ICYMI: “Georgia Secretary of State Purges 101,789 from Voter Rolls”

Watch the full video of The Real Story on OAN with Natalie Harp here.

From rumble.com

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Uncle Sam’s Dad

Nobody would do shit to them if they screamed “We fucking cheated” from the top of Trump Tower! Extreme and excessive crime deserves extreme and excessive punishment. When you don’t persecute the wicked, you don’t just teach them it is acceptable, you teach us that it is acceptable! And that’s just un-fucking-acceptable.

barbara white

Im not surprised and these idiots will totally get away with it. They always do. But I keep fighting, contacting everyone I can, and informing people that we have a problem and it must be addressed. Some people I talk to are shocked that anything is still going on. So many out of touch Americans.

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