left’s assault on conservative news network One America News”

“Cop Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Never Interviewed By Investigators, Now Back In Charge Of House Security”

“It Was All About How the 2020 Election Was Stolen”: Billionaire Peter Thiel Hosts Fundraiser for Liz Cheney Challenger

“When Politics Becomes War, The President Needs Fighters”

“Georgia Statewide Election Integrity Summit”

View the invite and register here.


“Trump Really Was Spied On”

“Of course they spied on Trump”

“CNN POLL: 51 Percent of Democrats Do NOT Want Joe Biden as the 2024 Nominee”

“Fast growing number of Democrats want Hillary Clinton investigated for her role in Russiagate”

“Lesley Stahl Slammed for Unearthed Trump Interview After Durham Report”

“Biden’s weak-kneed appeasement provokes Putin, America’s enemies”

“Biden’s fundamental border failure”

“Why Democrats won’t investigate Paul Pelosi’s stock trading”

“The Trump Boom Lifted Black Americans”

“Thank you to very talented Jason L. Riley!” – Donald J. Trump

“Operation Warp Speed Slowly Gets Its Due”

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Johnny Appleseed

From a pauper(me) to the president(you)…


Johnny Appleseed

What the left is not getting… what this cabal is not getting is we ain’t really forming behind you.

You are simply just one of us Mr. President.

They have hurt us all so much over and over constantly that they just can’t hurt us anymore.

All their lies, their slander, their manipulating and deleting things…

Their changing it up to match their agenda instead of standing on the truth.

There is nothing they can do to hurt us anymore.

I don’t care if your background was under a rebel flag.

I don’t care if you fly an African flag in your heritage.

I don’t care if you have a star of David flag somewhere in your Heart….

Italian, French, English, or what ever other flag our past had in it.

I don’t care what type of Native American you are.

Or what ever you were that you gave up to believe in this American dream.

They have walked on the flag we gave up our flags to believe in so much by hurting us…

They simply cannot hurt us anymore.

They can destroy our lives over and over and over…

They can even kill us.

They can not take our minds away from us.

And no matter what they do… they cannot change the truth.

Even if they kill us they free us from this life they have created.

God just gives it back and more.

It takes time. But it happens.


They simply cannot hurt us anymore.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

For the first time in history since WW2.

I have heard the term “NAZI” finally put in proper context.

SS Stormtrooper TRUDEAU. (Canadas Brown-shirts on the march)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

It’s amazing how things start happening when we give God the glory.

They have already destroyed themselves.

They just have to finish their destinies.

Do the right thing or you will be destroyed.

Just like all the Prophets in the Bible gave evil a change to do the right thing.

There is still a chance for all the people that believe in this cabal to get right.

And God is giving them time to do so.

Just like he gave you and me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Trudy loves dressing up, I am sure there must be some photos of him somewhere Goose-Stepping in a Nazi uniform to entertain his boss K.Schwab.


Oh boy, here come the Marxists, that’s not real news it’s not on our STATE PROPAGANDA NETWORDS, ie FAKE NEWS GLOBALIST outlets they worship and somehow believe anyone around here, or more and more people are realizing operate from controlled narratives.

Thank you for compiling them for us to purview.

Let’s see how many get triggered! 🙂

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