ICYMI – February 28

“Trump Wins CPAC’s 2024 Presidential Straw Poll”

“Trump Hosts GOP Candidate Forum at Mar-a-Lago Resort”

“Exclusive–Greitens: The U.S. Senate Doesn’t Just Need More Fighters, It Needs New Leadership When Republicans Reclaim the Majority”

“How to block Putin’s long-term plan and other commentary”

“10 reasons why President Biden is a fool who’s fooling himself”

“Biden presidency has made the US look weaker to Putin”

Kari Lake Releases First Ad, ‘Rigged Elections Have Consequences’

“Donald Trump Slams Biden for Losing to Putin: ‘Weak Sanctions Are Insignificant’”

“Byron York’s Daily Memo: A guide to Clinton dirty tricks”

“A great writer!” – Donald J. Trump

“Cruz says Trump may be proved right on spying talk”

“Kansas election official urges legislators to avoid restricting drop boxes for advance ballots”

“Drop Boxes are a disaster—only good for Democrats and fools!” – Donald J. Trump

“They all knew–and did nothing to stop the Russia collusion hoax”

“Poll: Just 1 Percent of Americans View Biden’s Economy as Excellent”

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Johnny Appleseed

And another thing

They ain’t going to tell you they created the Ogalarchs…

Let me explain to you how that works:

US separates Russia.

Russian currency falls.

Most ogalarchs keep their money in the most valuable currency anyway… American dollar, rupee, yen, they give no fucks.

Then when the “sanctions” happen they buy a shit ton of their “devalued” money….

Then in time when


And the currency regains it’s value….



Just putting it out there.


Think the globalist’s aren’t doing the same, count on it.

Johnny Appleseed

According to the feed it’s an apc in a russian occupied town.

With lights still on… unlike what was described.

I don’t know.

I am just a red neck that wants to know the truth.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Are they broadcasting CNN or MSNBC?

Johnny Appleseed

The chat Said there was a tank on camera 9.

I barely saw a moving vehicle… tanks move slower I thought.

Johnny Appleseed

Now he wants to kill babies.

Under the guise of “protecting women”….

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Better not say that biting tongue.

Johnny Appleseed

Now they want a freedom to vote act…

How laughable.


Ok, so all this time we’ve been being told they were a Democracy and they haven’t had the Freedom to Vote?


Oh you mean for us, here we’ve been told over and over we were a Democracy!

You must mean the Control the Vote Act, where they continue to keep winning.

Johnny Appleseed

Gun control push while Ukraine is issuing weapons.


Weren’t they just contemplating the 2nd Amendment, and arming the citizen’s?


Oh you must be talking about byedumdum and Congress!

Johnny Appleseed

Now the bio weapon.

We are going to keep combatting it…


You asses are ours and we are going to figure out how to put our feet on your necks.


I heard Putin cured Covid?

Isn’t that why we don’t hear about it anymore?

Maybe byedumdum missed the memo, again. 🙂

Johnny Appleseed

Now he is trying to buy the American people back….

They have done this before.

They take money out of our pockets to give us a quarter of it back… and then tax us on it.


Inflation takes whatever’s left.


That’s if the criminals the democrats let go without bail don’t get it first.

Johnny Appleseed

So now the asshole in chief is coming after all the poor people that lied to get money so they could survive….

But not really…. He just wants to take out his enemies and use a smoke screen to do it.


“Take from the poor, and give to the RIch”

Motto of democrat and rino politician’s/globalist’s.

Johnny Appleseed

Look is Gaddafi doing his show before the fall.


Will he get dragged through the streets and shot, or will they find him hiding in a whole and hang him in the public square after the shock and awe of Putin’s assault and capture of Ukraine?

Maybe they’ll print faces of the evil-doer’s on a deck of cards, and Putin’s VP will call for using mini-nukes to flush them all out Like Herr commandant Cheney did?

Johnny Appleseed

I wonder if the truth ever runs through the bartender’s head???

I wonder if she even cares??


None of the democrats care about truth, but to be fair neither do the RINO’s.

