ICYMI: “Fmr. Google Employee Reveals Company Changed News Algorithm To Target President Trump”

Read the full article from OAN here.

By Donald J. Trump.

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American Patriot

You did nothing to stop them. You had the power to shut all those Marxist, Communists, propaganda machines that were inducing mass social psychosis. Who did this to you? Who illadvised you to do nothing? Kushner? So just because you could tweet and no one else could you thought it was okay? Free speech includes speech which others find deplorable. This includes Hate speech. This includes Holocaust revisionists. We don’t have free speech if you can’t be a history revisionist and say “that didn’t happen and this is my proof why I believe this”

American Patriot

How can you not know this? No offense but when you saw Conservatives get removed you did nothing. Whenever someone signedup on twitter and added you and conservatives the application would then shadow ban you so no one would ever see your tweets as you were identified a (dissident) to the pro-rectum marxist regime of the leftist godless athiests. The first friend to add was Obama, Hillary, Ellen Degenerate,etc… Social media belongs to the Communists who worked to cheat and you did nothing.


google is one of the worst. i hope the courts shut them down…


Imagine That!
FAKE News can Stick It!


Google needs gone!




Big tech is actually an arm of Big Gov’t, deep state. Dr. Shiva’s lawsuit against MA Secretary of State and Twitter is exposing a lot of this also.


100% CORECT!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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