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Cat black

You are loved Mr President !! Thanks for all you have done ànd still do!!


Thank you, Mr. President for all the wonderful things you have done for our country! You were right, You-Tube banned this video.


Trump 2024



Pamela Thompson

Thank you for this post! Shouldn’t have to take the alternate route to catch this but when you want to get to the place you want to be to listen to who you might prefer, then you go there!



Cary Miller

I finished the Podcast, it was good ish, but too much “Political Speak” aka double speak. I’m well informed and work hard to stay that way. In that aspect, this was a waist of my time. POTUS/41020 is best we’ve ever had but most of what he does here is playing a role. And that’s fine, certain things have to be accomplished but this interview was for basic normies, not for those of us that know truth, aka (ASOV, Election fraud, DS/SWAMP- and who’s behind the MASK). So much information that needs to be public. Praying for “Black Swan” and “Strider Raven”. God Bless good Souls. WWG1WGA #GODWINS


God bless you President Trump!!!

Kris Cox

They are rude. I really don’t want to finish watching it and would never subscribe to their podcast. They believe they know it all. They over talk him. They’re are too young and unprofessional to sit down with someone like Trump.


They were laughing at him and he didn’t get it.

My Man Trump

Hahahaha. We are laughing at you. All of you commies. Everyday.

William Burnam

Had they been corporate media he would have immediately trashed them. Because they are nobodies, trashing them would have been seen as “punching down”. Never a good look when courting independent voters.
In spite of their cavalier and immature demeanor, he responded with grace by simply allowing it. He knows independent thinkers will make up their mind about this and many will presume he’s a boorish defensive narcissist. His behavior here proved this to be untrue because he didn’t take the bait.

Last edited 1 year ago by William Burnam
Trump 2024

Best President of my lifetime….and perhaps EVER! Also a great human being. God bless the United States, God bless our troops and God bless President Trump.



Elizabeth Curtiss

Love seeing President Trump, but those dumb guys need to learn basic manners. I find it offensive with their extremely disrespectful attitude. Calling a former President by their first name and even a nickname is totally uncouth. You just can’t fix stupid. #Trump2024

Last edited 1 year ago by Elizabeth Curtiss
The alpha of Presidents, the best since Abe & JFK. Thank you for saving our land

Becky G

I ALWAYS 💖💖💖 to listen to OUR REAL PRESIDENT… But…who are these guys he’s talking with ? They seem kinda.. 🤪🤪🤪🤪


Trump and all that care for freedom…….please this is a dire warning…. Canadas prime minister trudeau is lying to Canadians and the world. If you are unvaxxed you are not allowed to leave the country and are being forced out of job and houses. The unvaxxed in Canada are being treated like second class citizens trapped inside Canada with no way out while they bankrupt the unvaxxed. Our family wants to sell everything and get out but Canada will not let us. We are now trapped in Canada…..this is not FREEDOM!!!!! While you are being made to worry about Ukraine we here in north america are being assulted and silenced into the one world order obedience. Trudeau is a trator to Canada and humanity under elite control…. Klaus Schwab has stated this many times and is open about control us. Please stand up in solidarity with Canada and Freedom around the world. The whole world was protesting for freedom then the elite pushed Russia into a war to push most of the world away from freedom and to focus on Ukraine. NATO needs to go. UN is destroying many europeans way of life. People of the world need to unite against the elite. Canada has been captured and now many Canadians cannot leave Canada if unvaxxed….. they are making many unvaxxed go into hiding for fear of being doxxed and pushed to loose everything…. wake up… this is happening in north america yet the elite are making you focus on a war that they willuse to hurt the masses more as the new whips to keep people scared and under control. They are playing word games and just rewording things like the vax pass is now beong called digital id. They will not stop from trying to fully own us. God bless all of you and please help Canada and all Canadians be FREE!

I am less worried about Ukraniane and more worried about what is happening to north america and especially how Canada is one step away from being nazi germany. Its odd how the elite are pushing the average person is a nazi but yet trudeau and his cabinet are acting like nazis and have funded nazis in Ukraine and more than likely from what we there lying and tactics, they are secretly doing many other bad things against Canadians we have no clue about yet. Watch how Freeland..second in charge in Canada twitches during press meetings. She is evil at the highest level.

