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Karl Young

Being an airline pilot is not very difficult. It’s almost the same as being a bus driver.

My Man Trump

To answer your question: Hell no I wont get on that plane. Lol Great cartoon. President Trump, you blew the doors off of that rally in Texas. It was incredible. F**k Fox! Great job to Newsmax, my new TV station. Remember, they are SAVE America rallies. And they are working.


Excellent articles President Trump!
I really liked the cartoon of Criminal Joe!

Michael Jenson

he is an idiot and i hope we survive this stooge…always double standard son’s of bitches and pelosi you like that 1400 dollars while i cheated many Americans out of million’s in insider trading when someone makes money someone lost money don’t you wish you had her info on stock’s take there money and throw them in Jail. the only fix


Sleepy Joe is like the captain of the titanic


That meme made me burst out laughing! Love it (and no, I wouldn’t get on the plane)!😆

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