ICYMI – January 7

“Jason Aldean, Wife Brittany Aldean Ring in New Year with ‘the G.O.A.T.’ Donald Trump: ‘This Man Is Unbelievable’”

“What a great couple!” – Donald J. Trump

“Voters need to start turning the page on Biden’s disastrous presidency”

“Why The Supreme Court Should Slap Down Biden’s Utterly Lawless Vaccine Demands”

“Pelosi Owns The J6 Commission, And That’s Why It Failed”

“Democrats Took Control And COVID Got Worse”

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Mark Rakow

Yes, Trump is unbelievable. Most Americans stopped believing him, quite some time ago.


If we ever win a rigged election from this point on it would be a miracle, I know for a fact Trump won California in 2016 and 2020. With ballot harvesting, mail in multiple ballots to many registered voters, FB drop boxes, hired fraudulent workers to stuff dominion with dead and illegal voter ballots, loopholes in the state legislation found by Soros legal teams and endless money. Dominion will forever seal the fraudulent wins for Democrats in California.
Until integrity and fair elections are restored with voter ID, socialism will eat up America quick.

Mark Rakow

Your claim to know “for a fact” that Trump won California, in both 2016 and 2020, is not only completely false, it’s hilariously illogical.

By the way, it was you, yourself, who made it that way.

Because, if all those things you claim were true really did happen, they would have made it absolutely certain that Trump LOST California.

You’re essentially saying that Republicans did those things, and that’s how Trump won the state.

That said, I’m glad you’re a Republican, Becky, and I hope you always remain so. People like yourself make it more likely that Democrats will keep winning elections.

Save Our United States

Great Articles President Trump!


Pretty sure NOBODY that calls themself an American Patriot gives Biden or Kamala two seconds of their time. They hold NO weight over the American people. They are NOT in control NOR are they running the show. They are fall guys for the damage the cabal is causing. If the Supreme Court won’t protect the people, “we the people” WILL protect ourselves!!!

Kreg Vergith

We’ve done it before, with amazingly positive results for the PEOPLE.

Joe and Kamala are nothing compared to King George…


I’d have to disagree with that. At least from what I’ve read, King George III was a moral man, and a legitimate king. He just was too overbearing and stubborn when it came to America. Sure, he sent an army against us, but I wouldn’t say he was evil. Today we’re dealing with people who have no morality. Last week I watched an old show where one of my favorite actors was playing a man so fixated on money and attention that he murdered his girlfriend (who was a pretty poor judge of character!); when he got caught, he didn’t show any regret, only bragged how he would “mesmerize” the courtroom with his own defense. It’s like, are there real people who can be that horrible? Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re running the country! My mom is reading Kennedy’s book on Fauci, and it’s absolutely appalling how much blood is on that man’s hands…all for money.


You are absolutely wrong about Dr. Fauci. He has dedicated his life to curing and treating horrible diseases for the government, on a government salary. He’s a renowned physician who has to have full-time security because of all his death threats. A Fox News host, Watters, encouraged people to harass him in public. You only hate him because liberals like him and look to him for guidance. He wasn’t the one who suggested bleach and lamp light. You needed a villain and he was convenient. I know you will never see how vile trump really is but can you imagine for one second that he would try to cure aids in Africa, or anywhere? To treat Dr. Fauci so poorly is just hateful and disgusting.

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize

Thank you, Prize!!! It is disgraceful the way Trump followers have treated Dr. Fauci!!


Shell, I know you mean well, but you are defending a monster. I don’t say that lightly. My strong dislike of Fauci has nothing to do with Trump, who last I heard said he liked Fauci even though he chose not to follow his advice a lot of the time. It’s because of all the appalling things I’ve learned about him. As I said to Prize, check out Kennedy’s book “The Real Dr. Fauci” and then tell me how disgraceful it is to criticize him.

Joseph Stalin

Scabby believes in Dr. Pepper before Dr. Fauci


Are you kidding me? You think I dislike Fauci just because liberals like him? I couldn’t care less who he was politically, so long as he actually helped people. I guess you haven’t heard how he stole credit for that AIDS research, or about the puppies that were tortured under his watch. I guess you haven’t heard that he makes money off every vaccine, or how HCQ, a drug proven safe and effective for many years, was literally destroyed and banned from use at the cost of thousands or millions of lives, all for money. Or Ivermectin. You say you care about facts; well, check them. In just one country, Peru, I think, they were using Ivermectin until it was banned by a new administration. Know what happened? Death rates went through the roof. I dare you to read Kennedy’s book. It’s well researched and fortified with facts, not opinions. That man makes Dr. Mengele almost look good.


That is a disgusting thing to say. I know people who have ancestors killed in concentration camps.


I truly meant no offense to victims of the holocaust, Prize; in fact I have a special place in my heart for holocaust survivors. They are heroes and very special people. One of my favorite actors ever is a Jewish holocaust survivor who wrote a (sometimes heartbreaking) autobiography about his experiences in concentration camps, and losing 12 family members. So please don’t automatically assume that by comparing Fauci to an inhuman monster like Mengele I’m treating the holocaust and Nazis lightly. On the contrary, that’s how evil “Saint Fauci” is. Notice I also said Fauci ALMOST makes Mengele look good. No one could make Mengele look good. Like I said, don’t just accuse me of hating Fauci for no good reason, check out that book. Then you can come back and defend him…if you can.


