ICYMI: “J. Christian Adams: 15 Million Mail Ballots Unaccounted For in 2020 Election”

“The Presidential Election of 2020—a disgraceful moment in our Country’s history!

Read the full article by Michael Patrick Leahy with Breitbart here.”

By Donald J. Trump

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I was dreading 2020 election for more reasons then the mail in ballots. WE ALL
( Democrats Republicans and independent) KNOW BIDEN LOST BIG. There should be many people in prison right now over the most fraudulent election in American history for the 2020 election. IF AMERICANS DON’T COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW WE ARE FIXING TO LOSE OUR COUNTRY TO MARXISM 😢


They were ALL votes for President Trump!
I am sure a lot of them were active military overseas!

Pissed Off Patriot

Cheaters must never prosper.When this information comes out,and it WILL come out,this will be the verifiable proof we need to go back to Amish voting.NO MORE MACHINES! END ALL MAIL IN BALLOTS,FEW EXCEPTIONS! Election day is just that,election DAY!Make it a federal holiday so everyone can show at the polls to vote.Paper ballots must have security measures put in place on every legal ballot,and a hand count of each ballot,with multiple party’s as witnesses to each vote on the ballot.Their must be no stopping of the ballot count until the very last ballot is counted.All voters on current registration rolls must be vetted and verified.Voter registration rolls are to be cleaned of illegal voters,non citizens in the USA legally,duplicate names,the dead and only current voter rolls can be used.No voter rolls are to be used from previous elections.Previous voter rolls are to be destroyed.ONE LEGAL VOTER,ONE LEGAL VOTE!


Breitbart, PILF, Adams, Leahy – a collection of far right election conspiracy theory wing nuts spinning numbers and ” making stuff up”. They all spin sensational “stories” for thier own self interest.


You make-up lies all the time on this site. So what are you saying? It sounds like you got your own leftist self interest in mind.


You seem to have comprehension issues. Try reading slowly. The post said who, what, & why. Pretty sttaight forward. Likely you are repeating your silly rants because either you didn’t take the time or you lack the capacty to actually read the materials referenced.


Talk about babbling incoherent rants, you just provided us with an example. And my analogy of you and the so called right-wing conspiracy theory wing nuts is correct. Just look at your own comments for the proof. You have many times on this website disgorged your own silly leftist “stories”, for your own self-interest I presume.

Last edited 2 years ago by THosk

Well you just proved one cannot expect sense & reason from a wound up name calling idiot like THosk & Friends…


Joe Biden = FAKE President

Michael Villano

People believe Biden really beat Trump believe anything.


That is absolutely not true


Prove it isn’t….Its definitely easier to prove that it is true, than if it isn’t.

Last edited 2 years ago by THosk



YOU are one of them!


Correct. Very little is actually true.the numbers may be accurate but the author is playimg a con game with the numbers, e.g. assuming an equivanence with prior elections. The conclusions are suppositions. How many times did he say “probably” ?


Patriots need to start a new Government with a new Capital in Texas then declare war on the Chinese communist Democrat party and clean up the United States and put God back in his rightful place over our country.


Discrace is putting it mildly.

More like the biggest threat to out constitutional republic in our entire history!

Half of the country has simply turned a blind eye to it (sad).

Cary Miller

SAD? No, it is absolutely Tragic! In fact, even “Tragic” is not strong enough. I will admit that I thought of “Programed Sheeple” as a clever way to refer to, “Unaware People”. I was completely wrong. These are some very stupid, Godless Narcissistic, Psychotic MORONS. This can be considered an IQ-test and these “Sad Sacks” don’t have so much as a clue. I really did not know, until this, that I was actually related to some of the most “Unfortunate” individuals that I ever laid eyes on. Christians, we all definitely need to be praying for these Clueless, Godless Narcissistic Psychotic People. 🙏✝️ God Bless us all, should we deserve it.


Everything the elite globalists and deep state actors did that was exposed since the beginning of Trumps candidacy and continues to unfold and leads us closer to the complete destruction of our Constitutional Republic.Thank you President Trump for exposing them and forcing them to have to expedite their plans, now it is up to US to step up and defend our Republic in every way we can to restore our government and judicial system to the rule of law. We must be very vigilante of those we elect to represent us in all facets of our lives.


Well Said!



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