ICYMI – January 18

“Trump Supporters Swarm Pennsylvania GOP Senate, Gubernatorial Debate”

“Absentee ballot drop boxes can’t be used in Wisconsin any longer, a Waukesha County judge rules”

“Supreme Court: Trump’s Most Enduring Gift to America”

“Rage blinded media to black advances under Trump”

“Biden’s America: December Inflation Surges 7 Percent To Highest Level Since 1982”

“Poll: Trump-Backed David Perdue Takes Commanding Lead Over Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in Primary”

“While David Perdue was a great Senator for Georgia, Brian Kemp substantially weakened the Voter Rights Bill led by the Republican Senate, cutting out many of the most powerful regulations. The people of Georgia love David Perdue and Herschel Walker. These numbers are staggering!” – Donald J. Trump

“47,705 migrants released with instructions to report to ICE have gone missing under Biden”

“‘President Harris’: Joe Biden Slips Up Again, Refers to Kamala Harris as ‘President'”

“Nolte: Donald Trump’s Favorability Rating Now 5 Points Higher Than Joe Biden’s”

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Save Our United States

Rock N Roll!
Sounds Great!

My Man Trump

All those articles and every one of them in DJTs favor. Yea, tell me again…who is the real President. Thank you, President Trump for all that you do for us.


Nothing like some ultra-biased info!!!!!


You should be used to it, as it’s all you ever watch on the MSM and yes that includes Faux as well.

Oh yeah about that social security thingy…..:)


Djt looks cute in a cowboy hat 🤠


Thank you, President Trump!
RED Tsunami in 2022 and 2024!

Kreg Vergith

The Far Left are in a very deep hole, and they can’t stop digging!

This is both good news and bad news.

The better news is that more and more Americans are standing up and calling them out for the hypocritical cowards they are.

The momentum is all on our side, and we must not squander it on simply defensive moves.

MAGA,A must mount a formidable offence if we want to survive!

Voting the Democrat Socialists out of office is only the first step to poetic justice!


How can e have a fair 2022 election if we haven’t fixed what is wrong with the 2020 election? Isn’t there enough proof of fraud in2020?


Any disclosure scheduled to happen? Sick of the secrets and lies… stop hiding severity of situation from the people. Time for TRUTH!!! Does anyone have a spine! Trust GOD.



Empower the voice of the 45th President with your support!