ICYMI – June 1

Stefanik, Mullin introduce House resolution to expunge second Trump impeachment

“Thank you, Elise, and Markwayne—was a total Hoax!” – Donald J. Trump

“Piers Morgan to ‘take six week break’ from TalkTV show – but insiders say he is not vanishing like Andrew Neil

“Piers opened STRONG with me, then “died.” He now only draws flies.” – Donald J. Trump

“New York loses $19.5 billion in population exodus, IRS confirms”

“I believe that racist and corrupt A.G. James is pushing businesses and wealthy people to leave N.Y. for friendly states. Not sustainable by N.Y.S.” – Donald J. Trump

“Gas prices reach new record high, shoot up 4 cents overnight”

“Trump flexes his muscle again with primary wins, as Dr. Oz race ends as a cliffhanger”

“Trump Touts Mega Success of Truth Social: ‘We Have Truth on Our Side!”

“Biden-backed Kurt Schrader ousted in Oregon primary”

“Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Warren, other senators send bipartisan letter to Biden urging him to keep Trump’s China tariffs, saying they’re ‘not a driver of today’s inflation”

“Something Stinks In Georgia”

“Trump Remains Kingmaker In GOP”

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My Man Trump

President Trump and the GOP making headlines! You know the commies love that. LOL

Mark Rakow

Yes, they are indeed making headlines. I don’t know how the “commies” feel about it, but I find it quite satisfactory.

My Man Trump

Come on, Man! LOL

Lenora Thompson, Patriot Writer

Fascinating headlines today…not good, unfortunately! #RETruth #news #TrumpWon https://www.lenorathompsonwriter.com/newsandlinks.html


#1 Of course President Trumps fake impeachment must be expunged. It was fake. It was just another attack against our President and the people.

#2 Piers Morgan, just another mouth piece who is all but forgotten. Good-bye Piers, enjoy your vacation.

#3 A.G. James, need I say more. The big Apple has become the Little Lemon. They can always make lemonade.

#4 Gas prices soaring. Biden trying to put the blame on anyone and everything. He and his administration are the worse. They want to kill America.

#5 If it’s CNN reporting, I take it with a grain of salt. McCormick mentioned “that thousands of absentee ballots were still being counted in Lancaster county”, and there you have it . Something Stinks in Lancaster county. They want this to be a norm in our election process. They need more time to cheat.
It’s not hard to count votes in a day. Voters need to stop this craziness in our election process.

#6 Truth Social, Thank you President Trump. Always providing success for the people.

#7. Biden endorsement, death sentence. Now it’s the voting machines fault. None the less they will all lose to the Republican candidates come November.

#8 Biden/Obama, another attempt to kill America.

#9. Georgia_ Liars and Cheaters. Voter need to correct and expose their fraud.
Americans can smell Georgia

#10. What do expect, coming from the Greatest President ever!
Make America Great Again Again
Thank you President Trump and God bless.


Great Points!
Thank You!

Mark Rakow

Regarding 9: Between 2018 and 2020, the Republican-led Georgia Legislature authorized a complete overhaul of the state’s antiquated electoral system. They spent nearly $200 million on a state-of-the-art system, including new and sophisticated voting equipment, ballot tabulators, encrypted software, etc., and extensive training for officials in all of Georgia’s 156 counties.

No matter how you slice it, $200 million is a huge amount of money. And yet, you think Georgia Republicans would spend that kind of cash on a system that would let them LOSE?


My Man Trump

I love commie lectures. The entertainment value is a ten, the content is always a fake news zero!.

Mark Rakow

Expunge Trump’s second impeachment? Why? What would that accomplish?


Go smoke some crack with Hunter and Brandon.

Mark Rakow

Here again, I ask why? What would that accomplish?

My Man Trump

You are dying for someone to respond so we can have yet another entertaining commie lecture. Have one of your comrades set the stage for you because we find your rants tiring.

Mark Rakow

And yet, you never seem to tire of whining and griping.

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