Please help free Canada…. we are trapped and now prisoners in our country. This is all real …people need to wake up. These are crimes against freedom and humanity.

Baskin Robbins

Hey Canadian! STAY THERE! We have enough nutsacs here!


Yeah, and its sweaty nut-sacks like yourself that are trying to ruin the United States.

Why don’t “you” just move to Canada with Trudeau and those of your ilk?


What a disgusting thing to say to someone who’s desperate. Do people even know how to put themselves in other people’s places and have sympathy these days? Does it even cross your mind how it might feel to be oppressed and trapped by your government? Maybe you should move to Canada. Sounds like you’d feel right at home there.


I care. It makes me really sad and sick to see this Canadian having to reach out on a platform We ALL saw what Trudea is capable of with his authoritain ways against the truckers and how ALL police are willing to do his bidding. I am sooooo sorry to hear your troubles Canadian. I will pray for you and ALL Canadians that still want and believe in freedom. I still can hardly believe the Horses**t I see in headlines on a daily basis. Hard to fathom these times we are living in.

My Man Trump

You should know. You run and play with them everyday.


You are watching the biggest coverup in US history. The media all know I exposed a worldwide trafficking ring from the Vatican to the royal family. They all know I exposed the names in the flight log to Epstein Island of government swamp and Hollywood. They know I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms caught on the security cameras. I have the declassified documents and all of the files. The news articles written about Q-anon are misinformation. I was given Q security clearance to the sensitive declassified information. We have everything and there are no coincidences. I was told to trust the plan and justice was coming.


Please fix your sentence “I was given Q security clearnance to the sensitive DECLASSIFIED information.” – it is a non-sensical statement as written.
I assume you mean “the now declassified sensitive infrormation” or “before it was declassified”.
Thank you

Sarah Luu

If you have any valuable intel helpful to our cause to decertify the 2020 rigged Presidential election, POST IT HERE AND NOW!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Sarah Luu
David Charles Anderson


Daniel A Schenkel

Praying that the state Legislators decertify Wisconsin’s election results and reclaim the state’s electors, all so Arizona, Georgia. What will it be Traitor or Hero!! Lets got it done! Thanks Mr. President.




It really is tragic to an unbelievable degree that our true President was ousted by lies and corruption, and that this sick joke of an administration took over our country and is doing everything possible to destroy us. Justice, when it is realized, should make these destroyers wish they’d never been born.


Don’t worry, it won’t. We have ZERO JUSTICE system now. There are soooooo many rogue judges, DA’s and prosecutors now. Truly disgusting!!! They have NO morals anymore.

Elizabeth Curtiss

Great interview. Great President. #Trump2024


There’s our actual President ♥️
We love you and we need you.


Thank you, sir. Still scared and confused. Waiting on the midterm Red Wave and YOU in 2024, if not sooner.

Lenora Thompson

If you missed the People’s Convoy meeting with Senators Cruz and Johnson yesterday, here’s the Cliff Notes version. The Senators listened…really listened! #trumptriumphant


Thank you so much for this link to your site; I will be sharing it with my mom. Every day she wonders what’s happening with the truckers because no one even on the conservative news we listen to and watch seems to mention it. I don’t get it because we heard about the Canadian one all the time.


Too many truths getting in the way, such as Durham exposing the Democrats hacking into Trump Towers and The White House and the indictment of Sussmann, inflation, sky-rocking gas prices, and sagging approval numbers. They needed a new shiny object since COVID scam was waning, so they caused a war, and renamed Bidenflation Putinflation. The end justifies the means, no matter how many people die. These people are evil.


