ICYMI – February 21

“Those responsible for the ‘dirty tricks’ against Trump need to face consequences”

“Trump moves to close off Liz Cheney’s political escape hatch”

“The border gets worse and worse”

“Fringe Scheme to Reverse 2020 Election Splits Wisconsin G.O.P.”

“Wisconsin has seen major voter fraud and irregularities, and they’re acting on it!” – Donald J. Trump

“Majority of Donald Trump-Backed Candidates Expected to Win Midterms—Bookmakers”

“Who Are Those ‘Techies’ Who Spied on Trump?”

“Trump Blasts NY AG James’ ‘Witch Hunt’ as ‘Travesty of Justice'”

“Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Caught Hanging out with Maricopa County Recorder He Should Have Prosecuted”

“CBP sees ‘substantial increase’ in fentanyl seizures, confirms 153,941 migrant encounters in January”

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Johnny Appleseed


Been seeing a lot of stuff about Truth social censorship.

I am going to explain something real quick…. From what I am seeing it’s not actually censorship. People can still CHOSE to read something that is labeled off color.

Many of the things I personally have written with fire burning passion and anger are off color. Perhaps even, I believe they are and should be curtained.

Should kids just get to see that with out an explanation attached??

I am not so sure about that.

Would I believe they are trying to shut me up with a curtain saying “parental advisory explicit lyrics”…..

NOT AT ALL. All that did to record labels and movies is shoot the sales up through the roof.

Well now that would be a thing… actual warning labeled for the parents to be able to use….


Then again… who cares as long as people still have access to your opinion.

Sure it creates a maze of obscurity with all the curtains on everything….


Everything should not be all out in the public.

I should not be walking down the street naked as a jay bird to go get a gallon of milk… being I am old and fat compared to my lean twenties…. Perhaps I should be wearing a curtain…. For my own personal security and welfare.

Not saying anyone would chose to see under that one twice… but it is still accessible for those crazy enough to want too.

There is a difference between giving the parents parental control… which they already have but have been throwing away for the last 60 years… and


Which is what the cabal does.

If you have been censored by big tech….

You and I are the next one on the kill trains if the Trudy Nazi’s get their way.

Johnny Appleseed

I truly hope Truth Social is made to be a threshing floor.

A place where the wheat can be separated from the chaff.

We have needed a threshing floor in the country for a very long time.

Wouldn’t it be cool if it had a threshing floor feature?

Where the truth could be separated from the propaganda.

And we the people were the forks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Excellent Articles President Trump!

Cary Miller

“I am the Light if the World, Whoever follows me will Never walk in Darkness. But will have the Light of Life.”
JOHN 8:12


Honey, we got a Big Storm Coming.



Mark Rakow

If that storm is supposed to be Trump, it’s mostly just gusts of wind and drizzle.

Cary Miller

For some, this road has been a long and arduous journey. Conflict and turmoil at every turn. Losses and Wins, it never ends, one step forward and two steps back. Family and friends, many think “Its a means to an end. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!?”

This is war, never back down, you must not be compromised away from “The love of God”! If you have turn back to God! God Wins! If you are not on God’s team, death will be the least of your suffering. This is the real deal folks, Good and Evil, there is none so blind as those who will not to see, turn around, even on the fly. Any one who does not, you’ll know when you hear, “Souls Cry”!
God Bless all those worthy and God Bless and save the Children!

Cary Miller

The wage of sin is death, allegedly.

Johnny Appleseed

The wage of sin is death.

Death of the spirit.

Death of the breath of God in your heart.

It can be brought back by admitting a fault and moving forward.

But, many things in the Bible were Allegory.

To under stand much of the Bible one needs to know two things:

How to actually be a Shepard.


How to be a farmer/gardener.

With out those two points of reference… the Bible is a contradictory form of fiction.

Death means many things.

The death of who we were is the definition used the most I believe.

We die everyday. We are born again a new person after every moment we live through. The person we were is no longer who we are. That person in the past is still there but knowledge and experience of the situation changes the way we think… thus fundamentally changes who we were prior.

It’s a fun thing to get into if anyone ever chooses to take that path.

Believe me it’s been one hell of a ride.


Well Said!

mike pepin

I wonder what will happen to the truckers if they do in the USA what they did in Canada, and will Biden do the exact same thing as Trudeau.


Great Question!

Mark Rakow

What did it accomplish?

That should answer your question.

Johnny Appleseed

More than you can even imagine.


More on Anti-Trumper pence by Emerald Robinson former OANN and Newsmax White house corresondent.


For those of you who still believe pence is one of the good guys.

Mike Pence Comes Out As A Never Trumper
Why is Pence aide Marc Short cooperating with Democrats & their January 6th committee?
Read and sign up for her free version of substack, plus she’s on Frank Speech now too.

Johnny Appleseed

I was praying you were wrong. I have seen good people pinched in situations where they had to be someone they wasn’t…


He did get an envelope.

I wonder what was in them….

I know people that serve Subpoenas that use those tactics.

It’s always been in my mind.

I had this feeling like he was playing a roll to further the cause. But, I am not so sure anymore.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

I think most of us wanted to believe in pence, but the evidence just seems to be stacking up against him, and even mulvaney too.

A RINO is a RINO is a RINO democrat globalist in disguise.

Johnny Appleseed

Yes Sir.

Johnny Appleseed

Just going to put this out there.

When everything switches over to Truth Social I will no longer be Johnny Appleseed.

It seems my handle was taken.

I had a ton of fun doing all this.

Thank you for the place to share my voice.

To who ever takes the handle.

Johnny Appleseed was very hard headed. He was Eccentric, reportedly wore a pot for a hat, considered batshit crazy….

And my favorite part,




with all his heart.

He fought for the soul of our country in the darkest of times running around with wild apple seedlings selling them to make his living…

But using them to plant ideas in every man woman and child he came across.

He lived like a poor vagabond but was actually fairly wealthy…. Not mega rich but comfortable.

He did not wear shoes.

He pointed out hypocrisies, things that were happening from a God’s eyes view.

He illustrated the ideas people needed to understand so they knew how to cope and move forward.

He would fight tooth and nail when he had too and was kind and gentle when the time came.

Please, who ever takes this handle in the new platform…

Stay true to him. And honor him.

Thank you.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

How about Johnny Appleseed II?

Johnny Appleseed

I don’t really want to be a facsimile of myself.

God knows the world don’t need two of me. Lol

If they want me to have it I will.

If not…

I hope they do well.

There is huge amounts of power just in his name…

And it was nice God allowed me to barrow it for a while.

Just want people to know if the views radically change in the coming platform it’s because it’s not me anymore.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Well if they don’t get it on PC I’m not willing to buy an Apple device, Apples yes and Oranges and all other varieties of fruits, and veggies for that matter.

I’m not willing to even use my android it’s too much work, and so much easier on PC.

I went and bought chrome cast to use my phone broadcast to my TV so Mom could watch FrankSpeech but it always froze up (google interference maybe?) and now that’s on PC and works fine.

So hoping eventually they’ll make it available for PC too.

My Man Trump

Please, please, please get that Bitch Cheney. What the hell is wrong with Mark Gordon. Is he a rino too.



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