ICYMI: “Joe Biden’s defeat will echo for eternity: Devine”

Read the full article by Miranda Devine with the New York Post here.

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Phyllis Bonviso

We are being played by both sides – believe no one! It is all a trap.


What defeat is that? You’re the one who lost!


What! You dont feel defeated living under Joe Biden’s lack of leadership? I know I do, and so do most Americans.


FAKE President Biden will be known as the WORST United States President EVER!
God help the United States and the Free World!


As soon as we get the decertification going he’ll properly NEVER be known as any kind of United States President because he never was. Just like Hillary!

Puppet master Hillary, one of the manipulators behind this mess for sure, is now as close to running things at the White House as she was when she ran it for Slick Willie, or she ever will be in the future!


Hillary is no longer a puppet master.Wake up!! They all got caught.


you are the 46th president of the america. time for you to take control and do your job

Imma Doomas

It doesn’t work that way idiot! Even IF he were “reinstated” he would remain the 45th president. JEESUS!


Leave Jesus out of your posts, just like you demoncraps leave Him out of everything else!

Phyllis Bonviso

Will it count if there is no one on this planet in eternity…


When are you coming back?

Imma Doomas

When he’s served with subpoenas or perp-walked out of his bunker!


Thanks! We appreciate the laughter you give to us with every childish post!

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