And yet, there are secrets in Ukraine they don’t want public either, such as the biolabs and contradicting statements about no bioweapons yet “worried about the info falling into Russian hands” .. see testimony from a Senate Foreign Relation Committee via Victoria Nuland via Glen Greenwald substack or Russel Brand’s podcast:
Hunter Biden’s involvement dating back how far?
Why did the Canadian forces in Ukraine pull out the day of, or the day before, the invasion?
Solid case of election fraud in PA, more evidence in WI, GA, AZ – with more coming.
Reminder: Unless Nevada is one of them, only 3 of the “battleground” states where the most fraud was found, need to prove fraud greater than the margin of victory to completely flip the entire general election of the presidency in 2020.
The left is already talking about how to combat this with ‘no method for decertifying the election’ and ‘no precedent for putting a cheated candidate back in office’.. the first point is not true, and there has been a precedent for REMOVING a cheater from office; the second point may be true, but that just means it is time to SET a new precedent for righting the wrongs committed in this “most corrupt election in the history of the United States”.
I’d like to remind everyone, that even if we get that far, after the President (45) is reinstated (or re-elected), that we still need to trace these methods of cheating back to as far as they have existed, systematically remove every possible method of cheating – starting with electronic voting systems, until none are left. Along those lines, this is a very good reminder of WHY Digital ID’s are a very bad IDEA.
Perhaps we need to have a marathon of a few reminder movies, such as 1984, Schindler’s List, Erin Brockovich, Red Dawn, Minority Report, etc




Sir, you are the best…. thank you


Thank You President Trump!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Fuck Demented Joe, and his entire entourage Administration of woke corrupt clowns. They are destroying our Country.
China virus, election fraud of 2020, and now this?!!
We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!


Your comment is both vulgar and racist. Division is what is destroying this country. It started with Mr. Trump, and his supporters have been quick to mimic him.


Give me a break, I can still smell the smoke from all the (democrat) cities burning in 2020. Democrats take the lead in hate hands down!

Look what voting in biden(weak leadership), out of hate has done to the world.(not hard to see)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

…and I can still remember how Mr. Trump egged them on by posting a video on his twitter account of a man yelling out “white power!” and of the mayor of one of those cities urging the president to just shut up and not say anything because he was just making it worse. I had been thinking the same thing before she even said it.


Well, you seem to have a memory that no one else seems to have. And you really believe that (even though it didn’t happen) could cause so many haters to burn so many cities over so much time.

Your obvious hate for Trump is causing you to do mental gymnastics.

Sorry to inform you, but it was the left leaning press that egged them on during the George Floyd debacle.

(Yes, hate from the left leaning press, ignited hate filled democrats, BLM, Antifa and other left leaning groups who were poised to pounce after the Michael Brown incident.) and they proceeded to burn cities.

Please study recent history before you comment on this site. (I tire of giving history lessons.)


You are mistaken about my comments being debunked. They are factual. I wouldn’t deny that the media did play a role in encouraging the protests with their coverage, but to my knowledge they did not condone the violence as you are suggesting, and they did not provoke them to action. Most protestors were peaceful and were quick themselves to condone the lawbreakers. If you have credible sources to show that the violence was condoned by the media, I would be happy to take a look it.


Is this Nancy Pelosi??

C’mon fess-up, we know it’s you.

And if it isn’t, it’s you who believe the spin of your own leftist media.

What you said, has absolutely been DEBUNKED. (Common knowledge)

So, I don’t have to prove anything to you. (I stand by my previous comment.)

It’s you that has to prove your accusation.

I would be happy to take a look at any proof of your accusation. (Have a nice day.)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

That should say “condemn the lawbreakers,” not “condone.’

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell

Your accusation that Trump incited violence was made first. (So, you need to defend that accusation)

If it’s true, it should be very easy to prove.

I will be waiting for your proof. (Although I know you won’t be able to)

Sarah Luu

Oh!! Be careful! You Might be called a RACIST

Sarah Luu

IT IS SO SO EASY TO SEE THE MEDIA EGGED ON THE VIOLENCE WHEN MANY OF OUR CITIES WERE BURNED AND LOOTED. If they didn’t have a live camera on every corner on those nights, inviting these criminals to show off on live TV and the lame mayors not allowing law enforcement to do their job, it would NOT have happened to the extent that it did. The media wanted it to happen “GIVE US DIRTY LAUNDRY”


The. Virus. Came. From. China. I am so exasperated with people’s determination to put a racist slant on this simple fact!

