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Linda MacLeod Goodman

The pedophile’s hand is on the waist of the girl beside him.

Ponerology – it’s what’s for dinner…?

My Man Trump

Adorable! And the kids too. Joey is one hot mess. Just look at him. Hahaha

Cj Gazerro

President Trump these kids out trolled you it’s impressive. It’s the funniest darn picture I’ve ever seen this name with took a picture with a dozen kids with Maga Gear. Love it. The F Biden chants in 18 stadiums this weekend. They are collage age to everyone and that’s a earthquake. When you drive the C8 the 1962 Biden has is junk as he is

Trump Won

Joe Biden wasn’t tricked, he got what he wanted which was just a little whiff. Hard to believe that this man pinched Maria Piacesi, while being filmed, when she was only 8 and still somehow won his way into the White House. 81 million votes my ass. The entire democrat party is beyond disgraceful… and distasteful.


P.O.S. Commie-Lib!
Move to Cuba!


I’m not following you on this one? What’s wrong with Trump Won’s post? He’s clearly calling how disgusting Bidenophile is.


I just think Stuart made an honest mistake and replied to a statement when Stuart actually meant to comment on the post. I’ll give Stuart the benefit of the doubt. AND this pic is freakin hilarious!!!!


The man in this picture is not Joe Biden.This is a stand in wearing a mask.Take a close look at the ears,then look at a picture 10 years back and look at the ears.The real Joe Biden’s ear lobes are detached from his jaw line.The ears on this stand in are attached.


Typical Liberal crack head.
Drugs are bad for your brain!


let’s not go there. leave that be for all of our sake. You’re obviously free to believe what you want though, of course.

Raffaele Filosofi

They’re not laughing with him, they’re laughing AT him! XD


Exactly! Everybody laughs at Taliban Joe!

Judy Ann Vraalstad


john thomas

how sad, he don’t even notice that he is the but of the joke.

Barbara Setty

Biden’s a moron who imagines himself as Joe Cool, when in fact he isn’t capable of putting one thought or sentence together


………………..and the Children will Lead!! 😉


Just love it! He thinks he is so cool with those aviator sunnies, but this picture should remove any doubt that this dude is a complete dope. It would be funny if it wasn’t so seriously worrying for the world.
God bless those children and their parents, and God bless President Trump.


You just can’t even make this stuff up, he’s so clueless. I’m sure he’s dreaming about a giant ice cream cone and sniffing all those little heads.

Robin Seeber

I wasnt’ sure it was a real, unphotoshopped photo, but it is, how hilarious, I wonder how MSM will spread this/ um I mean cover this?


I wouldn’t let that pedophile anywhere near kids!!!


look where his right hand is – why does he always have to touch children?


He was just excited about all those kids he could sniff…


My son is a senior in high school, and he and everyone on his HS baseball team are all conservatives. I’ve heard that his generation is the largest amount of conservatives since WWII due to there older brothers and sisters being so woke. Looking at these kids makes me think they’re the biggest group of future conservatives and gives me great hope. Also I guarantee that potato Biden had no clue these kids had on Trump/MAGA gear on because he’s just not there.


FAKE President Biden is so CLUELESS he probably thought their t-shirts said Biden!

Michael Jenson

A picture say’s a 1000 words,,




Hey Mary Lou, fancy meeting you here. Peter Majewski


I would pick any one of those kids to run the country over that senile old idiot. And it would be a better safer country.


Me Too!


love it, can’t fool the kidos !

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