ICYMI: “Joe Biden Is No Donald Trump, And the Taliban Knew It”

Read the full article by Shane Harris with AMAC here.

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Superior article. Positive and supportive to President Trump. For example: “After the 45th President’s sterling record of success in the Middle East that included the historic Abraham Accords, the defeat of ISIS, and the successful elimination of numerous dangerous terrorist leaders, the common refrain heard around many dinner tables and coffee shops in the United States this week is ‘this never would’ve happened if Trump was still in office.’” Music to our ears! Nothing like hearing well-deserved TRUTH like that to make one’s day—well, for the moment, anyway. Sure bodes well for President Trump’s foundation being formed this time on which to build a spectacular campaign, attracting BOTH parties. If there is an America left in 2024, that is.

I still think Biden needs to be gone NOW, and his whole illegitimate cabinet— which was birthed from fraud—aborted. How’s that sound?! Then President Trump needs to simply be reinstated—to his legitimate and rightful presidency of 2020-2024. Then run again, if he wants. He may be ready for a paradise retirement by then, though. He sure would have EARNED IT!!

You gotta have a dream, or how you gonna have a dream come true, right? 🗽


My heart aches knowing our nation did this. The ILL (Incompetent, liberal, liar) named Biden must be removed as well as his hoe VP, and dear Lord no to Pelosi the lush. Let us revote by paper counted by military and videoed all around a locked cage and let’s end this mess.

Stalwart Republican

Only Trump would negotiate with Islamic Terrorists.


And let 5000 of them out of jail


LOL That all you got? Maybe you should take a week or two off until some of the disasters caused by the POS in the Whitehouse blow over.(if they ever do) Defending Joe Biden at a time when a “Steamy Turd” on a hot sidewalk could run the Country better is pointless. Your comments are now irrelevant.


That’s bc fighters recognize fighters; only Trump has that fighter strength in him for the Taliban to “see”. Respect. And fear.


You mean to let them know his conditions. Which helped US citizens and others in Aghanistan.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Joe and his entire entourage are asleep and completely incompetent. There is absolutely no way sleepy Joe won this election fairly and squarely. China is not only laughing at us now, but they are reaping the fortunes of Joe’s 7 months of catastrophic failures.
We need President Trump now more than ever. I don’t know if our Country can withstand anymore of Joe and his “wokeism”.
God bless President Trump, and the entire Trump family; they work so hard to keep our Country great. President Trump is a true American patriot and hero.


The taliban used Criminal Biden because they knew he was a WEAK, FAKE President!

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