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My Man Trump

Obama/Clinton/Schiff are despicable and should be erased from the peoples govt and society. They have always been nonvalue added and now they are criminals.

Thank you Mr. President for the Abraham Accords. What a wonderful thing.

DJT should slam Germany. He tried to tell them. They are very anti-American. Sad thing though….now the entire world is thanks to FJB and his regime. What do you think, President Trump….Is it time NOW!


It is a remarkable time in history, The Abraham Accords. God bless you President Trump.

Johnny Appleseed

What they are saying about Ukraine is true because:

They told the truth about the pandemic.

They told the truth about the vaccines.

They told the truth about the origin.

They told the truth about masks.

They told the truth about Benghazi.

They told the truth about the Russia Russia Russia.

They told the truth about Afghanistan.

They told the truth about the election.

They told the truth about the riots that burned cities.

Hmmm… I think they don’t know the meaning of truth and we need to hold fast to see what is really going on.


I think a bunch of assholes just went broke.

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Right On!
Well Said!


Thank You President Trump!
Excellent articles especially the one from Tom Fitton!
Save America and MAGA!

calvin wrenn

yes mr. trump we love you for being on our side but germany cant depend on us or wait three more years for us to start pumping more oil

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Only person to blame for this messed up world right now is Donald the Con Man Trump. He is nothing more then a liar. He only cares about his Brand he doesn’t care about us Americans. He never did


Yawn, can you come-up with anything better than that? (We’ve heard that sooo many times)

We are winning. (And by the way,,,,,His brand is America)

Surinda Patel

President Donald J Trump the last known elected President of these United States 2016

Dan for DT

No matter if the election was fair or not (And it for sure was NOT) -The fact is that we are NOT better off now than we were when Trump was running the show-THATS AN ABSOLUTE FACT and even the blindest of Dems should be able to see that. Thanks for the new war in Europe morons – It wouldn’t have happened with Trump in charge.

My Man Trump

Excellent and right on target.

Johnny Appleseed

Corrupt evil assholes are going to do what corrupt evil assholes do.

I don’t like praying in public, but I believe you need this Sir.

Father in heaven holy is your name.

Please, take care of president Trump and his family. Take care of all of those associated with him and keep them from harm’s way. Comfort them and console them in your ways and the ways of the people that love you. Give them all that they need and more. Make their baskets shaken down and flowing over. Give the the tools they need destroy the powers of darkness and shine the light you gave them to the world. Let them be a beacon to us all and form us all into a beacon that lasts for all to see proof of your love and existence forever and ever. If this be your will, let it be done.

In your name Abba, and the name of your son


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Elizabeth Headley

My MOST FAVORED EVENT of your Presidency was the signing of the Abraham Accords! SOMETHING I prayed for, what seemed like my whole adult life! I cried! Your are THE GREATEST PRESIDENT THE USA EVER!!


The difference is shocking. President Trump’s footprint brought stability, prosperity and strength to us and the world. Brandon brings chaos, despair and poverty everywhere he goes and always has. Just look at his family. Hunter is a walking disaster and his entire family is filled with a level of insanity few people see. Before amazon pulled Parler’s server for sharing Hunter’s lap from hell, I read the family interactions. It was bazaar and insane corruption and illegal activities and child abuse. But the family did nothing productive to end the actions. They didnt even seem to recognize how bazaar they actually are.. They all just bickered over whose fault their shit show family is. But the thugs investigate the only good man in politics, RealPresident Trump! And the have ZERO remorse or intention of stopping. God bless you President Trump. At least I lived to see what America could have been.

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Amen, and our nation parallels these thug’s actions because they are never held accountable


Amen, sadly our nation parallels the legitimate administration that runs it. Their agenda IS our ruination.


Yes it was amazing to see President Trump achieve what the msm, talking heads, and phony politicians have repeatedly told us was impossible throughout the 60+ years of my life.

Problem for all of them is, now we know it is possible.

What’s amazing is how many who want to see America fail? We’ll see them around here soon enough screaming the sky is falling, it’s Putin’s fault we have skyrocketing inflation, and our Energy prices have risen, and how much more is is to protect Ukraine’s Borders and Sovereignty is than the United State of America’s!

Yeah they’ll be coming around spreading their lies, and talking points we ignore from the msm. So let them come and have their little meltdown’s, it’s not going to help them in the end.

Johnny Appleseed

Ever notice how they sound like three year olds not getting their way kicking and screaming till people give in just to get them to shut up??

Every notice how a three year old if ignored goes and breaks something important if they are ignored??

And if that don’t work they start doing stuff just to be mean till they get their way???

It’s really what they look like.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

So very true, temper tantrums seem to be paramount to their character.

Gerald Warner

Bastard obama and Bumbling obiden pink caryon lines from the basement

Elizabeth Curtiss

God Bless President Trump. I pray we survive until the Midterms. The world is a mess!!
Mike Pence is to blame. He did not even try to stop the steal. God help us!

My Man Trump

Despicable RINO. I can’t believe that they still have him appearing on Fox News.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help