ICYMI – January 13

“A taste of Southern lied in Georgia y’all”

“Scandal-ridden CNN sees ratings dive by 90% after 2021 coverage”

“Now Biden’s given America the worst inflation in 40 years”

“Politics and media have critically corrupted the FBI”

“2021: The Year the “Great Realignment” Became a Death Spiral for Democrats”

“Sorry, Democrats: Civil War isn’t likely—even if you’re trying to provoke one”

“The REAL reason Nancy Pelosi wants to keep trading individual stocks”

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Thumbs up 4 Trump

All of the detrimental things that have happened since Sleepy Joe took office have been 100% purposeful, Biden has done nothing but outright attack our nation since day one, there is a word for this ……..


The “Anti-Christ Biden” went to Georgia and GOT SMOKED!
Stacey Abrams “The Tank” Didn’t Even Show Up!

myree williams

Sounds like it was a rainy night or day in Georgia…. Biden gave a speech there….and 🤔


Joe Biden Isn’t NO Tony Joe White!

myree williams

The Republican Party was founded in 1854, later The Blacks sided (The Republic) with Abe Lincoln but the Dems couldn’t have that happened either made lots of trouble for the Blacks during and after the Civil War that they (Dems) started.
It’s always blame on others except themselves.


Abe Lincoln was a Republican from Illinois when Illinois was a Red State!

myree williams

I clipped this from the NYP: A certain consistency deserves to be noted here. Trump was not the first Republican president to face “The Resistance” from Democrats. It was, after all, the refusal of the Democratic Party to abide by the results of a free election in 1860 that led to our first Civil War, so why change modes now?
So true, why would they change modes now?

Another example: The Whigs (Democrats)
In 1841 President John Tyler {the first Vice-President to become POTUS upon the death of a POTUS- William Henry Harrison} Tyler 👉vetoes a bill that would have established a Second Bank of the United States. Tyler was a former member of the Whig Party. After Tyler vetoed the bill, a riot took place outside the White House. Drunk and incensed members of the Whig Party who were supporting the bill bombarded the White House with stones, shot their guns into the air, and burned President Tyler in effigy. This riot is still the most violent demonstration to ever take place outside of the White House.

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Ken K

Where are my tickets for the Arizona event

Ken K

So am I supposed to drive to Florence and get turned down not having tickets?


All you need to do is show up for the rallies, and follow the multitudes in the lines.



Johnny Appleseed

“Sorry Democrats: Civil War isn’t likely- even if you are trying to provoke one.”

⭐️-Most beautiful headline.

Thank God. 🙏


Thieving Pelosi, Usurper Biden & his for-sale son, 117th Senate was not actually elected, Military people are being discharged for political reasons, etc and all the while the press is silent. What the hell is going on with US? Has US become a South American banana republic??


100% Correct!
The United States is Currently Screwed Up BIG TIME!
FJB! and The Commie-Libs!

My Man Trump

FJB and his entire regime and platform. He is an inept disgrace and has been from day one. He has failed at every thing he has done or tried to do. We are a laughing stock.

They started a domestic terrorist division to go after Trump supporters. They have their little snitchy bitches on this site. Umm…..Interesting. Mr. President, Sir, we serve at your pleasure. Protect us, yes? LOL

Carmine Gazerro

They actually try to say Trump didn’t do a great job of Covid and actually Biden ran on it.

I’m thankful Trump did warp speed could you imagine if Biden had a handle the creation of the vaccines they won’t even be in stage one testing right now

My Man Trump

Absolutely! And do not let them fool you. The China Virus is winding down now with Omicron. The numbers are grossly exaggerated because FJB is trying desperately to maintain and hold power and control. We are well on our way, if not already there, toward herd immunity. It’s really funny, Biden was the border super spreader and he has ended up diluting and diffusing the China virus and therefore his power and control. LMAO. Plus SCOTUS handed him yet another defeat.

Carmine gazerro

We’re going threw Gods gift a Vaccination from a mild covid.

Let’s not Forget 78% ALL COVID DEATHS 4 Or more co Morbidities

Ken K

Its not a vaccine. It’s genocide. One million injected people are dying every 14 hours. Ones that arent injected are labled covid in a lie because hospitals get paid to lie. Arguing against it they’re taking doctors licenses. Theyre injecting the military to kill them. When 5G kicks in there will be mass death. It will also be too late as China and the Taliban will mop up who’s left using our weapons. Taliban was purposely furnished 86 billion in weapons to attack whoever. Iran just armed the drones left behind with nukes and reverse engineered and are making a shitload more. Biden is KKK Nazi. So is Prescott Bush GHWB GWB Clinton’s. Obama is Islamist Nazi.

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