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Democrats are trying to make it legal to cheat with their voting policies!


Only truth out there Donald is you lost a secure and fair election. Enough to with the lies Donald. Time 4U 2 grow up. Didn’t your parents teach you that lying is wrong and the truth always prevails? You have no proof of fraud cause there was no fraud. You like to cause Chaos just admit it. You lied and got busted. You want to test this country apart. You only care about your Brand. Why do you constantly have to lie? It’s sad

My Man Trump

You and your commie comrades are sad, despicable people. Always lying and spinning the truth. Blaming DJT and the Republicans because you don’t have anything good to claim. You destroyed our country and are still at it. You’re parasites.


I do NOT see a correction of the 2020 voting systems tricks. Is the GOP strategy to get 70% and thus exceeding Dems 15% theft max?


Without signature verification how do Georgia voters have a prayer of winning. The Swamp really got to this state.


David Purdue for Governor of Georgia!
Make George Great Again!


Excuse Me: Make Georgia Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Anoia

Great interview sir. Ill never forget you NOT resigning. I argued with friends saying you never left. I loved hearing you say it as many cocked their heads with a smirk. Most said at best, I hope so. Then many digital patriots arose and here we are Ultra MAGA ing our way to a red sweep. God Bless you sir. NCSWIC Q

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okay..will listen later. thanks for sharing.

Linda M

Great MAGA King. Not tired of winning Sir.

Tim Tates

Dr. OZ was a bad choice!


He is too liberal…so far. But better than anything on the left.

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