So generous of you to like someone who is Jewish. Kennedy is a vaccine denier and nut case. His own family disavows him. His book
uses statistics and calculations that have been refuted by fact checkers and scientists. I would never waste my time.


So generous of me to like someone who’s Jewish? Oh come on, Prize, I know you’re better than that. I meant every word I said, but apparently you’re determined to think the worst about me, so this conversation ends right here.

Just who are these fact checkers, anyway? People who are going to bat for Fauci, no doubt. Yes, they can be trusted. I’d tell you about the elderly people purposely given overdoses of HCQ in order to discredit it, but there’s no point; you wouldn’t believe it. There’s no one so blind as those who will not see, and that really makes me feel heavy hearted and discouraged.


Oh, and one more thing. You said Watters encouraged people to harass him in public. I hadn’t heard that, but can I assume you feel the same about Maxine Waters encourage people to harass Republicans in public?

Joseph Stalin

The fact that you can blend Fauci with Mengele shows the wholesale ignorance of the Scabasaurous!


Fauci is just sickening 🤮 so is that dustbin moscowits or what’s his name


Tabbysaurus, the way you see the current administration is exactly how most Americans saw the last, which explains, at least in part, why Mr. Trump was not reelected.

Kreg Vergith

George (we can assume that he wasn’t elected King) reacted the way all totalitarian regimes do – lashing out at the pilgrims-cum-colonists who rebelled against religious persecution and government control over their lives.

From revolt, they found a form of government wherein the PEOPLE had the power to rule themselves through elected representatives.

This, in the minds of the ruling class, was an unpardonable Cardinal Sin – hence the appearance of the British troops on our shores.

Despite an occasional glitch, such as the “election” of a socialist cabal, it’s worked remarkably well, and is a model for blossoming Democracies around the world.

Fauci is a scam artist playing the American People for fools and raking in a ton of dirty money in the process.

Sooner or later, he WILL be behind bars.


To call Mister Trump the G.O.A.T. is like calling him the devil, right ?

Joseph Stalin

Yes, because goats are smarter & have better hygiene!


Why posting this article about some “famous” people presenteing him as a very good friend and calling him the GOAT ? What inversion is that ? Mind twisting…

Kreg Vergith

President Trump led our Country to years of unprecedented prosperity and security during his term, and we can be sure that he has been formulating plans to meet and exceed those lofty levels.


We can’t put all the responsibility on his shoulders.

All Americans must do their part as well.

It’s in our DNA to do things for ourselves, with the help of sure, strong leaders like President Trump.

We are Americans. Let’s start acting like it!

Ken K

Seeing the negative likes tells me Trump is making headway because the rats are oozing puss out their eyes noses ears mouths pussies and assholes.
When the Nuremberg trials start can I get a job as a hangman?
I wanna watch KKK Nazi antifa democrats and rhinos drop it like it’s hot 😆
I promise I’ll smile for the cameras. 😃
Libtards don’t know history.
I dare libtards to learn.
Start with Prescott Bush.
Ask why he was Nazi and got away with financing Hitler.
Ask yourselves who really killed Kennedy.
Ask why Hillary is KKK and plays colored people for fools.
Ask why a tomahawk cruise missile hit the Pentagon and fake news said it was a plane. Where’s the planes? Where’s the ntsb records? Where’s the bodies?
Why did McCain get 350 of his own men kikked and give the enemy coordinates which got 5000 mean killed?
Why did McCain arm Isis through Mexico to Benghazi. Oopsie. Did Obama order the murders? Yes he did.
Do we need Russia to go after the nazis again or will our system do its job?
Russia kicked Nazi ass before.
Maybe we need PRESIDENT Putin?
Imagine if Putin attacked and arrested the Nazis and #Putin held Nuremberg trials.
Who then would become the
If Russia did that we wouldn’t interfere whatsoever.
We might whip out violins 😆

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K

I had to stop reading your post after the first sentence.

Ken K

My body my choice and youthanization is not my choice.
This reminds me I need to practice hitting cans at 2 miles away.
Gotta practice so when Biden and Obama order the Taliban and China to ATTACK American Christians, I’ll be somewhat ready.
Someone buy me a Sherman tank with a 327 small block chevy.
I should’ve bought one when they used to be for sale for $2500 in the back of field and stream magazine.
If we only listened to JFK as Trump did, we wouldn’t be HERE.
Polygraph Hillary on election fraud.
That would fix everything.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K
My Man Trump

President Trump, there is an old saying that applies to FJB and his regime….”Garbage in, Garbage out”. Take out the trash, President Trump.


The comments by some of the supreme court justices showed clear ignorance of the facts and information surrounding the jabs. The jabs are EUA only and cannot be mandated according to the Nurenburg code and the Geneva Convention. That is simple law. I don’t think that was ever brought up. What is with these people?


Is Kagan really that ignorant? Or was she just punching button?

My Man Trump

Have you noticed the commies new strategy is to flood us with Thumbs down. Hahahaha.


Good -That way we can keep and accurate count of how many volcano plugs we have at our disposal.. operative word being DISPOSAL.


We know who the real President is! Gruesome Newsom needs to go too!


Obviously, the Aldean couple think they are pretty special. I hate to burst their egos, but I’ve never heard of them. Covid got worse when Fauci began to speed up his gain of functions which was supposed to have been ceased during Obama administration. He does his best work behind your back.

Elizabeth Curtiss

President Trump, you were, without question, the greatest President we have ever had. Can’t wait to vote for you again in 2024! We are currently living a nightmare from hell, God help us all!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President