ICYMI: “In the midst of a White House breakdown: Goodwin”

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ICYMI: “I ran Team Trump’s Afghan withdrawal — Biden’s attempt to blame us is just sad”

Read the full article by Kash Patel with the New York Post here.

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Trying to find out if this is true, I pray its not, God help us.

Dear Friends:
This is not fake news. Unfortunately, it was not news at all because the mainstream media will not even report this power grab. So from here on in, like Pilate some 2000 years ago, with the mere posting of a regulation, Premier Ford has washed his hands of the draconian measures we will see coming from unelected, unaccountable medical officers of health. Don’t believe me, read on!
Five days ago, the Ford PC government quietly changed Ontario’s laws so that all businesses and organizations must now comply with any COVID-19 vaccination policies – like a vaccine passport or certificate system – created by Ontario’s chief medical officer of health or any local medical officer of health. Click here to read Ontario Regulation 577/21.
With these newly granted powers, Ontario’s local medical officers took to the media on Friday to announce that they wanted a province wide COVID vaccine passport system implemented or they would make one themselves. Click here for the report.
And because the Ford PCs changed the law just two days earlier, these bureaucrats now have the power to do as they please – and they don’t need the government’s permission.
The Ford PCs don’t want millions of blue voters across Ontario to know the laws and policies they implement.
So, they lie to the media about their plans and then quietly do the opposite.
And as a result of Ford’s Bill 195, which Belinda Karahalios voted against, new laws can be brought in place without much public attention brought to them.
The new COVID vaccine policy powers for Ontario’s medical officers were granted without any debate or vote at Queen’s Park.
There was no government announcement. And the media didn’t report on it.
The Ford PCs made the law by simply posting it on the government’s own website.
Once again, the Ford PCs have shown us their sinister and underhanded motives.
Just recently, Ford quietly gave in to the urging of Ontario’s chief medical officer, Dr. Kieran Moore, with regards to mandatory vaccinations. A Star reporter wrote that “while Premier Doug Ford had reservations about the vaccine mandate due to concerns about civil liberties and privacy, Moore convinced him it was the right way to go.”
Initially, we were told that the province would re-open when 75% of Ontarians were fully vaccinated.
Now, the Ford PCs say it won’t happen until at least 90% of Ontarians are fully vaccinated.
For over a year, Belinda Karahalios has been telling us that the Ford PCs had no intention of every re-opening Ontario and getting things back to normal.
The Ford PCs pretended they were going to re-open Ontario eventually.
Then, just a few days ago, they announced that Ontario will be stuck in Step 3 of the lockdown indefinitely.
Unwinding the mess Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party will take a lot of work.
We need legislation and fines that protect the jobs and access rights of individuals who choose not to get vaccinated or wear a mask.
And we need to repeal legislation and stop local medical officers from having the power to implement and force businesses to comply with COVID vaccine passport systems.
These are just some of the policies the New Blue Party of Ontario will fight for at next year’s provincial election.
While many Ontarians are currently focused on the federal election campaign, remind your friends that Ontario’s ongoing lockdown, mandatory vaccinations, and coming COVID vaccination passport system are all provincial laws that are the fault of the Ontario PC Party and its leader Doug Ford.
Things might seem bleak.
But we will endure and persevere, just like we have before.
The best is yet to come!
Thank you!
Jim Karahalios
New Blue Party of Ontario

Ralph G Lamy

P.M. Justin Trudeau has lost his mind. Ontario’s Ford has gone insane-REG. 577/21. Is there any hope for our friends up north?


they have no idea how to run a great country only tell lies.. they are pros at lying..


Joe Biden = FAKE President Cluster flub

Ralph G Lamy



Usurper Biden’s incompetence and destruction is crossing the irreversible point.

Ralph G Lamy




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