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This treasonous tyrannical actions of the obidens regime was just criminal and I cannot wait to vote for you again and cannot wait till you and yours cast the impeachment process on this fraudulent garbage that is hell bent on making AMERICA a communist control regime ruining everything important put in place by you this is the worst thing anybody has seen and thank you for your PATRIOTIC DEDICATION TO THE PEOPLE YOU CARE FOR MR. POTUSDJT 2024

My Man Trump

I don’t have to hear anywhere else…DJT said they were all declassified and that is good enough for me.


They are nothing but cowards disguised as bullies!

Alison Hayden

We are working in California to expose and cleanse our CAGOP of the same rotten eggs who have and are trampling the America First candidates. We will mount campaigns in Congress and state legislatures to eradicate them and make systemic changes to protect our great Republic!
Alison Hayden CA-14 against the odious Eric Swalwell


He makes me sick!


Swalwell the perv who let his lust for Asian girls rule his “brain” and sold out his country to a pretty Chinese spy; what an odious man, indeed.


So Trump has a bunch of Top Secret documents laying around at Mar a lago? And he declassified all of these documents before he left the WH? That is just not correct. This is my understanding. Constitutional powers authorizing a president to declassify documents don’t apply to records classified as top-secret or higher, as the information contained in them is usually protected by other federal laws designed to make sure it never falls into the wrong hands. Well they already have fallen into the wrong hands–Trump’s hands. Who knows who he has shared these documents with? I can just imagine him pulling people into his secret room bragging about all the wonderful secrets he knows. It’s scary. Just another reason why this man cannot hold any office in the future.


It is my understanding that the President can declassify any documents!!


Why do you hate Pres. Trump?


This needs to stop! I have never seen a president and his family be persecuted over and over since day one! When will someone be held accountable!

Mindy Pechenuk

Thank You Kash–let the truth be told. For the future of our great nation and mankind, we must remove from office those leaders who are responbile for this raid. I look forward to when President Trump is back in the White House and he can implement Schedule F. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18

Patricia McDermott

Yet another case of the left lying and trying to make a big deal over something that is not a big deal. Every time they do this, it only proves how much they fear President Trump. They know that only he can do what no one else can or will do – STOP THEM!


Willful retention, and refusal to turn over Top Secret documents are violations of Section 793 of the Espionage Act. Which is punishable by a sentence of not less than 10 years in Federal prison.

That’s not a big deal?

jo young

This guy was one of the best you had working with and for you! Ric Grinell was another along with O’brien. Unless you packed everything yourself or directed someone to give you certain documents and pack them this is all bullshit.

Airmen Anderson

This illegal Break in by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago, and the attempt to weaponize the IRS, is another reason why, We the People and our White Hat Military, cannot wait till the mid-terms to make all arrests who committed Treason against the United States of America… Military Action is the only remedy against this outrageous absurd evil… God save the Republic…


Kash Patel is great; so glad Trump has him on his team. The swamp dwellers will do any and all sleazy, illicit things to keep President Trump occupied, all tangled up in their reeking web. He somehow needs to get out and stay out of their rotten trap…then destroy it. I trust that Trump will beat them at their own disgusting game. He has to, or our country is going down ever further until we’re nothing but a laughing stock and lowest ranking country in the world in every way, shape and form. These vile little trolls who plant themselves here every day look forward to that, and that just proves how truly and stunningly INSANE the US citizens among them are.

Post Patriot

You’re an idiot.

Wild Bill

I think that President Trump will go down in history as one of the best presidents. These communist will not give up no matter how many times they fail. And Trump just keeps on fighting these S O B ‘s… God bless President Trump and I pray for his safety.


Historians have already ranked him as the 41st best president. Doubt he’ll get any higher.

Save Our United States

They are just looking for something to keep 45 from ever being President again.

I ask all readers: Who gets to choose who represents us? Does the sitting government get to choose? The press? Democrats? Illegal immigrants? Republicans? Wealthy people? Corporations? Cheating at the ballot box? Other countries?

Airmen Anderson

NO! We the People do with Fair & Free Elections! But in order to do that We the People, with the help or our courageous White Hat Military, need to correct the 2020 Presidential Election. And make it known to the Deep State “No More Electronic Machines! Only Paper Ballots with Voter ID Registration in every State, in every County, in every Local.” God Save the Republic…

Any time someone or some entity believes that they are smarter than another; that’s a clue of their stupidity. The actions and behaviors of the democrats clearly have been that of very stupid and very disparate people.

If the democrats are seeking a fight they will get their fight. They will lose their fight. This raid on Mar-a-Logo is just an example of their attempt at takeover America.

America/American loving attorneys, it would be in America’s and your own best interest to fight; pro-bono, on behalf of the middle class and poor when it comes to the IRS 87,000 Jackbooted Thugs (Rouge anti – American tools). Since when do pencil-necks need guns? The Biden Admin. has armed many Federal agencies that have never been armed.

Never be closed minded about any interaction(s) you may find yourself involved in with any person or entity connected to the democrat party. Keep an open mind and think! What you see, may not be what you get. Keep your situational awareness. Read between the lines. Democrats only know how to play games that benefit them and none of these games are played by the rules and often are illegal.

People disparate enough to break the law in order to win are dangerous thugs that need to be stopped. In November vote out the thugs and vote in the true American patriots. FYI: not all that is red is republican – Home work is needed to avoid RINO. Vote out nearly all who squat in DC today. Fresh blood is needed in most seats.

Games democrats play (FBI): For example; the extra lock on the storage areas at Mar-a-Logo was not to secure the documents for President Trump / America. It was to secure them for the democrat’s time line / raid. An open mind (Think like a criminal – democrat) would have seen this coming. It is not enough to be clean legally. Democrats will go as far as making stuff up.

Stay in control of yourself and your situation at all times. Give control to no one.

Like our ancestors that fault for us, we must be ready, willing and able to continue this fight for freedom (America) against tyranny by the democrats.

Freedom isn’t free.


Trump is on record for saying he is smarter than everyone else, So your first sentence is so right.


Fox News has turned on President Trump and America they constantly are getting worse. This country is going to hell. I’m tired of the big lie about climate, there is no proof and they are using it to destroy America.

Michael Jenson

like my grandpappy use to say when you’re going fishing remember one thing, the bait I said, and he said no make sure there some fish where you’re going you might spend 9 1/2 hours and not get anything he said yes indeed…..

Save Our United States


Mindy Pechenuk

Thank you Kash. This is important clarification for people. This treasonous action by the Garland and the FBI and the others must be stopped. Too much is a stake for the future of this nation and mankind. I stand with President Trump. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18


Took you two days to say they’re already declassified? Man, that would have been the first thing out of my mouth when this went down if I was in your tiny shoes.


Kash did a great job in exposing the twisted agenda of the Deep State. I hope the sleeping sheep wake up long enough to find and read these declassified documents. Unfortunately, they probably will not, and will continue to be spoon fed the bullshit the MSM feeds them.

Mitch Hagen

Kash is king





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