Johnny Appleseed

And the tall people are looking very hollow.

This asshole is saying too many people are suffering.

When the American people realize they are suffering because of shit like this,


Things will change.


Maybe, but seems highly unlikely.

Johnny Appleseed

I think I just saw an evil Russian garbage truck going by….

We need troops In Europe.

Can’t let that garbage truck get away.

Damn Rooskies….


Quick STOP that VEHICLE!!!

They’re trying to BURY evidence!!

Johnny Appleseed

I am praying more than just me is doing this.


I think keep praying, only much harder.

Johnny Appleseed

I don’t know if I like watching the bugs on camera 8 or the state of the union on camera 5….

8 has more truth in it.


With all the republicans that were giving continual standing ovations to the illegitimate lying impostor like trained seals for all of a sudden funding the police, covid, and securing our borders & fixing immigration at the same time?

Think I’ll opt for the bugs.

Johnny Appleseed


They are back up….

Interesting way to watch the state of the union.



It is nice how the msm is played to contrast the other camera’s, but not sure I could sit through the whole SOU.

Gotta like kamala’s smirks an trying to hold back outright laughter, and the sneers out of poopooloosi’s eye from time to time.

I keep expecting to see drool coming out of the corner of byedumdum’s mouth.

Johnny Appleseed

I see they took the live feeds out….

Can’t have that horrible truth getting out there….

It fucks up their lying ass bullshit.

Antifa…. You second rate bunch of keyboard sucking computer humping nut cases….

This is what the back doors were for assholes….

Getting the truth out.

I guess I wasn’t lying about that Leviathan now was I???

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Just checked in, and the live feeds are up on at least the top 3 frames are showing 3/2/22 and their time was 12:36 PM and my time 4:36 AM which matches dateandtime.info website.

Might have something to do with recording timeouts and updates when it shuts down. It is of course limited areas, so might not be capturing all the action, but would certainly catch major bombing actions in the background.

Johnny Appleseed

Well they keep saying all the major cities are being bombed and have no supply chain and the people are in the streets being shot and are starving…..

Just ya know…. All the major heart string words any kid uses to try and persuade a parent to get their way….

I just ain’t seeing it. No cities bombed so far.

But Russia did say more strikes are going to happen in Kyiv so there may end up being some action on those two screens….


Sure there’s action somewhere, apparently not in the cities being monitored by the feeds for sure.

Johnny Appleseed

I have seen the same equipment with snow on it smoking… and with no snow on it smoking….

Then with snow on it again smoking….

Now evil vial no good Russia is warning the citizens of Kyiv to get out because they are going to do more precision air strikes…. Giving them time to move away from the targets.


Awe hell I give up.

I am going to do my chores.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Kyiv I am informed is currently under fire.


It’s fun watching live feeds.


Nice, Covid is passing……things are getting back to normal.

Wrong!…… Now I have to worry about Nuclear War.

Thank you, democrats, for voting out of hate. Bidens energy policies draw us closer to nuclear war. (I hope your happy now, for what all of you leftist have caused)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

Hey T, when I was serving during the Carter/Mundale years Nuclear weapons were considered a deterrent (and still are as far as I know), it was believed it was enough to maintain peace.

Of course it wasn’t and we had to begin phasing away from the uploaded F-4 Phantom’s, which was my job to guard, to the A-10 Warthog’s in preparation for ground warfare.

All the world leader’s know the outcome of a Nuclear Launch, as well as the benefit of having them in their arsenal, as it keeps the NWO at bay.

I don’t believe Putin is prepared to launch unprovoked, I’m sure the shit storm will be coming on that note,


I sincerely hope your right, and you may very well be….(We all hope)

But a cornered dog with no way out will fight ferociously. (And how quickly things could escalate)

So, I still can’t help this uneasy feeling. Even though, you’re probably right.

Johnny Appleseed

That cornered dog has the most powerful weapon ever devised by man.

An automatic valve that turns fuel supplies on… and off.

