ICYMI: “Illegal immigrant who posed as minor while crossing border charged with murder in Florida”

Read the full article by Jack Morphet, Lee Brown, and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon with the New York Post here.

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Meegan Fixler

I am so sick of these illegals assaulting, raping and murdering Americans. The government does not not follow the laws of the land. Something has got to give here, because people are going to start taking the law in their own hands!

My Man Trump

FJB and the alien he rode in on. They should both be hanged in the public square until dead. Besides, that alien who should not be here only killed one person, one too many. Look at FJB and how many he has deliberately killed through BLM, antifa, criminals, drugs, weapons, trafficking, his radical court systems, etc. And last but not least, FJBs border super spreader of aliens with Covid-19. And THE BIG LIE! The Steal. Afghanistan. Terrorists released into the interior and the Jan. 6th insurrection FJB and Pelosi set up. We can go on and on. Too much to mention. I guess I need someone to tell me why a cheat, a liar and a murderer is still President. Why no one can save the most powerful country in the world (pre-FJB). Doesn’t that makes us all laughingstocks.

Debra Puddy

This has got to stop! This should of never been allowed to happen! Our country is no longer safe! FJB!

Michael Jenson

Quit BSing and fix it if you get back in power ask for help about turncoats, put criminals in jail, people are going ignorant again and not paying attention because lawless people do what they want. is this all a setup or what. change my mind…..

Michael Jenson

the dem witts are mentally ill there raiding places over a biden diary what does that tell you if republicans can’t run the country give your money back and let someone else. and what really gets me is when republicans are in charge you too. mr president you help them and no one goes to jail who’s side are the republicans on i won’t vote no more it don’t matter ask any republican………………………….


We have already paid for the wall too many times, to have to keep counting. We the people, are strong enough to “get-r-done”, WE DO NOT NEED PERMISSION; WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO KEEP WASTING MONEY! It is our families safety they are fucking with.
Tens of thousands “a week” spent on breech-of-contract penalty costs; and come to find—- the steel fence/wall material (DISTROYED) when it was just sitting on the ground at the work site. All because we are no longer believing their lies.


I hate to say it. But, “a life for a life”; who cares, he isn’t an American. Screw wasting American tax dollars for a jury (they are not his peers!)
Put him on a stage and let the victims family have the last shot. Maybe any other criminal illegal think twice, before fucking with Americans.
I am sorry for my choice of words; not sorry if it offends the ignorant; only for the victims family/friends. Why must we let our brothers and sisters die in vein, for ignorance of any kind. Second Amendment right, written to protect “AMERICAN CITIZENS” from abuse of power and over reaching/growth of government, and protect ourselves from invasive criminals over our thresholds/ treading on us/ family protection- self protection.
Unlike in O-Bama’s and now O’Braians’ “O’biden “can’t shoot till you are shot first, rule; No thank you!
Bring back the Trump Prosperity and sanity.


Time to build that wall

Shave Our Country

Yes Pay, build that wall all around Florida….


Send ALL available military personnel to the border Immediately!


Only state National guardsmen can do that. Texas did! Not sure, but I think states can help other states, for larger presence. But like roaches; kill a couple, the rest will flea. Political-correctness and the USA rules and/of laws “ONLY APPLY TO AMERICAN CITIZENS”, terrorists, traitors and invaders of our lands’ DO NOT, NOR EVER WILL HAVE RIGHTS HERE!


unfortunately their hands are/were tied down there, and yes other states sent guardsmen too. They ended up helping process them. Watch Bannon’s warroom and America’s voice.


we need a revolution in this country we were never meant to be forced into communism-never.


The media has yet to expose the flight log list or Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island. It has been two years since I exposed the truth President Donald J Trump. Why wont the fake news acknowledge I downloaded the declassified files? Why wont the media acknowledge I exposed the deep state swamp and the hollywood elites guilty of crimes on Epstein island? I am knowingly ignored by everyone in the media.It took a lot of courage exposing the truth. Nothing like feeling insignificant and anonymous. I didn’t profit or seek any fame. I did it because I love my country. I did it because it is about God’s children sacrificed for their precious blood. I have never seen such a coverup in my entire life. No one wants to acknowledge a disabled mom from NY exposed the truth media has refused to do. 🙁 Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. I have grown tired of the show. I’m praying for justice,freedom and the pursuit of happiness. I’m praying that God casts these demons into the lake of fire.The media has done a disservice by not exposing everything. I never once talked about crazy lizard people or the return of JFK Jr. They are making me look like a crazy conspiracy theorist. God knows I have told the truth that took courage to do. I have been persecuted,censored, deplatformed and unfriended. All for exposing the truth for the president.


they want communism that is why.

Johnny Appleseed

It’s not about communism. Communism is the gateway. It is the shiny lure to totalitarianism. They are trying to build their kingdom.

They want complete control so when the money crashes… they still have all the bullets.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Rosanne. Choate

Our local media in S.A. are real ” bleeding hearts” about the illegals crossing over no matter what danger the border farmers are in. The mayor is the same as the local media,too.


Why does Biden have qualified immunity yet Trump does not??



Shave Our Country

WTAF FloRo? What are you talking about? Police have “qualified immunity” while the POTUS has “executive privilege.” Only a POTUS in office has this, not an EX-president.

Ken K

Release 1.6.21 poitical prisoners ASAP

This is straight up Nazi shit



Exactly Right! No bond, no lawyers, no visitors, daily beatings!
We NEED to storm the Bastille!


ILLEGAL ALIEN invited to America and planted in FL to piss off DeSantis gives a Oh woe is me an illegal alien and within 48 hours after this ILLEGAL ALIENS speech he murders a Florida father in his home with the man’s chair. This ILLEGAL INVITED BY JOE BIDEN ALIEN then walks down a FL highway covered in the man’s blood only to be seen by many Ameicans as he B-Lined it into the woods. FELLOW AMERICANS carry a gun or if you can kill with your bare hands be ready, willing and able at all times.

The 13 House Republicans who voted for the bill include:

Bacon; Malliotakis; Don Young of Alaska; Adam Kinzinger of Illinois; Fred Upton of Michigan; Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith of New Jersey; Andrew Garbarino, John Katko and Tom Reed of New York; Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio; Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania; and David McKinley of West Virginia.


Very valid points!
Good job!


I agree with every comment on this page – but I continue to trust in Jesus with the perfect plan. He just always seems to be a little late 🙂 Hang in here friends. Help is on the way.

Tracy Fusco-David


Save Our United States

Joe Biden and his minions are breaking the law and need to face the consequences. Illegals in this country need to be rounded up and deported, just like the Eisenhower administration did.

Johnny Appleseed


Rosanne. Choate


myree williams

Not good at all…..🤔

Johnny Appleseed

But you throw innocents in dog cages Mr President…


A- People crossing boarder illegally are not innocent.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mary Geiger

Now go after the guy who enabled this criminal to be able to enter our country illegally, namely joe biden.


Joey the Enabler. Amoral.



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