China is a country.

They (accidentally or intentionally) released a deadly virus on the world.

They should be called out on it and made to pay bigtime.

Nothing to do with the innocent citizens of China. Nothing to do with ethnic Chinese anywhere in the world (and those who use the virus as an excuse to attack Chinese Americans are evil people indeed). Everything to do with their government who let this happen and covered it up.


I can imagine that Asian Americans might see it differently in light of the attacks they endured following the remarks made by Mr. Trump. Words matter, Friend, especially when it’s coming from the president.


You do understand the news you got from CNN all those years, mislead and lied to you? (I’m guessing not)

You see, we on this website already know about that info you have commented on, and that it was debunked long ago.

So please catch up with recent times and stop spreading old, debunked info.

We would all appreciate it.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

This is a reply to Shell below…
Trump meant it exactly the way I just said it. It’s not his fault that some people are evil. No one blames Bernie Sanders for the Scalise shooting even though the shooter was a crazed Bernie fan…it wasn’t his fault someone went haywire. This is where we get to political correctness insanity where you get told, “You can’t say that!” Anyone with a sick enough mind can twist anything anyone says. Are we to limit our speech and voicing our opinions to only those sentiments that no hateful person could use to their own ends? None of us would be saying much in that case! How about Biden and the Democrats’ language? They have no problem calling unvaccinated people a “pandemic” or concerned parents “domestic terrorists”! Maxine Waters openly encouraged people to harass Republican lawmakers and Kamala Harris and many others encouraged violence in 2020! Yes, you’re right, words matter. What does that mean for them?


Trump and his followers contributed to the attacks by calling it the China virus, or worse.


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. (It’s probably a China virus)

It’s a virus out of China. That no one knows for sure if it was intentional or not.

Regardless, China is responsible, and they should pay damages. (Which were considerable throughout the whole world)

I have absolutely no problem with Trump calling it that.

But I don’t condone lawless behavior. (That someone tries to blame on a president.)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
My Man Trump

Now I understand. FJB is unifying us with his open borders, his pandemic, his killing of Americans and now foreigners, his complete block of domestic oil and gas….Oh shit, you get my point. Just too much corruption to mention. And we all love his record high inflation he has deliberately caused to drain all Americans from their wages and life savings. FJB calls it “transitioning America” for the great reset and new world order. He is trying very badly to let the war in Ukraine start WW111. He will not get it. Everyone can read his playbook. All of you are sick and lacking in the basic moral codes that separate humans from wild animals.

Pete M.

Greatest president ever!

Elizabeth Headley

Professor making sense to da skool!! Talk it plain! Make n sense SIR! HahahahahahahahahAAA!!! WHY YOU ARE DA KING! (but WOW!! My 12 y.o. grandson is BRILLIANT!) GOD HELP US! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME to skool them!! Keeping it SIMPLE! Makin it REAL!!


Where’s ‘Barbara Billingsley’ for a “Jive” interpretation when you need her?


biden has so much blood on his hands he should be ashamed and he now says he will not send aircraft to them what the hell is wrong with this filth?

Baskin Robbins

Sit down Donna! Global diplomacy is much too complicated for your little brain!


Baskin Robbins

I realize you are only an 8-year-old fool with ice cream dripping from your chin and a mind of mush.

We understand that at you age you are unable to form a coherent intelligent remark or even understand reality.

But Donna is correct.

We all look forward to your 9th birthday…

I would imagine some of your feelings were hurt with this comment (time to grow up anyway) and some of the words here are pretty big for you…

I suggest you take your thumb out of your mouth, and then return to your video games and watching cartoons. We will handle the real world


the true president of the united states of america.




We miss you Alpha Prez!

Mary Martinez

God Bless America 🇺🇸& DJT our president.


Could you imagine Biden being in place of Trump in this interview?

Trump Outclasses Biden to the umpteenth degree.


Like DT JR says He is playing you like a fiddle Husky!!!


Just like the progressive left and Putin are playing Joe Biden like a fiddle. (huh gleeny?)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

How about we nuke you husky?


lol huh? glenny, did I trigger you? BooYah!!!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President