Ain’t no body gives two rats asses about nukes. We all know we could be here on min and fucking vaporized the next and I think it scares the fuck out of all of us so bad… Nukes ain’t even an option…

Like a bad ass kid that know you ain’t actually going to whip them…. You ain’t going to really do it because you would go to jail and they would be homeless… so why should that kid believe one fucking work you say???

Why you think Faux Pas in chief said:

We have to fight this with everything we have…. But we ain’t going to kill Rooskies??? Absolutely no chance of anyone killing Rooskies.

Then the English accent “Trump want to be”:

Well Um um…. We’ll as far as a no fly zone… you do know we need time to get our illicit partners out of there so the no fly zone ain’t going to happen…. But, Mr Putin sir we are not going to shoot ANY migs down. Not one mig we swear.

(All paraphrasing meaning behind the meaning)

Putin has these bitches sewed up and they know it.


We are still stupid.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Now they showing the precision bomb flashes from Monday with out showing the targets.

Everything is too convenient.

I stand corrected…. It’s a childrens clothing factory.

You are telling me with the precision equipment both the US and Russia has… they would precision bomb a childrens clothing factory???

I am Putin.

I hate that children’s clothing factory.

I am invading Ukraine to bomb it because I am going to show the west how evil they are.

Now they are showing a cluster bomb going off with no intended target???

What is the cluster bomb aimed at???

It’s a Ukrainian success??

What the hell are they shooting????

All while the live feeds show… people…

living their lives???

Shit is not adding up.

It currently looks like small town America with the sidewalks rolled up and everyone is sleeping.

There are lights and visibility.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Now the Ukraine representative is asking for climate change to be the most important thing.

I thought cities were getting bombed??


Well there is all the emissions from the bombs, tanks, and other military vehicles they have to worry about now.

Johnny Appleseed

I wonder if Putin is going to turn the oil pumps off.

I would.

Why kill people when all I have to do is turn a valve off?

Johnny Appleseed

“Trump want to be” is asked how many of his nations lives he is willing to risk to save Ukraine.

In true politician style he is posturing and completely avoids the question….

“But they ain’t going to back down….”

Do you think your partner should send more troops in???

Blah blah blah answer avoided.

Ukaraine asked for a no fly zone….

Answer avoided.

But shooting down Russian planes are out of the question.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Now want to be trump is saying he don’t support volunteers wanting to go fight…

And is actively trying to get out of the question asked of him:

When will it be supported that NATO to actively fight?

And he stuttered the whole way through.


Wow…. Just wow.

Johnny Appleseed

No one wanted to give Zelenski any money to clean his government up….

Now they are sending him shit tons of war equipment.

In my little brain I wonder if he planned that.

Johnny Appleseed

Now old Churchill want to be is trying to tell us we are going into a world war.

With all the cities burning and being bombed.

Standing in front of some tanks.

Isolate Russia.

Isolate Russia…

Isolate Russia….

If you read those words… that is basically all they sayin…..

Johnny Appleseed

Now the US is trying to figure out how to run them some guns n ammo and get that 6 point something MILLION BILLION DOLLARS passed….

Johnny Appleseed

Now they talking about how they believe in national security and international law…

But the United States has to have their Guns taken from them and Russia is no good lying baby eating woman killing horrible….

And the live feeds are showing nothing they are saying about cities getting bombed.

I could be completely wrong.

And I will eat a big old plate of crow….

But this is what I see right now.


Yeah, I was just watching the link you posted, and I saw nothing happening at all. In the chat on the side someone asked if anything had happened in the last couple of hours?

Someone else kept posting all the bombings and other activity, yet there was nothing on any of the 9 screens I was seeing hardly moving?

Except the 2nd screen down on the far right bugs keep flying in front of the camera.

I went back in and the chat is now gone, and there are more of this Ambitious Chris’s feeds from different times of the day. Some there are people all out walking in the street and going in and out of shops, cars driving around, and certainly no blackouts as lights are on in the stores and out in the streets.

All I can say is I’m glad your watching for me, as I can’t take the MSM versions but will check back on the feed occasionally.

Johnny Appleseed

Oh griff it makes me want to barf. These people were on an untouchable pedestal when I was growing up.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Now they sitting here using our fathers words against all this.

