ICYMI: Joe Pags interview with Donald J. Trump

Watch here the interview of 45th President Donald J. Trump on The Joe Pags Show.

From rumble.com

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Terrific job, Mr. President! And Joe Pags likewise. I was not familiar with him, but he’ll go far. I liked how he re-stated who he was interviewing regularly, too. Thank you for taking your time to do so many shows this past week; your strength of conviction for America helps to buoy up our own hope that surely something will be done to alter this path we are on. America cannot thrive—like a child in the hospital “failure to thrive”—if we don’t get proper control, care, and leadership ASAP. 😢 ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸

Mike Hunt

A fourth rate “yellow journalist” interviews the lowest ranked resident of the White House in history. YAY! Let the bullshit begin!

Ralph G Lamy


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