Suddenly useful.

You know the speak out before you get put into cattle trucks thing….

It is unreal….

Do you have any idea how many coffee drinking old timers prayed for this to happen one day…

All around the world????

Johnny Appleseed

Here is what is killing me….

They all pushing



are now pleading for the Sovereignty of all nations.

Did you catch what I just said??

Okay… maybe no one is listening.



Sorry, but I’m sure you misunderstood as I don’t think the USA was meant to be included in those pleadings.

Johnny Appleseed

Wha hoo!!!!

Russia Ukraine crisis….

I can’t even watch fox now.

President trump… you have made my life so damn boring and Unexciting.

I can’t even partially believe the fake news. I can’t even get all excited and upset about the bullshit anymore.

I think I am going to make my bed.

Brew about my paw in law and maw in law dying and thinking it’s the fucking vaccine….

Do some work around the house needs to get done….

And pray to God these truckers make fucking fools of these assholes.

That is my prayer….

Dear God,

I know I ain’t perfect and I have got a shit ton of flaws. Can you please make fucking fools of these assholes that have been lying to us all this time??

Can’t you please show the idiots that believe them how stupid they are???

Can you please save my country I love so much.


That would make my fucking day.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

We will definitely welcome you back in Jan., Mr. President. No worries, we can hold on until then. And yes, FJB is a fool who continually fools himself and nobody believes his lies.

Kari Lake is bad ass who is really lighting up the screen. Brilliant.

Save Our United States

Exclusive–Greitens: The U.S. Senate Doesn’t Just Need More Fighters, It Needs New Leadership When Republicans Reclaim the Majority
McConnell has to go. We need strong, constitution loving leadership beholden to the citizens of this country… not RINOs, not slaves to Chinese investments.


ICYMI – a week, ten days ago… ?
You call this news ?


Takes them that long to find favorable “news”.

Johnny Appleseed

Mother fucker I just put real live action news right in front of you and you have some stupid ass thing like that to say….

Prize you are a fucking idiot.


It is NOT FAKE News!

Johnny Appleseed

The three idiots that up voted dean after all the info I sent in….

Are simply assholes.

And if they keep up voting they are assholes too.

Not only assholes but willful dumbasses.

Johnny Appleseed.


Live footage of Ukraine invasion???

It’s bloody don’t watch. There are body parts flying everywhere…

They are even beating babies on drums.

(Wait… that was another video…)

Johnny Appleseed.

If this don’t wake people up….

Johnny Appleseed.

Been watching a while now…

Not seeing any “explosions” or rockets…

Not seeing any things really except a few cars go by, couple people pull in and out of car parks…

Bunch of two way traffick on two roads….

I am not seeing the “attacked kinder gardens”… but hell I am just a dumb red neck.

Johnny Appleseed.


Live feeds of Ukraine???

Been watching it for a little bit… have counted one car that went through the check point???

Four guys walking….

Two people just riding bikes around…

Shit they must be bored with the martial law and the bomb shelter lock down I guess.

Anyone else???

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed.
Johnny Appleseed

What is really entertaining is watching this link… then watching the UN feeds..

And the main stream media…

All at the same time….

It is just a fucking hoot!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

These feeds vary when log off and back on again. The live feed was gone for a bit now back?

Johnny Appleseed

I am not sure.

I know I got the feed from a trusted source.


Cross referencing him he has pretty good info.

Usually… he my be off by a little bit… but it’s like the third ring from the bull’s eye at a hundred yards.



Thank You President Trump!
Excellent Articles!

Johnny Appleseed.

Ukraine response:

Can be understood.

Two secretaries:

Can be understood

Russian response:


Muted, hard to understand, muffled, broken up and garbled.

(I ain’t pulling for anyone but us in this fight… but don’t we deserve to hear everything clearly???

Don’t we deserve to hear both sides of the story????)

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed.
Johnny Appleseed.

11:06 pm 28FEB22







Their response is interesting.



Empower the voice of the 45th President with your support!